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  1. Parxifal

    Suggestions thread

    The proliferations of BB in game and the lack of teamplay are the main reasons of the decreasing enthusiasm around this game, so, without upsetting the style of the game (that i can understand you want to stay the more arcade possible), I thought about a couple of simple solutions to fix the recent frustrating experience and improve the gameplay. The main problem I encounter in Random & Ranked matches is the complete lack of teamplay and the promotion of selfish behaviors that affect the trend of the match. IMO the principal reason is that ships don't play as they were designed for, so they are forced by the xp reward system to play in different ways as they were designed for. PROBLEM REASON DESIGN FUNCTION INGAME USE FIXES DESTROYERS DD don’t do teamplay don’t spot for BB don’t use often the smoke for the team don’t use torps properly, mostly they play like drag racers and close range fighters The game rewards only the damage made and for capping, hence the drag race and the catfighting dd were made for support of convoys and spotting around far BB (like in the tracking of the Bismarck in the Denmark street battle) they play as drag racers and frontliners opening the fire first of the others Give DD points for every ship spotted IE: 1 XP/sec for each ship spotted Give DD xp points for each second a ship is in her smoke IE: 1 XP/sec for each ship (and maybe even depending on their category and tier) in the smoke Those changes should prevent dd playing selfish and will promote their support functions, being reward ed even if no damage is done. CRUISERS -CA have limited functions ingame -they cannot specialize in something because they will not know the next match condition (range, modality, CV presence) -selfish and unsupporting behavior -generally distant from BB Few module slots No real reason for teamplay and BB support They can only harvest XP through fire damage cc were designed to be as an escort of the BB for DD hunting and mainly AA support. for those reasons they were equipped with many devices to let them switch function in battle according with situations (AA, defending, attacking, supporting, hunting subs) -they play as lonely fighters sailing around islands -incendiary annoyers of the BB -no real AA function (except Cleveland ofc) -have to choose devices BEFORE the battle without knowing the situation (FE: think about a Hipper full AA built playing in a non CV T10 match) Give cruisers more special modules and give them xp bonuses for each successful use of them IE: 1 XP for each torp spotted with hydro 2xp/sec for each DD detected with hydro 3xp/sec for everything got with radar Free and full access to AA module + extra bonus for each plane destroyed Give them bonus points if they pack with BB IE: 1xp/sec if staying at 3km distance of a BB In this way CC will regain their multitasking functions and they will be ready for whatever condition they will find ingame even without knowing them before. BB support gameplay will be vastly rewarded too. BATTLESHIPS Too many... They are cool and fancy Floating Fortress Lemmings The “Of Course this definitely need a fix” part: they should NOT be HE spammers (RN is not a serious thing) more range less accuracy less concealment (won’t even mention the RN again) And the change proposal part: AP overpen over a DD should cause a floading status depending on the caliber of the AP ofc shooting a 400mm AP is like throwing a car, you should produce a train gallery in everything, so, ok for the overpen, but that should produce a serious hole Manual Secondary Fire Control: DD can switch between torp turrets and main fire, so BB should have access to the secondary fire control with full damage. IE: main turrets aim-locked on the main target (a distant BB) and shooting automatically at the selected target with a little hit penalization (something like 7% more spreading, like a sort of reverse aiming module), meanwhile the player keep the control of the highest caliber secondary battery and can aim and shoot manually at the DD with full damage (a 150mm main turret on CA = 150mm in a BB secondaries). That should prevent the unreal DD tanking BBs and their excessive close approach aswell the absurd DD HE spamming and sinking BB with main guns instead of torps. HE SHELLS Too many fire/HE shot HE shells provide too much fire and this fire is inextinguishable HE firestarting % Timer based extinguish Superficial damage, disabling deck armament Firestarting HE should provide more superficial damage, disabling more modules, like secondary batteries, AA mounts, radar control etc way less fire starting (it’s not really automatical that something that explodes ignite a fire too…) FIRE BB literally eaten alive by fire timer based Damage Control System Not sure ever existed this type of events on ships CC and RN BB use this system to start fires, as soon the firsts are extinguished, they ignite the seconds and can consequentially change target as they know that the BB will burn alive for minutes if not directly to death It’s kind of ridiculous to see ships burning alive without any possibility to fix it. Solutions could be different and could even be combined together Damage Control System quantity based as a battery and not timer based. This will simulate in an easy way the “human fatigue” capacity, like you can stop the fire anytime until all your resources, pumps and men are functioning, after that you’re basically defenseless. IE: you start with 100 “damage control power points” and you need like 5points to extinguish a small deck fire, 10 for a bigger overstructure one, 25 for the entire ships burning. You can use this anytime and while not in fire the quantity will (slowly) recharge (think about something like a F1 kers). This should avoid the “wait-for-the-first-extinguish-and-then-firestart-again” trick and will also help the senseless burning BB brawling, as they will need to avoid contact for a while or at least retreating for better solutions after finished the Damage Control System points. This can be done in 2 ways: Creating a special “Fire Damage Control System” apart from the main Damage Control System for the hull structure damages Leaving things like they actually are and using the same system for all the damages, no matter if hull or fire Additional/alternative: Repairing requires disabling certain functions to concentrate on the fire extinguish IE: stopping the ship, disabling main turrets fire, etc
  2. Parxifal

