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  1. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Agincourt or Genova?

    Got the Genova in a crate, it's pretty terrible and would not recommend at all, possibly the worst cruiser i've played. You already have one of, if not the best T5 cruiser in the Exeter As @Yedwy said, picking up a T6 might be a better bet as you can run operations in those too. Mutsu is a great T6 BB, Molotov a solid cruiser and have heard good things about the DeGrasse (similar to a Budyonny stats-wise)
  2. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Fuso Skin Mission

    I missed episode 1 of the Fuso four skin missions Anyone know if they will do a rollback?
  3. All_up_in_ur_grille

    I am quite annoyed with the F. Sherman ship distribution!

    Okay, so you've been quite annoyed and tried shouting.....lemme go check..... Nope, WG haven't changed their distribution model for this ship, have you tried stamping your feet yet?
  4. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Raptor rescue, waste of time?

    On Raptor, due to dynamic enemy spawns and exit points, for optimal results you need at least 1 of 2 qualities in your ship choice, speed and/or gun range, imo. As an example, after you've killed the first three targets you want to have gun range to fire your guns to the north to see if you get detected by the 3x cruisers that can spawn there, if not, you want to be able to motor south to get them broadside as they pull out from behind the islands Best picks for me are: BB; Fuso, Mutsu, Repulse & Normandie Cruisers: Budyonny & Nurnberg
  5. Time restrictions are applied to modes where rewards are on offer to avoid match-rigging during server low population hours WG learned of this 6/7 years ago with the WoT T-22 mission fiasco As for the Asymmetric mode in WOWs, good way to grind your T7-8's, doesn't look so much fun being on the other side
  6. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Looking for a premium light cruiser

    A well played Molotov in Operations makes decent credits. 180mm rail guns with 36kts base speed & 2nd highest AP pen for a T6 cruiser, along with being one of the cheapest prems make it a solid choice. Someone else mentioned the DeGrasse, never played it, but stats-wise it strikes me as similar to the solid budyonny, with slower shells but over double the range torps. If you don't already have it, the Repulse from the Dockyard event is pretty decent too, yes it's a BB, but with engine boost and speed flag you'll be going cruiser speeds, if you happen to have brisk on your commander you'll be overtaking them. From the Armoury, as mentioned previously, the Lazo is a good coal investment. There are a good selection of DD's there too, though personally I tend not to take them into OPs that regularly, as mistakes are heavily punished.
  7. All_up_in_ur_grille

    The little girl scream in the port is driving me insane.

    The little girl screams every time she reads one of your posts on these forums
  8. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Anyone else short-changed of rewards for participating in Public Test 10.11?

    Update: Support got back to me, sent the issue for verification and 500 CT's have been credited to my account. No mention of what caused the issue, and whether or not it was specific to me. If you took part in Public Test 10.11 round 2, it might be worth you checking your Community Tokens to check you got the full rewards
  9. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Anyone else short-changed of rewards for participating in Public Test 10.11?

    That's a good catch for more seasoned PT'ers Round 2 was the first Public Test i've taken part in though, and the first time even installing the PT client
  10. As per the title, I thought i'd check with forumites to see if anyone else got a shortfall in rewards for participating in Public Test 10.11 Round 2? I completed all missions as listed on the website with the exception of the submarine one, which rewarded a WG container. This should have provided 2500 Community Tokens, however when I logged in yesterday I was awarded only 2000 CT's. When we look at the structure of the rewards, the only way to amass 2000 CT's would be to complete all missions with the exception of the "Obtain any unique Commander of the New Year's Eve event". As far as I can see there is no other numerically possible way to arrive at 2000 CT's other than not completing that mission, which I did (SS of the unique commander in the Omaha below) So, did anyone else have the same happen to them? Have you checked? I've raised a ticket with Support yesterday, which is "On Hold". Will update later, just thought i'd see if anyone else was in the same bote
  11. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Best Tier 6 tech-tree ships to play in Operations?

    Fuso is a must have BB for ops, for cruisers Budyonny, Pensacola & Nurnberg are all solid choices
  12. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Selfish play in Narai makes it not worth playing

    Seen others do this and thought i'd give it a try in my Schors...325k damage on my first attempt Have had a pretty standard template for Narai, which I have now tweaked; 1. Deal with opening Cruiser, BB & DD, mostly with AP. Slow, and angle ship north to get all guns on cruiser that sails out broadside in middle channel (If you angle south you'll often get tangled up with transports/teammates) 2. Get motoring towards middle channel killing the DD & popping hydro for any torps for teammates, fire on Iron Duke 3. Angle south while heading down the mid channel, swinging guns left to fire on the Dallas as he comes out, angling/drifting north earlier should present citadel opportunities on him 4. Carry on through middle shelling Emile, then slow at final island in order to smash the Emerald's broadside with AP. If your cruiser has 10km torps (Hello Myoko) you can drop them down the route that the Missouri takes. 5. Head south towards transports, you might be able to get a couple of salvo's on Missouri as you go, take out DD. If you have sufficient HP ignore the installation and put more shells on the Missouri, otherwise take the installation out. Mop up transports paying attention if others firing on them too, if they are, hang about only to drop torps on the last two and getting motoring to the channel 6. Mop up Dallas and DD, pop hydro for any torps and head along south channel of bay, firing on Bretagne, slow on the south side of the tiny island, load AP and smash the Omaha as she pushes through 7. Motor to bot spawn point and farm Indy, Atlanta, Schors & torp colorado I used to stop at point six, and just sit by the entrance to the bay slinging HE and occasionally AP and be happy with a 200k game, pushing through to bot spawn reaps greater rewards To the OP, there are numerous Narai divs in the Operations channel, some of them have templates with some rules in order to spread out the damage, maybe give them a try Final cruiser tip: Always check the map to see where your cruiser is in relation to others, experienced Narai'ers will know why
  13. Anyone know? No mention of it in the 10.11 Developer Bulletin on the news portal Between the last 6k of base XP in Arms Race (550 tokens) and completing the dockyard event on the PTS, i'm closing in on having the 20k CT's required to pick up the Leningrad My worry is that she'll disappear from the Armory by the time the PTS tokens are credited to my account. It says in the PTS news article - " The rewards will automatically be credited to your account within a few days of the release of the new version."
  14. Has anyone heard about when the previous Operations that were removed will be returned, or new ones added? AFAIK four? missions were removed as a result of the CV rework, which I guess is still ongoing I've read elsewhere on the forum that the Operations & co-op base of WoWs was far larger than WG had anticipated, and as someone now regular on them (to build up captains) I see the queue times bearing this out Do forumites want more OP's? the old ones returned? Or new ones added?