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  1. donarkaz

    The "new" Grozovoi

    Grozovoi sadly cannot be a god gunboat. It has a not impressive 13.2 km gun range (compared to 14.5-15 km of its predecessors at Tier 9!!!) which is a HUGE deal, AND it's HUGE in size which makes you a HUGE target easily pennable by any sort of BB AP and anything else. You will suffer. You have to play this ugly boat as a stealthy cruiser and be very cautious when using your guns. You will REARLY want to use your guns when you're outside of your smoke.
  2. donarkaz

    Fixes that are required for the game to be healthy again.

    Points very well said. I'll add a point of my own, I'd like to see CITADELS REMOVED. from Every Single Ship! OR reduce the damage to them, especially to Cruisers... Something between those lines. I reckon this would make cruiser play slightly more rewarding.
  3. donarkaz

    Dead graphics card - what to buy next?

    I totally disagree. AMD gfx cards have NEVER failed me. I've had the AMD X800XT, Nvidia 5900 XT (died on me, probably memory issues!!), AMD 7750, AMD 280X and currently I have the XFX RX 480 GTR. I'm pretty sure the OP should be loooking at a card in the Geforce 1060 range, BUT if WOWS is the main game he plays then the AMD counterpart would be the RX 560 4GB or a GeForce 1050 Ti. You can't go wrong with either companies' solutions as described above. The only problem with the 1060 and 570-580 bracket is the price over inflation due to miners. AND, don't forget! Always open your PC for a thorough clean every 3-4 months! Otherwise you'll enjoy your toasted gfx card.
  4. donarkaz

    Belfast is "slightly" overpowered?

    passive gameplay at its best. It's disgusting.
  5. donarkaz

    So, what are you bringing to ranked?

    You'll be going down by torpedoes ;)
  6. donarkaz

    Event Calendar for January

    Calendar for February [please?...
  7. donarkaz

    Super containers

    Yea TYL will probably increase your chances from 2% to like 4% to get a SC.... lol
  8. donarkaz

    Supercontainer chance

    Supercontainer chance has definitely dropped loads sometime recently, without any heads up from WG. That's a shame from their part, and too sneaky. No more Supercontainers from me in the future. And to be fair, if they wanted to drop the SC drop chance they should at least increase the chances of getting something better than 250x"crappy flags"
  9. donarkaz

    Super containers

    SC drop rate must have been SEVERELY reduced now, I haven't got a single SC since the 1st January 2017, and mind you I open 3 TryYourLuk containers almost Every single day........... Ridiculous, as if the rewards were EVER that useful....
  10. donarkaz

    New Japanese Destroyers

    It's a frigging joke, a mockery at all those IJN DD player who chose to play the IJN DD line instead of any other. They shoulld have given us back all the FreeXP, captain resets and Credist from tier 4 and UPwards, in order to make our DD tree selection again from scratch. Forcefully applying a change to those players who have been dedicated in something they thought was fun for them, is the least to say a "disrespect".
  11. donarkaz

    Event Calendar December - Feedback

    New missions criteria are too tough, Yes they are challenging but I have a life you know. After trying to get through some of them, I can honestly report that they can only be done as a part of a good Division group. I almost don't like them.
  12. donarkaz

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    Please do something about this. It's impossible to achieve....
  13. donarkaz

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    I would like to participate too please! EU user: donarkaz
  14. donarkaz

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    user EU: donarkaz ship: Graf Spee OR Gremyashchy OR Kamikaze OR USS Arizona (whichever is available please , in this order ) Thanks!
  15. donarkaz


    Game has been crashing - not to desktop, screen becomes black, I can ALT TAB to WIndows and everything else works. When I switch back to the game it's still BLACK SCREEN and and I ened to Force Close the game from the TAsk MAnager in WIndows 10. I have an i5, and AMD RX 480 card with 8GB VRAM, and Win10x64