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  1. Muki321

    Game performance issues

    thanks for your inputs, guys. I will check first the DirectX compatibility, and will see how the game behaves in the following days. My guess it should be the HDD issue since drive is constantly running in the background from the moment I log in the windows in full capacity with no visible reason. Maybe some underlying processes are taking up the disk capacity...Need to clean up the system drive from all the external junk i guess..
  2. Muki321

    Game performance issues

    Gents, from time to time (more often lately) i am facing significant performance issues which are completely wrecking the enjoyment of play not to mention ruining my statistics in the long run... I have an old i5 Intel cpu with 4GB rm and integrated graphics laptop, therefore i run game in very low detail and dont expect miracles. But the game was usually playable. REcently i have had situations when either my loading screen before entering the battle gets stuck and i enter the game 5-6 minutes late (can be very inconvenient for other team members since they consider you afk although you are there waiting to enter the game impatiently) or my fps get ridiculously low during the game itself making it very frustrating and almost impossible to play. I was attributing these issues with my low performance hardware and was already considering the replacement for a new machine (still do) but have noticed that these issues do not happen constantly on a regular basis but randomly. Mornings are usually ok. for example today before work at 7am everything worked fast and good, yesterday evening it was a nightmare (almost smacked my laptop in frustration for not being able to play due to low fps). Could this be the server or some issue, related to too many players playing the game in the evening hours compared to early morning? My internet connection is solid and should not be an issue. Hard disk space is ok as well and no torrents or anything like that is running in the background... Maybe i should reinstall the game after the latest patch? Have run the diagnostics and repair function though, didnt help Thank you for your feedback
  3. Muki321

    Current Sprint Season

    Have reached rank 2 yesterday evening and was only one game away from rank 1 before i run into a series of 3 losses and decided to call it a day. didnt know it was the last day of the season... next season i start with rank 3?