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  1. walter3kurtz

    Jack Dunkirk

    Probably best on a BB with JoAT and EM. Otherwise it's fun to use the insane smoke screen, you can turn your ship in that cloud without being seen.
  2. walter3kurtz

    Too many CVs

    Not only low tiers. CV's are back in force. Only thing you can do right now is play strong AA ships, just try to make the CV players day miserable in Worcester / Minotaur / Kidd etc.
  3. I really regret Kornstahdt, don't like it, don't enjoy it, and it's guns make me mad.
  4. walter3kurtz


    Getting two 4 point skills limits the possibility for any "4x3" build with SE / BFt / DE / SI. If you want CE you have to skip IFHE and AFT. So you'd need to run the range upgrade so you can get the benefit of all the 3 point skills with increased reload. How valuable is IFHE really? It's only worth it for penning the bow/stern of tier 8 - 10 cruisers, which you can already wreck with a barrage on the superstructure or broadside with AP. I have decided to stay away from IFHE for now. CE is nice but personally I'll go with other benefits instead of trying to make the concealment workable. You want distance and blocked LoS anyway, open water you're screwed with detection. Also getting CE (and no AFT) makes range mod mandatory and that leaves you with 16km and 4s reload. Basically you're setting yourself up to get closer and shoot at shorter ranges too, which isn't the way you want to play Smolensk in my opinion. Anyway, it's an interesting number of choices.
  5. walter3kurtz


    I'm using PM, AR, SE, SI, BFT, DE and AFT with reload mod. It's a Soviet gunboat captain thrown into Smolensk. The problem with this build is securing kills. Letting fires tick means everyone secures kills before you do, as you're not getting pen damage on angled targets. The rate of fire and the fire starting capabilities are insane but I feel that you need multiple targets for maximum efficiency. If you're shooting the same angled target you're wasting time. Getting IFHE and AFT requires you to give up two 3-point skills (SE is really good at 10% of your HP but will have to go, and then BFT or DE, no way giving up SI). You are left with a 2-point skill of questionable value. I'm leaning towards a build with four 3-point skills (SE, BFT, SI and DE), IFHE and range mod as the strongest choice,. No AFT. Using Ovechkin for 36,4k HP. But this means not using the captain on other Soviet gunboats anymore. Then there is the interesting question of range. I tried AFT and range module together for 19,2km range. You can easily hit targets at that range but shooting over islands becomes harder because you are spotted from unexpected angles. The extra range also helps a lot with open water gunboating, after your smokes inevitable run out towards late game. 4 second reload with BFT at 19,2 km range is strong no doubt.
  6. walter3kurtz


    How to farm maximum salt? I'm currently using: PM, AR, SE, BFT, SI, DE and AFT. With range mod. This gives 4 sec reload before AR and 19,2km range. The only reason my average damage isn't >160k right now is because some games this weekend were steamrolls that were over in 8 minutes. Other than that it seems like an optimal build. The extra range means you get spotted from more angles, true, but at the same time allows for safer open water gunboating towards the end of the game. Also no IFHE but I'll try it with my Grozovoi captain. My best games were with reload mod though so I'm debating whether I have to go back.
  7. walter3kurtz

    Ranked Battle are Rigged 100%

    did you notice the 58 games in Jutland without a single kill, that's really the biggest achievement
  8. walter3kurtz

    Ranked Battle are Rigged 100%

    Your stats are awful, I copied your ranked stats below. You don't just have bad winrate, you also have no damage and kills,. Do you think there is a correlation? Do you perhaps think you are making your teams lose? Think of it this way, when you have bad individual performance you will also not save a star and go down the ranks just as hard as going up. Now since you have more losses than wins, this makes you unable to rank out. Leading to a staggering amount of almost 1,000 games (this is 50-60 games every day). Enter the just stop get help meme.
  9. walter3kurtz

    What will you do with your "French Tokens" temporary currency?

    I'm going to buy more Victor Lima and India X-ray for my Smolensk
  10. walter3kurtz

    Ranked Battle are Rigged 100%

    You do not have good stats by any measure. I felt it's important to point this out because you brought it up 2 times as the reason you should rank out. You believe you are good but you are not. Case closed, no rigging by WG
  11. walter3kurtz

    Question to those who have a Colbert

    However that is not how you pay Colbert. You have to division with a Gearing.
  12. walter3kurtz

    Regrind - Super basis ships in game

    I think he means botting, people don't regrind manually they just let bots run 24/7. Bots are terrible so using flags and so on would be a waste.
  13. walter3kurtz

    WG you have got to teach your players

    That is not at all what a skill based matchmaker would do. Holy hell you don't get it. It's quite relevant to the topic at hand by the way, because distributing bad players more evenly among teams would remove the one sided roflstomps and lead to more interesting games. Possibly reduce salt levels tremendously.
  14. walter3kurtz

    WG you have got to teach your players

    So? You can't just present your baseless opinion as fact. Skill based matchmaking for team games works in reality as is already proven by, for example, SupCom. Not very successful? WTF is this based on? Your own opinion again? You did not, but I do have a 'Deeper Worry' about your ability to write comprehensible sentences.
  15. walter3kurtz

    WG you have got to teach your players

    What doesn't what? Your wording and the formatting of paragraphs with random numbers are all very weird. SupCom is clearly a team game. I suggest you go and read this: https://wiki.faforever.com/index.php?title=How_Trueskill_works Specifically: How does it work in team games ? Each team is the sum of each player rating. You can think that it's not true, because some members of the team probably work harder than others. Additionally, sometimes special dynamics occur that make the sum greater than the parts. But it will be impossible to take these in considerations. Instead, Trueskill follow one rule : “Statistically sophisticated or complex methods do not necessarily provide more accurate forecasts than simpler ones” At the end of the game, the result of the team is propagated to your personal rating. Meaning that a teammate can gain a lot from a game while you don't gain anything. Seriously, reading this gave me a headache. SupCom works just fine with Trueskill and there's a whole community happy with it. All serious team games are played with ranking on. A crabton? I didn't "announce" anything, I gave a rough example explaining why the matching of players in different rating brackets does not slow down matchmaking. Because that's an often heard (and wrong) argument. You're not responding to that but making some kind of argument about winrate. None of this is about winrate at all. Winrate is meaningless without context in a system like Trueskill. You could have 40% winrate in your last 100 games but increase your rating. The only thing being proven here is that I'm getting a headache trying to decipher your ramblings. Perhaps you should start by explaining the firs set of problems before going into your advanced crabton theories. Divisions in WoWs are currently rated by Trueskill? It's unclear what you are talking about but it doesn't matter. People having a high rating because of division spam deserve a high rating. When they stop the division spam their rating adjusts. Simple as that. There is not need for additional predictions like you seem to think. Simplicity is what drives Trueskill. Read: https://wiki.faforever.com/index.php?title=How_Trueskill_works It has been a wild ride, I'll stop right here. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.