    Halloween 2017 - Spoiler pics

  3. Parxifal

    My game experience does not cover my expectations

    You pinpointed exactly where i was trying to land with my overextended post: how a multiplayer/social game can turn into a selfish/diffident one and how this works through indifference as a reply to the stress. That's why i consider gaming so important: this is a training for the real life, if you can get it and understand it, you will be able to deal with that stress. Otherwise you will be more and more a babycrying pointing the finger always outside. But at the end, this is always a real life mirror...
  4. Parxifal

    My game experience does not cover my expectations

    I would have liked you until here if we were not in a videogame forum. But we are. I fully agree with you about the mental approach to a game, but let me suggest you to not forget an important aspect of the human social life: everyone has his own hell. No matter how rich you are, no matter how famous, no matter how brilliant or good. Models suicide beacuse they feel ugly or fat. Rich people suffer often of mental illness (not to mention stress). Rich sons under drugs because of lack of empathy. We are complex machines, in a simple world, so the hell is simply the focus of your attention (i'm coming on your path) and the common problem we, as human, share: the obsession. So, imho, you are both right at my eyes. You are "commonly" right saying that, hey, this is still a game and while we are sitting here with our fat white asses discussing about how frustrating is to getting damage on a virtual papership because you know there is someone not doing things as i wrote to Santa Claus. Meanwhile, somewhere, in this very moment, maybe only few hundred kms away, someone is struggling for real fighting for his life, maybe fighting to protect his familiy from real bombardments, maybe is crossing naked and swimming a sea to land somewhere else hoping for better luck after left his own entire family under the threat of some war or some epidemic. Oh yea, how hard and frustrating it is not to have the f*ing smoke on my f*cking BB damn you f*ckin idiot noob potato p2win weekend player! And still im only considering the human race. But we are all babies still and yet. Noone is fully grown. No matter your age. And you know why? because of the same reason we are discussing here: the lack of gaming when we are young. Because noone teach us HOW to play, how to approach the game, and what it means for our future development. All we learn from sports and games is competition to win. But noone explain us how to lose and deal with failures (let me be generical, if your parents tought you this, you can consider yourself lucky and proud, but look at the majority). Ancient greeks used to say: "if you want to really know someone, play with him". How right they were. Just playing with someone you can understand if he has anger inside, or if he is pacific, or, more generally, you can simply observe his approach with the competition. That means social skills. So, to me, all the games are a great opportunity to grow up a little more, understanding ourself a little more, compare, fail, and fail again until i learn NOT how to win but how to fail without giving up. This is the origin of the stress. When you fail, maybe without fault, and you don't know how to deal with it and what that failure means to you. And this because we don't consider ourself in a learning process but we set goals (but this opens another extensive discussion argument...so i just set it here like this.) So, after this long and tedious and probably not requested introduction, i step back to focus on your statement because i think this is the part you are missing: the quantity of time therefore attention that he is putting on his learning process through this game. And i consider this extremely seriously as long as we discuss it in a civil manner and, most important, we express our feelings about that and we expose our obsessions without fear. If you can see this point of view, you will be able to see the sparkle of this gaming process that it will be not fat-[edited]-gaming anymore. A famous italian actor once said: "you have to be extremely serious when you make jokes!". Couldnt express better myself. *sorry if too long/serious/tedious, i tried to be more exaustive and compressed in such a huge argument. Hope it helped
  5. Parxifal

