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  1. Slavniy

    The Battle of the Java Sea

    Last mission (get 5 kills in a battle and survive) is also disgusting. I play not very often, have 320 battles (random and ranked) and got 6 krakens. And of course I didn't survive every time I got kraken, so let's count a half of them - 3. WG staff means that I need to forget my life till the March, 2 and make 100+ battles to complete the mission?
  2. Slavniy

    battle of Port Arthur

    Agree, I mean the same thing in the other words. The amount of luck I need means, that it should be a tier 9-10 ship to complete the mission in 10-20 battles. I have 4000 battles on RU server and the misson like that can be completed in 10-20 battles on G.Kurfust or Moskva (may be on CVs, I don't play them). Even Bismark with my 94К+ average damage makes 170К+ damage every ~50 battles, so it useless for this mission.
  3. Slavniy

    battle of Port Arthur

    And miss 30 dragons
  4. Slavniy

    battle of Port Arthur

    It looks like disgusting joke... The mission can be complited on Tier 9-10 ships. I have only 7 tier ships (don't mind Lo Yang 'cause it is not about damage) and with rather good "avereage battle" stat never did even 150К damage. It's very pity that common players are out of this mission.
  5. Slavniy

    Battle of the River Plate

    On tier 6-7 there are 3-4 cruisers in team, ~100-120K HP at all. One half of it will be lost on other flank, so it means I must eliminate all cruisers on my flank, but I can't make my team do not fire.
  6. Slavniy

    Battle of the River Plate

    A few disgusting battles on Belfast and Molotov trying to get 55K from cruisers and don't die in this "world of battleships". 3 months ago EU server had the best publishing over my native RU server. Now RU became much better, and your missions are absolute crap.
  7. Slavniy

    Battle of the River Plate

    And what about the mission "Survive in a battle and get 55K damage from cruisers and hit 3 citadels"? 55К from cruisers is possible on 9-10 tier cruisers, but for my Molotov or Belfast it is impossible!
  8. Slavniy

    Warspite too high a tier

    I think that the main problem of Warspite is historical yet weak armor. It needs to be increased, to match the battles in WoWs.
  9. Slavniy

    New Russian DD Leningrad sighted!

    This DD has weaker artillery than Kiev. It needs separate captain with concealment to use torps primerly.
  10. Slavniy

    Murmansk or Molotov - Which is the best credit farmer?

    The higher tier farms more credits.
  11. In my opinion, it's rather hard to be a cruiser killer with battleship's shells dispersion. I've tried Tirpitz (the same dispersion as I know) and it is very hard to hit a cruiser at 12+ km.