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  1. TurtleSpot

    Teaching Clan

    Well they don't.
  2. TurtleSpot

    Teaching Clan

    Is there such a thing as a teaching clan? If so, who are they? Thanks
  3. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    But I'm still on rank 10.
  4. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    Someone asked me to upload games where I kept my star. This morning I played four games, won two and lost two. In both lost games I was in first place and kept my star. I'm now back on rank 10 from 11. I've never been able to figure out why someone gets to the first place in the team score in any type of game. So let me know if you think I play to save the star. 20180924_104243_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_37_Ridge.wowsreplay 20180924_102528_PJSB018-Yamato-1944_16_OC_bees_to_honey.wowsreplay
  5. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    I do beleive that if I continued because I had enough time, I would eventually reach rank 1. The clan I was in where I played devision was more for fun and friendship than wanting to win all the time. I found it relaxing to play in division because of the people in the clan, and once I get over this current frustration of playing rank, I will join them again. From the videos I would upload to YouTube, I evenually noticed I played best in standard battles. The map didn't seem to matter much except if I was playing a DD. This was accross the tiers.
  6. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    Actually, I got so frustrated with the whole game that I uninstalled it, deleted my Youtube channel, disabled my Twitch account, and left a clan. I do find the game addictive however; so I installed it again and decided just to play rank at the moment when I have time.
  7. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    The few times I have posted on here I get the same type of replies. So far no one here has written what rank they are on. In a previous thread I was given so much advice on how to play the Kurfurst. The only problem was that none of those that were giving me their stupid advice played or had the Kurfurst. And in my post I also have a question about the number of times when shooting at a Kurfurst in rank, I get citadels which I rarely get in Random. No one seems to want to touch this one. I wonder why. Also, the general stats are meaningless because so many have high win rates in random because they play in divisions from the start which I never did.
  8. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    This is rubbish; there are 6 others on the team. If they die it doesn't matter how good you are. Over the last two years there has been a huge change in the number that play and their skill levels. So the rank that I reach should change. Plus, the types of ships that are used has also changed. So what you wrote is nonsence.
  9. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    Well I've seen pleople like Flamu struggle with bad teams. I also don't have 5 or 6 hours to play 7 days a week, which is also one of the points I have made in my post which of course no one is bothering with because they have their ego's to deal with that makes them have to tell me I'm a bad player.
  10. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    I did progress to rank 9. How the hell did I manage that by winning only 4.3 out of 10. And if I stay at rank 10 then clearly I am winning at 50%. This is the usual moronic replies I get from people that can't even do simple arithmatic.
  11. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    no they progress because the other team is better. The losing team will have good players, but not enough. Rank games are not one man shows, which is why the arguments people like you make are so stupid. But like I have stated before, my post has more to it. It would be nice if you wrote something about that too and not just get the old red herring out which is so common on this forum.
  12. TurtleSpot

    Why are rank games such a waste of time.

    I never said or suggested I play badly. You don't get to keep a star when the team loses when you play badly. And there is more to my post than just losing. but that really isn't possible when the team loses because of their stupid game play.
  13. First I'd like to start by stating I don't give a toss about those that are going to come back to me with my stupid stats. for four rank seasons now I get to rank 10 and then get stuck there. I even get quite a few games where I keep my star, but I always seem to get stuck at rank 10 after reaching rank 9. I'd also like to know why it is that when I play rank I somehow manage to get a lot of citetels when I shoot at a kurfurst, when in random battle it's rare. Why do you also need to be unemployed in order to have the time to even have a chance of getting to rank 1? You certainly can't do it playing on a weekend. So it's totally unfair right from the off. I'm at the point now where I wish I had never started playing rank because I'm now stuck with these meaningless numbers next to my name. Please don't get back here with how bad my stats are and what a bad player I am. I heard enough of that crap by now.
  14. i am sure of it 

    i have the same problem

    the red team always disepeare just in time

    the ly beside you and blow you out of the water 

    for me i am 100% sure of this 100%


  15. TurtleSpot

    Is This Game Rigged

    Thank you. It does feel now that I'm playing better. One thing that has changed is my mental attitude to the game; I now think about wanting to win 60% of the games, rather than just winning; his may have changed the way I play. As far my stats go, I calculated that I would have to win the next 8,000 games 60% of the time just to make my overall stats reach 50%. So it looks like I will still be taking stick for my stats for a while to come. I was invited to join a clan of similar skilled players. I noticed that a lot of players reach higher win rates because they are in clans or played in divisions and force a win in the way they play, so I joined a clan to see what happens. So far I've only played in a division 4 times I think.