    My game experience does not cover my expectations

    NP, i am not used to blame people about anything, but i feel like those forums are becoming a flame outburst opportunity instead of a place for sharing experience and confrontation. I mean, maybe you could have been a crying baby, but wisely you pointed out your stats and i bet not to show how big your guns are but just to pinpoint the problem, like: "hey, i m not new here, i play everything, and everything at high level, i can say i am a veteran around here and im still here waving a flag about something bad i notice going on, plz listen to my outburst" I understand perfectly, as many others noticing the incremental number of BB in games (at all tiers) means lowering the global level of BB and the medium quality of the matches, sadly supported by WG as for the recent tech tree introduction. More BB means less DD, hence the lack of support since the DD game seems to be more often a drag race to the first cap zone instead of a support/spotting game. Again, WG seems to blow on this fire, since there are not real rewarding in been "useful" for the team without producing damage, translated in: we reward the offensive game but not the defensive one. Too bad DD were made for defense of convoy and stealth BB pursuit (WG seems to have forgotten the battle of the Denmarck street all of a sudden... ) Founding a DD using her smoke for covering her BB instead of masking her retreat is a rare gem nowadays. I don't play the highest tiers because as others stated i found those boring and potatoish, but recently i started playing in a clan so i found myself playing more often in a division and i can tell you, a good combination of a DD+BB can do the difference. Maybe not winning alone, but turning the pointer out the medium quite often. So, ye, i feel your struggle...
  6. Parxifal

    My game experience does not cover my expectations

    Oh my lol. You didn't check his stats at all before starting the fan in your mouth, did you? You are just accusing of lack of skill and babycrying one the unicum/superunicum player around, been playing since the beta. I don't know but hey, let me be a little skeptical about he didn't meet a bad team in his 7000 matches before that one... If you clicked his stats link, you would have noticed that his average damage is constantly increasing while the winrate is on a downhill, hence, i suppose, his feelings about the less impact over the matches even if being more dangerous. I want to believe, indeed, that that was one extreme example of multiple false-matches he encountered more often recently.
  7. Parxifal

    Ocean Map

    The problem with this map is the whole problem of the game: a wannabie simulator but totally arcade in the form - a multiplayer game where you don't know the map in advance letting you picking up the best ship and equipment before (choosing smoke in an edinburg in a T10 match with 3 radar is lollable) - simulative map in fully arcade playstyle where you cannot disengage a fight and the only protection is playing hide & seek (that's why all those islands) - so much arcade that it is possible to introduce HE spamming BB with circa 50% fire chance and +50% hitrate... - ... with no possibilities to stop the fire at will (maybe turning off some systems, reallocating resources, or even more simplicistic just renounce firing to concentrate on terminate your own fire, but it's just ridiculous to watch BB exploding - exploding?? - because you cannot stop the fire because, you know, you already did before, sailors are tired now and needs to rest for a while, better burn to hell) - infinite ammo... - ...but you have to pay for them!! (because WG hate pay2win...) - all skill no luck game with randomad MM (where you cannot play a Bismarck at your own tier not even once), randomad RNGesus (lolangling), and unlimited class matching (imagine to play Ocean with a T8 CA in a 6 BB T10 match, that is not rare to happen at all nowadays LMAO. Go do your job now!) - buying a BB costs almost the same as a DD at the same tier ( that raises the major WG problem actually: the inflation of the DD on the market, the must have done of platinum or something...) Yes, this map is "realistic" because you know, the sea used to have water. The problem is the game around indeed
  8. Parxifal

