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  1. Sparky___07

    Naval History in Photos: the Dunkirk Evacuation

    Powerful photos.
  2. Sparky___07

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Really nice touch WG, thank you.
  3. Sparky___07

    Why I stopped playing this game...

    For someone to actually troll you by PM is really nasty. Folks like that should be banned for life, period. Unfortunately, internet forums (of any kind, not just WG/WoWs) tend to attract haters, grudgers, and general negative types who like to slag off others, the game (or whatever subject the forum is about) etc. On a less serious level, forums are the place where people let off some steam about the game. No-one really comes on the forum to say how much they like things, that's my impression anyway. Just human nature I guess. Don't let them win - if you enjoy playing the game, continue to play it. On your own terms. Stay away from the forum if it's a negative experience, but enjoy the game. I generally dip into the forum lightly to get some info, but leave when the bad karma starts to hit me. Which is usually pretty quickly! Re f2p: I've spent a few hundred quid on this game and like you, I do not have a problem with f2p players, in fact I welcome it for various reasons. All the best dude and hope to see you in battle one day.
  4. Sparky___07

    A strategy for countering CVs has been uncovered

    The late, great Bruno Ganz. Downfall (Der Untergang) is a powerful film with an immense performance by Ganz.
  5. Sparky___07

    Update 0.9.1: British Heavy Cruisers Part 2

    Looks like an interesting update.
  6. Sparky___07

    0.9.0 - British cruisers: Early Access

    Like many above, I've completed the directives, got the tokens and... no early access ships!! What is the point? Either release the ships or don't! Not a half-arsed 'Oh look, you might get some early release ships, but you probably won't, what will it be?' As for paying for tech tree ships with doubloons, I suppose there are fools out there who like being separated from their money.
  7. Sparky___07

    When will WG start to *l*i*s*t*e*n* ???

    It seems to me that a good compromise for everyone would be to limit CVs to max 1 per side. Then it's part of the strategy and dynamic of the game. I get that they have a role to play, but 2-3 each side is unbalanced regardless of tier. CV players might experience increased waiting times, but I don't think that's an issue given the vast majority of players are playing other classes. And CV players will recognise that it is a powerful class.
  8. Sparky___07

    When will WG start to *l*i*s*t*e*n* ???

    OK, how does a new/inexperienced player in a T4 DD learn and develop their game whilst there are 3 CVs per side in his match? He/she will either give up thinking that DD play is solely about being chased around a map by aerial pests, or worse still, become CV players themselves as they see that as the Uber Class of ship.
  9. Sparky___07

    What is a "decent" winning %?

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! I'll have what you're drinking!! In some ships maybe and in good divisions, maybe. But across the game in a lot of different ships and classes in Random Solo? Er, no.
  10. I play almost every day, for like 3-6 hours (what a saddo I know), and I was nowhere near. I think I got about 23 million points which was less than half-way when event finished. Didn't use boosters. To get PR for totally free must have taken a better player than me around 5-8 hours a day every day? Nuts, but I bet someone did it. PS I did the Benham grind and got it for free, but I don't think I'd do it again.
  11. Sparky___07


    I have Smolensk and I really don't know what the fuss is about. In my hands I can have good games in it and bad games. I have a 45% WR (102 Random solo games) which is pretty crap and I suspect that 'most' players will be average in it. Fire damage can be healed. It's one-shot fodder when spotted, vulnerable to torps in smoke, and at max range the shells take 3 weeks to land. I like playing it, but maybe once or twice every day or so. Sure, just about any ship will be 'OP' when in the hands of a good player that knows how to handle it instinctively. I have 68% WR in Scharnhorst (93 Random solo games) and is that shouted as OP? Nope. I'm just an average player, but the Scharn suits me more than the Smolly. As a DD player, the Smolly hasn't caused me too many problems - strengths and weaknesses as all ships. My Yugumo can spot it, torp it, keep it spotted if conditions allow. Smolly doesn't have radar so I like being up against it in a DD. Now, the Kremlin? I my eyes, that's OP. That thing can take 6 Yugu/Shima torps and still have 2/3 HP left. OP! OP! OP!
  12. Sparky___07

    Don't be this GUY

    I agree that folks rush up the tiers too quickly. I did it myself thinking "hey a better ship means I'll be better". Erm, no. I went back to Tier 4-6 and spent many an enjoyable hour (months) without the pressure of climbing tiers too quickly. I did improve a lot. But the elephant in the room now, is that I think the mid tiers are unplayable due to the multiple CVs in games there. I play 95% now at T8-10 as one CV per team is sensible. When I go to a T4-6 match thinking "this'll be fun" I run screaming due to the silly amounts of parasitic wasps planes buzzing around just annoying everyone in a 'proper' ship basically. No strategy, no teamplay, everyone run for your life. Hence, players want to plough through the mid-tiers as quickly as possible. How about limiting CVs to one each per side regardless of tier? I know this would mean slightly longer waiting times for CV players but if you REALLY want to play a CV then I don't think you'd mind.
  13. Sparky___07

    weird sound

    I agree, that bell sound is really annoying - and it was NOT there before 0.9.0 (if it was I couldn't hear it). Switch it off WG!!
  14. Very useful thank you, especially Part 2. With 3.6K DD games under my belt I should know the theory and perform like a hero crumble under pressure and make stupid mistakes! The heat of battle I guess. I also feel too obliged to please my teammates especially at the start of battles which can lead to disappointing outcomes for everyone. When I keep calm though, yeh, I can be a haha!
  15. Sparky___07, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Really enjoyable, no-one to blame if you lose, players generally polite, but re-enforces how much CVs don't belong in this game. Interesting dynamic with DD v BB, DD v CL, BB v CL etc, but anything v CV is so one-sided it's ridiculous.