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  1. Sparky___07

    WG, Give us the option to play games without subs.

    I'd suggest that the most enjoyable and engaging games in WoWs (win or lose) is a mix of BB/CA-CL/DD. The Classic WoWs. The Golden Age of WoWs. WG must know this, but continue to go with tunnel vision. First with CVs, but far, far worse now with subs. Sure, there will be CV and now Sub 'mains' who will spend money. But the rest of us (vast majority I'd wager?) with cash to spend will either a) just play for free or b) leave the game altogether. What's the business sense in that?
  2. Sparky___07

    Submarines in Random = Me uninstalling WOWS

    Yup, CVs I can just about cope with (1 per side max), but this bullscheissen, as we say in Ipswich. PS For the avoidance of doubt, I agree with you.
  3. Sparky___07

    USS Indianapolis book

    I've just finished reading "In Harm's Way" by Doug Stanton. Highly recommended. "On 30 July 1945 the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed in the South Pacific by a Japanese submarine. Of a crew of 1,196 men an estimated 300 were killed upon impact; nearly 900 sailors were cast into the Pacific Ocean, where they remained, undetected by the Navy, for nearly five days. Battered by a savage sea, they struggled to stay alive, fighting off sharks, hypothermia and dementia. By the time rescue arrived, all but 321 men had died (four more would succumb to wounds in military hospitals)." Rather than admit and address its own failings, the US Navy chose to court-martial Captain Charles McVay (who survived the disaster) and charge him with negligence of command. Of the nearly 400 US captains who lost their ships in WW2, he was the only one to be court-martialed. In fact, he is the only captain in the entire history of the Navy to be charged following the loss of a ship due to an act of war. McVay took his own life in 1968, and was finally exonorated by Congress in 2000 (with much credit going to a 12 year old student in Pensacola who raised awareness of McVay's injustice). However, the Navy took another 8 months to clear his service record. Superbly written by Stanton.
  4. Sparky___07

    World of (modern) warships?

    I think this could work but maybe on a more strategic/tactical level. Anyone remember Jane's Fleet Command in the late 90s/early 2000s? It was great, but sadly abandoned. I remember it did have a hardcore loyal player base who actually started modding it. I think it was PvE only, but that was when internet was mostly dial up/pay per minute so playing offline was built in the design.
  5. This sums it up exactly.
  6. Why not create a Random mode in the game that is 'normal' surface ships only ie with no subs or CVs on either team. DDs, CA/CL and BBs only. And run it alongside the option to play Randoms with subs and CVs. So players can choose. Guess what'd happen? Everyone would play the mode without subs and CVs. And what a happy player base that would be. Dare you to do it, and you can see just what players find enjoyable. And you can maybe see the great game that you could have gone with, instead of the mess you have now with a playerbase that is becoming increasingly discontented. But you won't do it, will you.
  7. Sparky___07

    Moving from Co-op to Random Battles?

    My tuppence worth is to get into Randoms and spend a while at Tiers 4-6 exploring the different lines to see what suits you in a 'versus real people' environment. Have fun and don't let the CVs get you down.
  8. I had the good fortune to be carried by @Leo_Apollo11 in a Ranked match tonight. He was in a Z-31. I was er... a bit further down.
  9. Sparky___07

    Requesting Help With Vampire II

    I have the Vamp II but I've only had a handful of games in it, so I don't think I can offer meaningful advice. I only have a 10 point Captain, so just the standard 10 point DD skills at the moment, my next addition will be RPF at 14. It's a nice ship, I hope you like it.
  10. Sparky___07

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Thanks very much! +1
  11. Sparky___07

    Vampire II anyone?

    I've got it, and I like it. If it had 2x5 torps I would absolutely love it, but it only has 1x5. 5km hydro and good guns with 2x2 at the front. 5.8km concealment with all the mods. Yes a good ship if you like DDs. I was gonna get the Siegfried but Commander respec put me off. I don't fancy the Yolo Emilio or the current others in the RB, so glad I saved my points.
  12. Sparky___07

    0.9.12 - Updates to Ranked Battles System

    Just qualified for Gold, and erm, a bit underwhelmed at the reward for doing so. The qualification 5 stars was the hardest bit (for me anyway) and feel like it's rewarded by a slow hand clap in a room of 3 people.
  13. Sparky___07

    0.9.12 - Snowflakes

    Ah, thank you - my apologies @YabbaCoe
  14. Sparky___07

    0.9.12 - Snowflakes

    Eh? I remember getting a Supercontainer for each TX snowflake, if that wasn't at Christmas when was it? At least with a SC you have a 1 in 143,548 chance of getting a decent ship, as opposed to 1 in 1,307,655,981 with a Santa 'gift' container (or 1 in 3 of getting a Makarov).
  15. Sparky___07

    Fighter plane

    Launching fighters from your BB or Cruiser is a helpful visual aid for the opposing CV player, so he can focus you more in order to gain a Compliment from you.