    Nurnberg (Tier VI) - the Fighting Machine

    I enjoyed a lot the nurn in the recent ranked season, she was capable to bring me up to rank5 where i found a wall of misbehaviour since everyone was immediately blaming and insulting because i was not playing the cleveland condemning the team already. Nonsense at work. Pissed off me much. The best thing i found in the Nurn is the genial rear turrets system inherited form the Koenigsberg that allows multiple game style: - if u get in trouble it allows you to retreat still firing with 2/3 of your fire power - if u want to play hide&seek with stealth fire BBs behind isles it allows u to be able to retreat behind the island rolling forward full thrust instead of slowly backward - if you want to play more aggressive, rush a target, or even brawl another CC, upgrade the already good enough turret speed and u can dodge the incoming fire zigzagging while be able to shoot with full potential constantly without exposing the broadside. So satisfying. - not to mention how effective it is against DDs with the german hydro and the quick rof Plus, is the only ship where i kept both the C and the B hull and i switch them depending if i need more AA or torps without losing HP, that is really great and unique characteristic. In the actual Killer Whale PvE mission is simply devastating, with her quick fire + long range + good HE for static targets + great AA cover with C hull and power ups Definitely one of the best CC around to me
  9. Parxifal

    Suggestions thread

    "In the last battle Yamato was painted with the soot of her chimney, giving her a black painting look. I think it could be a good skin."
  10. Parxifal

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - New Effects

    Shocwaves? Uhmmm Not only the same size, but also the same TYPE! I agree with Masterrix in this, seems a Michael Bay film where everything around you is exploding even from FLOODING! that is kind ridiculous. Even in Atlantic Fleet (a turn based game!) if you hit a ship with a torpedo the ship starts slowing down for flooding and then stops and then incline and then sink. I mean, WHY THE HELL THE SHIP EXPLODES?? Napalm water? Agree on this. As already said, i like the new water columns even if hiding ships. Still a little bit too "cartoonish" YES you'r right! Duke Nukem more than Doom! Even the title of the game seems an inspiration for that. Nuke explosions everywhere!
  11. Parxifal

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - New Effects

    It's a NO GO over here too. - Colors are over-saturated - Non-smooth transitions of the animations, reminds me the 2d Doom ones - Frequent FPS drops - Too much fire, too few smoke and should be lasting way much more - Fireblasts are excessive are it's just ridiculous that ALL the calibers throw the same fireballs! It does not only affect the visual ridiculousness but also the gameplay, FE when you on a DD zoom over a BB aiming at you trying to catch the moment for evasive maneuvers, now you can't understand if the fire it's from the main guns or the secondaries. It's all a gigantic FIREBALL! - The muzzle flashes themeselves, with the smoke curtains, should be pulled out, as they are thrown away from the ship. Not to mention that the smoke, in a full speed ship, should be fade BEHIND the ship itself, like you leave it where you shot but meanwhile you proceeded ahead. - The smoke doesnt fade properly but just...disappear - The volumetric illumination system is excessive too, the fire can light around but not in the full broad light of the day. Seems like the ship is constantly in darkness. - Water splash is better in the volume but results cartoonish too. It doesn't really feels like "water" I mean: REAL FIRING SHIP (notice the fireblast thrown away and persistent fading smoke): NOTTHIS (DD FIREBLASTS? smoke disappear) NOT all caliber do GIGANTIC fireballs Real Sharnhorst firing (notice the smoke fading BEHIND as the ship is moving rapidly) Again, less fireball more smoke and a WATER SHOCKWAVE would appreciated too: The most strange thing to me is that YOU MADE IT PERFECTLY IN YOUR ANIMATIONS! So a) you know how to do that and ignored b) the animations are made by another studio you don't know anything about c) you didnt like at all and prefer the cartoons
  12. Parxifal

    Can Karma go into negative figures?

