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    Whats the deal with players like this WG?

    There was similar instance of this in WoWp a couple of months back. There was a community event with XP leaderboards for each nation that gave gold for top 20 finishes, someone came to the forum to complain that they witnessed a human player (game is mostly populated by bots) simply afk multiple games, picking up XP in the process, most likely using a bot program Others joined in noting the same thing (including a guy who was knocked out of the top 20 by this account) though there were odd occasions where the player was seen actually playing. It's most likely these people play normally for a couple of hours, then when they've had enough they turn on their botting program to harvest XP/points/wins over many hours while afk Unfortunately, the Community Manager in WoWp decided to argue with those making the complaints rather than even take a cursory look at the botting players account, never mind investigate. He got a move to WoT shortly after, so make of that what you will. Hopefully the WoWs CM takes an interest in this one
  2. All_up_in_ur_grille

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a bit of a game in my Musashi between server outages last night
  3. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Tier X Carrier gameplay, threats and insults

    There are no serious threats in online gaming, just people talking smack, sometime deserved, sometimes not. Quite honestly, in your case it seems deserved. Tier 10 is designed to be the harshest economically in WG games, so while you are busy losing approx 70% of your battles at that tier, eleven other teammates are feeling the penalty on their accounts With a ~32% win rate, and with so many battles under your belt, cannot you not begin to understand that the problem may lie with you? You posted a screenshot earlier showing you destroying two tier 8 battleships with a tier 10 CV, as if it were some sort of achievement and that the rest of your team had let you down. Can you not begin to understand that focusing on two of the least important targets on the enemy team was detrimental to your success in that battle?
  4. Hey, Just looking to find out if the Damage Control Party Modification 1 which can be bought in the Arsenal for 17k coal simply replaces the regular DCP options on any given ship, or does it have to be put in a slot where other equipment/upgrades would have to be sacrificed? TIA
  5. All_up_in_ur_grille


    Same happened to me on Xmas morning, 3rd resource container dropped a supercontainer for 15k coal (just after the daily mission santa crate dropped 2.5k) Wish it had happened a few hours earlier so that i'd still have a ship discount coupon, but you can't have it all I suppose
  6. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join the lottery Thanks for setting this up
  7. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Commander XP/Accelerated crew training on Elited ships

    Yes, it would make them more valuable as crew trainers than non-elited tech tree equivalents, once the tech-tree equivalent was elited they would be on par (just like in WoT & WoWp) Shouldn't that be part of the reward for spending the same amount of money on a single piece of content (a tier 8 prem) as you would on a AAA title?
  8. All_up_in_ur_grille

    Commander XP/Accelerated crew training on Elited ships

    Thanks for the quick replies folks Well this seems pretty cheesy, I guess the idea is to push players towards converting ship XP with Dubloons and to buy premium ships as crew trainers rather than using lower & mid tiers of the tech tree - Wizard: Yeah, i've seen the Elite Commander XP and used some that I got from the missions system on my QE commander, guess it'll be a while till I get a 19 point commander to get any more - Egoleter: Thats the minimum i'd expect really, was hoping there was a checkbox hidden away to boost the commanders XP (even at just a percentage of the combat XP value)
  9. Hey, Noob question here, in WoT when you unlock all modules on a tank there is a checkbox you can tick (Accelerated crew training) to send combat XP to your crew for every future battle played which trains them up quicker. Same in WoWp. I've moved my 7 point commander from the Iron Duke to the Queen Elizabeth, but want to keep my elited Iron Duke with a new commander (purchased with credits so 1 skill point). I've played one battle with the new Iron Duke commander and the combat XP went to the ship rather than the commander, is there a checkbox somewhere to change this or do elited ships simply amass XP?