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  1. Mintymintos

    Experienced Player (7000+ battles NA) on New Account

    They are one of the top clans, so well done. Doubt they have many lower tier players to that can div with you, but I imagine you'd solo to T10 quite fast anyway.
  2. Mintymintos

    Experienced Player (7000+ battles NA) on New Account

    Hi Dilly, we're a typhoon league team that should reach Hurricane league next season. We are looking for another player so the squad is strong as you can't have the same set 7 for 4 days a week due to real life commitments. I know you've stated you found a new clan, but I wouldn't mind having a chat as your post sounds like this could be a good fit. Happy to send our Discord on PM if interested.
  3. Mintymintos

    looking for a clan with discord

    Hi mate, We're an English clan and have a few new members with tier 7's. I'll send you our discord if you fancy coming in and meeting the lads. Regards Minty
  4. Mintymintos

    Seeking Clan for fun

    Hi mate, We've got a friendly clan with members at all tiers. I'll send you our Discord if you fancy popping in and doing some divisions in random. Regards Minty
  5. Mintymintos

    Was looking for a clan. Not anymore.

    we're Typhoon league now
  6. Mintymintos

    Looking for an active clan

    Hi Tmosm, It would be great to have a chat on Discord (PM sent). We're a UK clan that always have people online for Divisions. Chemistry is very important. Jump in Discord when free. Regards Minty
  7. Typhoon League now. Looking for one decent regular player that enjoys the team play and good comms
  8. Mintymintos

    Just looking for a clan

    sent in game message
  9. Mintymintos

    Was looking for a clan. Not anymore.

    Hi Olbax, We're looking for 1 extra player to help us with Clan Battles. We're in Storm League but about to reach Typhoon. there's 35 in the clan, but we run 11 players for CW. 1 or 2 more decent players would really help. I'll PM our Discord if you want to pop in for a chat. We have training this evening with another clan, would be nice to get you in for a few games and see how you gel. Regards Minty
  10. Mintymintos

    Looking for a UK based clan to have fun with

    Hi Broganos, sorry for not posting sooner, but was away for the weekend. I'll PM our Discord details. Pop in for a chat and share the link with your mates. We're social and participate in Clan Battles (CB). Not everyone in the clan can play CB so would be nice for some more division based players. Regards Minty
  11. Mintymintos

    54% WR - LF Storm+ Clan active in Clan Battles

    he already joined our one and left within 2 weeks. Didn't even have the courtesy to say bye to the lads. Exarsus, you would have played more CB games if you were prepared to do some one on one training as you weren't quite good enough, but the potential was there.I hope it goes well for you.
  12. Mintymintos

    Lookig for a uk clan to play for

    Hi mate, You could probably tell from my clan tags that we're a UK clan. I'll send you a PM with our Discord. Pop in and have a chat with the lads. Regards Antony
  13. Are you all looking for Clan Battles or just a clan to participate in divs with?
  14. What's the point of being in a clan if you don't communicate?