    I've been at 0 points for a long time, now that i started doing the PvE missions my karma levitated to mostly 10, to constantly drop as i play random. That's obvious since i like chatting while playing for jokes and exchange experience and strategy tips, and i found too that my karma drops constantly when i don't play the way someone wants me to play (like been in the front line with a Nurnberg or not hidden in the smoke with a Fiji, simple things), or when i try to stimulate the others to collaborate as a team instead of selfish playing. I never offend (i don't truly understand why i should even if someone else is not agree with what i think) but I'm always sarcastic (like calling "EVERYBODY MIDDLE!" in the map with the channel between the 2 islands) and i found many doesn't get the joke so easily (noticed karma drops after some jokes, but hey, it's war, stfu and shot ). Surprisingly never been chat banned though! And i didn't even know about before entering the forum The point is i like statistic and numbers, so usually i notice when there are fluctuations in streams. FE in the ranked so fantastic balanced battles when i got 18 consecutive lost and then 14 victories (still managed to reach rank 3) that for *randomically* generated matches are pretty implausible numbers. Now, hitting the point, i'm still working on it (cause sincerely i don't care all that much) but i noticed that those win/lost cycle sometimes are in synch with the rise/drop of the karma points. nothing certain, and no proves yet, but i was surprised about a couple of clamorous episodes: I found my way to rise the ranking surprisingly with the Nurnberg and i played comfortably with some high fives now and then and the more i was good the more my karma was rising the more i got nice winning series. Till the rank 5. There i found a wall. As soon as enter a match i was already finding the chat full of insults or complains about how i condemned my team to a certain loss because the other CC was ofc a Cleveland. And when i tried to reply that i play for fun and i was invited to play coop because u know, this is ranked, we MUST escalate to the final success to expose the flag of how big our gun is Usually i don't care much, but after 10 matches like this, were my team tried repeatedly to sabotage me (like giving my coordinates on the map), i got no fun anymore and quit. That particular time I was reported for AFK and my karma dropped suddenly ofc. As soon as this happened the gate of the hell opened once more and i started the new desperate losing series again. I was rank 3, 1 victory far from 2, i finished the season in rank 4 just 1 loss from 5. I don't care much for the rank (just the rewards maybe), so was not THAT important, but surely very strange coincidence and frustrating experience. Well, this happened twice, so i started notice it I still don't know how or what, but seems to me that at high levels/rank if someone with high ranking/karma reports you, this has an effect somehow the perfect balanced matchmaking system. I didn't see this at low ranking as i think the system seems (reasonably) to filter/ignore more the frustration report spamming. It's like "oh, u high rank, u good person, i trust u when u say someone bad or good" just my 2 cents of experience, sharing because curious if someone else had similar "sensations"
  13. Exactly. it's ALREADY a bit ridiculous that we pay for the ammunition we shot BUT we have infinite ammo in game. We pay for reparation at the end BUT the damages don't affect the ship at all (like slowing her down, aiming issues, radar malfunctions, and other problems that should be permanent after a certain amount of dmg taken). Not to mention that playing a high tier BB with premium repairs parties vs normal is a total different experience already, counting that a BB is constantly taking/repairing damage through the whole match. If you have the extra party as a captain skill but you haven't premium parties you can barely be able to use it. 180s cycle x 5 = 15 minutes considering launching it repeatedly as it recharge ( i'm trying to think how many times in my Bismarck, ofc constantly playing at T10 , i survived that time considering i don't really like to push the border to enter the next map before the end and i like to play the Bismarck as a brawler with full drunk secondaries, closing the distance to be a bit effective ) But hey, WG doesn't like the P2W policy. P2W doens't exist.
  14. I just got this image in my mind of a Lolanta spreading rainbows of HEAP shells with 50% fire chances.
  15. Parxifal

    Does WG change MM system?

    This. Exactly.