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  1. Mike_Chaffin

    Bug Reports

    After playing the Transylvania whatnot the UI seemed to crap out. Logging back out and in, same....
  2. Mike_Chaffin

    Clan Battles

    Clan search doesn't seem to work. In fact all the leagues seem to be empty too. Hence I'm a member of a clan but don't see how I could play a clan battle unless 6 other peeps from my clan also signed up to the test server. Is there a test clan or something I can join?
  3. Mike_Chaffin

    Operations rewards - commander

    As I say, I didn't get the commander despite completing the operation. Not in reserve either and I have plenty of reserve spaces. Assumed it was because I didn't have a port slot for the ship...
  4. Mike_Chaffin

    Operations rewards - commander

    Hadn't really played these before but was surprised to see they gave a 10 point commander in a tier 1 tub for successful completion. Trouble is after blatting through them no commanders. Turned out I didn't have any free port slots for the tier 1 tubs. Any way to get these now the operations have been completed?
  5. Ah yes... I remember the bad old days of counterstrike. New anticheat software came out, 80% of server population banned. Cue endless snowflake false positive stories.
  6. Mike_Chaffin

    Deepwater Torps?????????????

    Nail hit. BB's are pathetically easy to play. I don't enjoy them at all, except maybe treating the Scharnhorst as a kamikaze cruiser, but they shouldn't be a nooby class that only snowflakes and munchkins get their rocks off on. Hopefully wargaming is seeing decreased revenues from premium BBs and the like and will actually make the game workable for everyone else, such that peeps open their wallets for other classes. Judging by the number of Yamatos and Currywursts at T10 if it isn't deep water torps then there has to be something that can counter them.
  7. Mike_Chaffin

    Matchmaking Chart

    You must be playing different matches to me, can't recall the last time I only saw 4 tier X BBs. Did have a couple of matches earlier at tier 8, then 8 on the trot tier X each time. The one below was particularly ..... fun? I'd far rather wait a bit longer for a match that you wasting 13 minutes of my life on such a ridiculous match up.
  8. Mike_Chaffin

    Deepwater Torps?????????????

    So DW torps might require some team play? Cooperation? Less use of max skill factor secondary builds? Ensuring the J or 1 lines are secure? Big issues. Might well make it difficult for CAs to decide upon hydro or AAA of course, assuming hydro spots these things. Also to protect the teams BBs cruisers would have to be able to put themselves in the way or the BB's bolt themselves to their side. Basically the cruisers would have to be immune to them or else they'd flee the BB's to save their own hulls.
  9. Mike_Chaffin

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    "But yes in agree these torps will just make BBs camp harder and farther out. " I certainly hope so. Rather than sneaking round the back and getting good shots off only for a 35,000 ton behemoth to pirouette like a ballerina at the last minute they'd be very vulnerable without anyone to spot for them. Yes I think flooding might need some more thought, maximum amount of damage possible as per saturation of above water sections maybe? Don't think it works like this at present. You could always buff damage control mod 2 somewhat, which might make it attractive instead of rudder shift, hence preventing the above ballerina routine. Also how about DW torps as a consumable? Reload booster isn't often used and makes you very dead if there is a CV in the game. Only a few charges per game which might limit the moaning somewhat. :)
  10. Mike_Chaffin

