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  1. Muki321

    What are the more enjoyable cruiser lines?

    yesterday had a first decent game in Trento. 4 kills, >2k base xp and survived the game :) seems i ma starting to get a grip on Italian line finally. key was gun control upgrade to 16km to mitigate 14,5 km base detect ability. now it feels much better and you actually have a chance doing some damage. especially if you manage to ambush a dd, those SAP tear them like paper...
  2. Muki321

    What are the more enjoyable cruiser lines?

    every line is fun in its own way except Italian
  3. agree to this. my only personal benchmarks are - subjective impression on how i played given the circumstances - position on the list at the end of the game, relative to other team players. If i am in top 4-5 (random) or 1-3 in ranked - i considered my self doing good
  4. Muki321

    How to spend 1mio free XP?

    guys, i am finally very close to the 1mio free xp mark and am thinking on which premium ship to spend it (if any) Currently for those XP i could get Alaska, Yoshino or Friesland. Which one would you recommend for the fun element mostly? Somehow i am leaning towards Friesland since i like the gun boat concept although having some hard times with kitalkaze due to her sluggishness and questionable maneuverability... Alaska or Yoshino? I know Alaska has better armor but Yoshino has good torps. which is more fun to play? Also are there any plans to put some new ships on the offer for 1mio credits? should i hold on for now and wait for this change to happen? Thanks in advance for your suggestions
  5. Muki321

    Finnaly done with Iowa...

    Hi guys! i am just going through final few games with Iowa before unlocking Montana, so looking back wanted to share with you some insights i have gained while playing this ship. first off, this ship is not easy. If played properly it is a very good ship, otherwise you will have a painful experience and will struggle to deal any significant damage. When it comes to upgrades & captain build i have used the stealth upgrade and faster ruder shift together with special dispersion mod. that is critical. this mod gives you good dispersion at long ranges, which you will use a lot. this was the key to my success which came after a long grind half through the ship xp - staying at long range and sniping unexpected bbs and cruisers with your precise cannons. This is one strategy which can give you some solid results at beginning of the game but as game progresses zou should change your tactics and should engage at closer ranges. here the speed and maneuverability of iowa comes to shine - she is great at flanking unexpected bbs and cruisers and if done properly this can give you opportunities for massive damage. at the end i feel sorry to have come so close to unlocking Montana and that i will shift my focus to her... i have struggled with this ship for a long time since i was brawling too much and this is not the purpose of this ship, until i have adopted the above tactics which gave me best results. doesn't mean other setups dont work, just wanted to share my experience. it works great as 2nd line bb, in team with sth like georgia or grosse kur.f to lead the charge and with DM to support /radar vs dds. hope to enjoy montana, which i believe should be similar game play, just with additional gun turret :) cheers mates!
  6. Muki321

    Sov.Soyuz and the average to bad player story.

    i disagree on couple of points first off, if you do not open fire you should not be detected before you reach below 15km mark. unless you are marching alone, without dd/cruiser support and run into enemy dd on your route... but that is a bad idea in any bb below 15 km and even below (>12km) is where your guns shine. this is where you want to use them most of the time. and this is where, if angled properly, enemy bb AP will bounce of your sides or will overpen your superstructure, rather then going through your deck due to the high arc which is specific to long range shots. i had games when i was able to take massive amounts of enemy fire with very acceptable amount of damage on my side, which was very helpful for my team since time they spend shooting at you they cant shoot at other, more vulnerable ships on my team... Moskva, on the other hand is long range sniper, as any other Russian cruiser. use her at long ranges with her accurate laser like guns for best results. she plays completely different to Sov Soyuz bottom line is, as with any other ships (except for Italian cruisers maybe :), both ships are good if played properly...
  7. Muki321

    Sov.Soyuz and the average to bad player story.

    yup. it is very simple with russian BBs - close in to below 15km to targets while watching out that you dont get flanked and open fire. HE on angled bbs and dds, AP on everything else. if things dont go your way, go straight backwards. otherwise keep pushing with nose in. there is no turning left or right in thaose things... once you show flank while detected prepare to be severely punished...
  8. Muki321

