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  1. walter3kurtz


    Don't ruin the game for 11 teammates just because you don't feel like playing. Please don't press battle button at all then.
  2. walter3kurtz

    PSA: Clans trading steel in CvC 9

    Well, the unfairly acquired resources/ships will now be used against you and other normal clans. Also it seems likely that people doing this will play these accounts as a team ("account sharing") doing 2, 3 or 4 times as many CB just to farm steel for their customers.
  3. walter3kurtz

    Ban enterprise from ranks

    Can you stop?
  4. walter3kurtz

    room ventilator and airplane sound

    I don't mind the plane sounds, but the tin can ploink of shells hitting armor is ridiculous
  5. walter3kurtz

    Help with first premium ship.

    @Harvin87 You'll want a ship that goes with your current highest DD captain, because you want to grind elite XP. It does not make sense for a new player to get a premium that requires a dedicated captain. Kidd, Sims, Leningrad (will probably need EM so be wary), T-61, Asashio, Cossack, many good ships in the shop.
  6. IMO not much has changed between 2016 and now, the basics are the same. However what has changed is that you will need to be always in a position ready for kiting / speed juking shots because you WILL get spotted and your smoke WONT just save you (unless you play tier 7 and below).
  7. Imagine coming into WoWs in 2020 and needing 50k steel, a million coal and 5 million freeXP for some meta ships and a bunch of tier tens that you will have to reset because research points. Fortunately you can spend millions of oil in your base to get a few percent discount on this grind.
  8. walter3kurtz

    KLEBER AVOID bad destroyer O_o

    It's called a gunboat line and there are more than one. Don't try the Russian destroyers if the French already give you problems Try to better understand how play these ships to utilize the potential - look up some "how to" video's.
  9. walter3kurtz

    Siliwangi - Support is Underrated

    Wow I forgot this thing even existed. It has less than 100 players with more than 40 games on EU. I would've liked a LoYang with 10km DW torps. But there has to be a tradeoff. And in the case of Siliwangi it's gun DPM and concealment. Having to bridge a gap of almost 1km to use your hydro is tough. And then you have 90k HE DPM. I think most enemies can make a full turn and escape without getting killed. LoYang already struggles to kill same tier opponents before they leave hydro range or spot you in smoke.
  10. walter3kurtz

    Continous chat bans

    I said you can communicate everything with F-key and map ping, I think you quoted the wrong post or something
  11. walter3kurtz

    What is your biggest purchase regret! (edited)

    I thought the same for years, then | started giving Blyska a chance after the minor buffs it got, pure gun build, and damn that thing rocks as a mini cruiser. Don't use it to yolo caps or try to be a Leningrad. Just use it how it is intended. Smack DD's with your alpha strike, set fires to everything and pew pew from smoke. Anyone not using Blyska or seeing it as an unusable ship is just wrong IMO.
  12. walter3kurtz

    Continous chat bans

    To be honest, there is nothing that you need to tell your teammates that you can't already do using F-keys and map ping. If someone is behaving bad enough that you need to address it, griefing and intentional AFK in ranked and such, then go ahead and file a ticket with a replay. You typing in chat won't fix anything.
  13. walter3kurtz

    My Worst Tech Tree List. What's Yours?

    The whole line? That is harsh. I think the line is good and Khaba is still ok (but I don't have Kleber to compare to).
  14. walter3kurtz

    [ENUF] is on the hunt for good competitive players

    Interested. I don't meet the 60% winrate criterion,. but it's honest work (all solo except when weighing myself down with nooby friends to give the other team a fair chance)
  15. Honestly, I'd take Kidd with Ovenchicken against CV and other DD. Build for max DPM and fire chance. You are not much of a torpedo threat but it's just enough to deter a BB rushing you.