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  1. I feel compelled to post in this thread, due to the title. Another post with excellent quality @DasCKD. This attracts a quality of discussion that is not seen in 99% of threads on these forums, unfortunately. OT: I stopped IJN DD's but recently picked up Akatsuki.and Imust say it's excellent. Great torpedoes and guns. I love the destroyers that force you to get somewhat close and risk it all. I mean only a scrub would fire the torpedoes from max range right? You get right to the edge of your detection range and then fire. This is a lot less viable at higher tiers, but I don't feel like good torp boats like Fletcher suffer too much. Are high tier IJN DD's really that hard in comparison to the Fletcher? Can't a Shima with 15 torpedoes compete with that?
  2. Gearing is mandatory. But I can see a Z-52 working alongside it, just like you see LoYang in competitive. Khabarovsk, well, I dunno, it's Khabarovsk.
  3. It's alright to give special captains XP / credit bonuses too, purely economic stuff.
  4. A good case for making unique rewards only affect economy Just like others have sugested: XP, credits, aesthetics, hell even doubloons, all fine.
  5. LOL. Everyone puts in time and/or money in acquiring items. Why do you have to reimbursed if someone else does the same.
  6. No it's not. It's a slippery path that leads to more and more of this bonus crap that will remain exclusive to a select number of players who happened to get a certain reward. Which leads to larger imbalances over time. Mistakes in the past don't make them acceptable for the future. Also a ship is clearly recognizable. A player can anticipate and treat it differently, while special captains are hidden and can be applied to all ships of a certain nation. But you know this because it's been explained 25 times already. We'll just keep going though because I want this thread to become humongous gramps. Yes it is. And it's worse because gold ammo can at least be bought. While someone joining WoWs in September 2017 can never get Dunkirk or Seagal. This might not make a big difference to you, but that's the perspective of a scrub. And we have enough of those already. Any players with a competitive and ambitious nature will get put off by imbalances like that. This is a breakthrough. You acknowledge that there is a problem in time gated rewards with permanent bonuses. You suggest to add new captains in the future with the same skills. I couldn't agree with you more.
  7. This. It's the baboons that argue in chat when you tell them the cap is the other way who give you the -1. Bonus points when they are in a division.
  8. The difference between those two things, is exactly what you apparently fail to understand in this thread. Let's go over it again - new player gets Edited - new player finds out how the game works, high point commanders, whatnot - new player puts in time knowing that he can get the same stuff - in the process of putting in time and effort, he gets dark purple stats and all is well This is how it works and should be. But what you are defending is something else entirely. - new player gets Edited - new player finds out half the advantages the veteran uses, will not be available to him, ever - new player leaves the game in disgust You can say I'm exaggerating when I say "half", but mind you, if WG goes down this road, Seagall and Dunkirk won't be the end of it. As time goes on more and more of this crap gets included. Ending in a sort of gold ammo situation people describe in WoT (don't play it myself) but worse - it won't even be available for money. This post has been edited by the moderation team due to inappropriate remarks.
  9. This exactly. While others who argue that special captains are lame, do it for balance reasons. I don't do it for myself in the first place, I do it because this type of special commander crap leverages the advantage veterans have over noobs. If WG goes down this road into the future it will become a real issue that will hurt the influx of new players. If you found out half the player base has access to advantages that you can't ever get, what would you do? This issue was clearly raised multiple times. But the thread just derailed into the "you could get it, you didn't, and therefore it's fine" type of rhetoric. Hilarious how people get so possessive over their unique captains.
  10. You are a special kind of slow. "Problem" in that sentence was obviously referring to the fact that you respond to the time gate argument with "but it's time gated". You did it again a few posts down. But keep going, I like it. All we're doing at this point is bumping the thread increasing the chance WG notices a bazillion page thread with an issue.
  11. You did not understand a word of what was being said. Because in response to the complaint that time gated stuff with permanent advantages is unfair, you said, "but it was available at one point". Time gated. See the problem? Can't make it more clear than that my friend. Your stats are not irrelevant. You are bad. Your argument that some ships are OP and can't be bought again doesn't matter. It's no excuse to make the same mistake again. Besides a ship is not the same as a captain that can be used on many ships without the opponent knowing what he is facing. If I see a Gremy I know what I'm facing. In case of Dunkirk I can't. But you go on believing that everything is fine in the world, because OP ships exist.
  12. You missed the point entirely. Try to understand what people are trying to explain about time gated missions that give permanent advantages. It's a balance issue. But I suppose balance discussions aren't really for people like you. 400 battles in Gremy with such stats could've told me that a while ago but I didn't look because I try to believe that people here take the game seriously. And no that's not an ad hominem. You are a bad player which just confirms my belief that you have no idea what you are talking about. The fact that you appear to be a 54 year old dude (from the 1963 in your username) just confirms that you probably have zero notion of how games work in general. Nothing personal, but people your age generally were just too late to develop the necessary skills. Fine with me. It's WoWs. A game for grandpa's. But where I do take offense when you apparently can't even understand the arguments being brought forward. This is something that every reasonable human being should be able to understand.
  13. Could use him in a CV one day and not have any of the bonuses. But it's irrelevant. The fact remains that permanent bonuses to useful skills are given and this makes the playing field unfair. There is nothing wrong with an unfair playing field as long as there is a way of making it even by investing time (or in some cases: money). Not something that is time gated like many have explained to you in this thread. But you keep skirting around the issue and bringing up irrelevant examples and analogies. How long do you intend to keep repeating the same crap and expect people not to get irritated?
  14. You know what it boils down to? These people feel entitled because they earned the captain doing the event. Now they feel it would take away from their huge achievement if someone else ever got the chance to earn it again. They also secretly want their stuff to be better than yours, basically the digital equivalent of schoolyard fights about who has the better bicycle.
  15. What does that have to do with anything. We know for a fact that the special captain is indeed better.