    Italian cruiser Trento wye?

    not too long ago, even Cleveland was in this tier... OT, had a few games in Trento and and it sucks big time for now. Will give it some more time though...
  9. Muki321

    Game performance issues

    thanks for your inputs, guys. I will check first the DirectX compatibility, and will see how the game behaves in the following days. My guess it should be the HDD issue since drive is constantly running in the background from the moment I log in the windows in full capacity with no visible reason. Maybe some underlying processes are taking up the disk capacity...Need to clean up the system drive from all the external junk i guess..
  10. Muki321

    Game performance issues

    Gents, from time to time (more often lately) i am facing significant performance issues which are completely wrecking the enjoyment of play not to mention ruining my statistics in the long run... I have an old i5 Intel cpu with 4GB rm and integrated graphics laptop, therefore i run game in very low detail and dont expect miracles. But the game was usually playable. REcently i have had situations when either my loading screen before entering the battle gets stuck and i enter the game 5-6 minutes late (can be very inconvenient for other team members since they consider you afk although you are there waiting to enter the game impatiently) or my fps get ridiculously low during the game itself making it very frustrating and almost impossible to play. I was attributing these issues with my low performance hardware and was already considering the replacement for a new machine (still do) but have noticed that these issues do not happen constantly on a regular basis but randomly. Mornings are usually ok. for example today before work at 7am everything worked fast and good, yesterday evening it was a nightmare (almost smacked my laptop in frustration for not being able to play due to low fps). Could this be the server or some issue, related to too many players playing the game in the evening hours compared to early morning? My internet connection is solid and should not be an issue. Hard disk space is ok as well and no torrents or anything like that is running in the background... Maybe i should reinstall the game after the latest patch? Have run the diagnostics and repair function though, didnt help Thank you for your feedback
  11. Muki321

    Current Sprint Season

    Have reached rank 2 yesterday evening and was only one game away from rank 1 before i run into a series of 3 losses and decided to call it a day. didnt know it was the last day of the season... next season i start with rank 3?
  12. With range module, Dmitri just kick [edited]in ranked... 3100 base xp
  13. Muki321

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    This is not an assumption but rather my personal experience with this ship compared to other same tier peer ships I have/had. One thing is to overpen, other is completely missing the big juicy, stationary target like zao from point blank 8km, with full well aimed salvo. Lyon had issues with accuracy as well, but at least there were 16guns so it would compensate with sheer numbers of shells. Reading the reviews here I see others have similar experiences too, so it just proved my case. No need to go scientific on it...
  14. Muki321

    Richelieu - Tier VIII

    This ship is the second biggest disappointment for me, right after the notorious Neptune. After some good games in Normandie and Lyon i was looking forward to fianally a WW2 modern era french BB. Boy how was I wrong... Not to repeat what others have said already, from my pov the biggest drawbacks of this ship is the ability to catch fire even from a sneeze of a he spammer ship (and even with fire prevention module) and the useless guns. Useless in terms of having any confidence of reliabily hitting a target regardless of good aiming and ship position. Once you miss, then it is 30 long seconds until you get the second chance, and then again... in the process everybody focuses and burns you to death. I had some really bad games in it when i was more the liability then an asset to the team in this ship. The moment i decided to sell this ship was after a situation when i could not hit a single normal pen/citadel to a full broadside zao stuck on an isl;and from 8km! all misses and 2 overpens.... with any other bb that would be at least 20km damage if not instant deletion. Sorry, but that is just not acceptable. bye, bye french bb line. i would rather not risk with gascogne and others anymore...
  15. Muki321

    Why is Gneisenau so worthless?

    nah, cmon. This ship is not perfect but is nonetheless an excellent ship overall and has a great reputation. Yes, it has only 6 guns but they are hard hitting and only 25sec reload. I deal more damage with them regularly, then with 12 guns on New Mexico... I am still to make use of the torpedoes and deadly secondaries though (need 2 more points on my captain to turn on the manual secondaries skill) since all same/lower tier enemies turn their back and try to run away once facing me :)