    Deep Water Torpedoes

    I think this could work really well, depending upon implementation. I certainly see it as a good idea. I wouldn't want to see it exclusive to a new line, though I can see the advantages of testing it in the wild on a new line. I like the idea of having a distinction between a light scouting cruiser, which is effective against DDs etc, and a heavy one more focussed on other cruisers and BBs. The former having to be nimble to avoid shallow water torps only and carrying shallow water torps against DDs, the latter able to fire through it's own lighter forces to target the enemy heavies. Currently once a torpedo is spotted it remains spotted for it's entire duration, which I think DW torps should reverse. Rather than the link 16 style battle picture currently given by the aggregate of the teams spotting, DW torps should only be visible to those actually within range to spot them. Which, shock horror, would mean communication was important. If you want to win the game then protecting your battleships becomes paramount. Guaranteed or almost guaranteed flooding is very meh in my opinion though. Doesn't matter how many torps you hit, one click of the R button heals all. If the repair party could only heal one flood it would make more sense and help stop the BBs from dominating, though as wargaming sells premium BBs for more than the other classes it's hardly in their interest to make life that hard for them! Another idea would be to allow torps to be shot by main battery. Hence screens of DDs or light cruisers would be able to shoot torps which looked threatening. Might sound daft, but it was actually a thing. The escort carriers would carry a single 5" on the stern and there are actual instances of them blatting incoming torps with them. :) I'm not saying this should be easy to do, but would give counterplay. You could even have three different settings for running depth. Default shallow with an easy to spot, small chance of flooding which hits everything, pretty much what we have now. Medium which is more difficult to spot, ignores light cruisers and DDs. Deep which is a bugger to spot and definitely causes flooding but only hits BBs and Carriers.
  11. Mike_Chaffin

    Matchmaking Chart

    I'm sure other people have pointed this out but almost always getting T10 in a T8 tub is really annoying. This is especially infuriating in a Mogami, seeing as it has worse AAA than it's tier 7 counterpart ( max 22 close range vs 38 25mm for the Myoko: why?). Time to drop the T10 exclusive and make the rest of the matchmaking reflect the populations a bit better?
  12. Mike_Chaffin

    Royal Navy Cruisers Feedback

    " I think the only way these ships would be dangerous is if they all took after the Cambletown and were filled up with explosives before ramming something, but you'd probably die before doing any damage. " Oddly enough some canny RN captains have cottoned on to this. Whilst taking the piss with Tachibana or other low tier DDs without using torps, happily citadelling the RN cruisers quite a few found the only way they could kill me was by ramming. Weymouths lose about 75% of their hp and get flooding, though a couple did survive until someone else decided to delete them. It's pretty obvious now that the Cambletown was the first part of the joke, a DD only famous for being the worst ship in the RN and therefore sacrificed as a floating bomb.
  13. Mike_Chaffin

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Hans, Thank you for a fairly reasoned reply; one that I expected but agree with little in it. Admittedly I didn't realise he isn't a dev but still I'll happily and comfortably stick to my line. I am not by nature abusive towards professionals however the glib responses, pathetic excuses and woeful effort that has gone into this new content leads me to no other conclusion than that which I have articulated. I believe it is warranted and well deserved. It is not a line I initially took, merely one which evolved as the official guides and responses started to make David Ike seem rational. As for your own notions other lines carry both CAs and CLs, so you are talking nonsense. Also the Dido was very much a light cruiser, merely one with DP guns. Several examples of which already exist in the game. Also then utter nonsense. Frankly the only people who should be emotional are those, like yourself, who were involved in their design, testing or explaining to the community how such shoddy work was released. I note from another thread that the stats for some of the tubs were still not set as late as last week, so it is clearly untested content. I also heartily agree with the poster above who wondered whether something similar could ever have happened to the T-34 in WOT... I am frankly amazed that you have chosen to follow the same line as tully in blaming the original Naval Architects.... Their wartime service showed them to be accurate, versatile and reliable vessels. WG's work on the other hand is utter [edited]crap. Good day Sir.
  14. Mike_Chaffin

    T7 RN Premium Cruiser Belfast: Overpowered.

    Well as a semi-potato I have to say she's a monster. Situationally OP most definitely. There are of course many situations where you end up in a corner you just can't get out of but also many where you don't even need the toys. I hate epicentre but just had a game ( for once without another Belfast on the opposing team) where she was almost untouchable. Those high arcs which are woeful with AP make firespamming piss easy. Over 250 hits, 15 fires, almost 60k in fire damage alone..... Other than a Myoko who yoloed purely to get at me the ship wasn't even in the line of fire of an enemy ship once. To think I can get her detectability down to sub 10km ( haven't even bought the module yet and don't have a 15 point captain).... Geez. Saying that I suspect she was an awful lot more OP before Flamu's videos, she gets focussed like nowt you'd believe especially when in smoke.
  15. Mike_Chaffin

    Weymouth - waste of time

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Russian DD line, great fun to play. Brit CLs are like one Hatsuharu after another.