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  1. Mintymintos

    Looking for Brit/English speaking Clan

    Hi mate, we’re a UK clan with a few EU guys thrown in the mix. Active in Clan Battles with two teams. I can get an invite sent this evening when I get in from work. PM me if you have any questions
  2. Mintymintos

    Looking for a clan

    I’ll send invite shortly
  3. Mintymintos

    Clan searching in progress

    Hi Santhanas, I've sent you a PM
  4. Mintymintos

    Looking for a clan

    doing it now
  5. Mintymintos

    Looking for a clan

    If you're active you can join us
  6. Mintymintos

    Looking for a clan

    Sent PM
  7. Mintymintos

    Looking for friends

    Hi Paradox, Ranked is a bit awkward as most are grinding it out and suffering in silence, but we generally have 6 players in Discord for divisions. all English speaking and with one Latvian. I'll send you a PM
  8. There's a link in his original post
  9. Mintymintos

    HMSR looking for 2 competitive and active players

    Glad you've found a clan. I hope it goes well.
  10. Mintymintos

    New player looking for a clan (UK/NL)

    Hi SirLiquim, We've recently excluded quite a few players due to them not being active for long periods. We're a typhoon league clan that is pushing for hurricane next season. We are finding the lower tiers more fun as a lot of the noobs now have t10. The fact you're watching YouTube vids is half the battle in becoming a good player. I'm on for most of the day doing ranked, but PM me if you want our Discord and we can have a chat. We're mainly UK with 30% EU and unfortunately some dutch in there ;) Regards Minty
  11. Mintymintos

    looking for Santa

  12. Mintymintos

    New guy looking for a clan/mentor

    As long as you're active and truly want to get stuck in, then you're more than welcome to join us. We have a Bravo and Alpha team as can't have a team full of unicum players
  13. Hi Sympathy, We're a decently ranked clan and looking to push form Hurrican league. Probably top 50, not top 5. We're active in Clan Battles and are actively looking to 2 players for the Alpha team so we can guarantee a full team of good players. Give me a PM if you want our discord and we can div up for a few games. Regards Minty