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  1. AgreeableSneaky

    Play game from ex. hd without installing

    Hey, Is it possible to copy my gamefolder from my homedesktop to an external drive, and start the game from example an laptop which dont have the game installed? I run windows 10 on both home and work-computer. curious since I will be away some time with my job, and would be happy to play the game on my work-laptop. I dont think the it-department will be to happy if I install the game :(
  2. AgreeableSneaky

    Ranked Season 8: General Discussion

    This season has been the most relaxing by all seasons I've been into so far. I had some issues when i hit R10, and played probably around 15 matches before further progress. From there to R1 it was quite ok, worst I dropped a star but climbed back to where I was quite fast. Dedicated some time to in the beginning to progress fast down to R5, from there I took it very chill, only played like a one rank up a day. Since I finished early this season I'm working on my NA account right now, got into R5 yesteday in around 50 matches, just hope the same progress will continue and R1 should be within reach....
  3. AgreeableSneaky

    Ranked Season T8 Ships

    If you manage to play the gadja in season 8, call me ?
  4. AgreeableSneaky

    Ranked Season T8 Ships

    Play ships you feel comfortable in. Dont be afraid of jump into the «shittstorm». For me, playing ranked has been Good for getting better in this game.. Dont be one of those who Maybe have grinded to T2, buy a tirpitz or atago and potato around and fck things up for your team ?
  5. AgreeableSneaky

    Ranked Season T8 Ships

    See u at the high seas negativv - last time me met your side Won... About ship I think i will stick primerly to dds. Loyang, benson, i have really enjoyd akizuki lately with 19pts capt and buildforkill...but not sure it will be the best Choice for ranked...
  6. AgreeableSneaky

    Give back the Bogues AS setup please!!! It's wortheless now!!

    lol....are you seriously? hell no....I started with the US ca-grind just a short time ago, Langly was a walk in the park, then i got bouge before the change. It was absolutely boring since the AS was maybe the only one i found usefull without totaly let myself into the hands of RNGesus. I was just thinking of skip that ship because it was so boring and f¤#¤%% playing AS bouge. The first match after the change with 1-1-1setup i got a 123k match, so with the new setup I maybe go through and save my freexp for later use :)
  7. AgreeableSneaky

    Did anyone else have a terrible weekend?

    The weekend was great, miles away from my PC fished trout, played poker and drank beer with the wolfpack ;P
  8. AgreeableSneaky

    ARP ships

    as mentioned above, turn them off and forget them if they offend you. I also have these ships, I only play the takao from time to time. It was great change that we can use IJN-captains on those ships :)
  9. AgreeableSneaky

    [Discussion] Your stats suck

    I would say hit percentage can be vital skill, of course in combination with others since shipclass can have an impact on that stat. But don't forget that statistics are only as useful as your ability to interpret what you are seeing after judging the big picture.
  10. AgreeableSneaky

    Update 0.6.9 Feedback - Interface

    I have problems with smokescreen indicator, the counter is not visible. Sometimes I get a "glitch" of smokecounter but it tells me its 5 min and 30 sec left of smoke. I have aslain installed but not smokeindicatormod. I have checked its enabled at the "in-game settings".
  11. AgreeableSneaky

    Never seen a Super-Container since update ....

    I got two supercontainers since Friday last week :) 50K free xp and one with 100 flags...
  12. AgreeableSneaky

    Bored this crying noobs.

    it's hard not to "whine" when you have those T9 and T10 dd-players, wasting their time hunting the enemies midway or hakuryu...when you kindley suggest him to make a other priorities you get just salty comments back. A couple of minutes later he was dead killed by the CV. But he was so "proud" and convinced he helped the team by occupying the cv's attention.
  13. AgreeableSneaky

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    a 66K hit on a Missouri in my montana - deleted :P
  14. AgreeableSneaky

    Ranked Season 7 Discussion

    well, guess all the captains has sailed into port now. Some more happy than others...Talking for myself this ranked season jumped straight into my summervacation, so was gone most of the time. Got rank 3 as best and ended on rank 4. It would be nice hitting R1 and one step closer Flint...another time :) playing most destroyers in ranked it was ok having a break from those radarships. I think I played one match where you were on the opposite team negativvv :P
  15. AgreeableSneaky

    Help me choose a Battleship.

    I will strongly advice you not to build your battleship with focus on torpedoes. Your main weapon is your guns, your torpedoes are practical attributes that can come very handy if you end up in a brawling situation. Mutsu is not a brawler, and you will benefit much more not spending your valuable captain points on skills that boost torpedoes. I advice you to check out for example flamu on youtube, you will find recommended builds there for almost any ship.