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  1. @TrewSx In a game where the players move slow (even the fast ships crawl compared to normal fps games) abusing cover is a natural thing. Now I don't know what you understand as "meta" but something can only be meta if it involves the game as a whole, since only a handful of ships can sling HE from smoke this isn't meta. Of course anyone can park in smoke or behind an island if it happens to be there.
  2. well it puts more torpedoes in the water than both the others, so there's that. I consider Fubuki a much better torpedo boat than Hatsu or Anshan though.
  3. Use it as a torpedo boat, it should be quite strong in that from what I hear. Obligatory watch Flamu vid here (it's a WIP vid not sure if anything changed after but i think not)
  4. Got detonated 4 times in one weekend, some weeks ago. Haven't touched the game since that's how salty I am.
  5. Sure, but that's not what they said. They explicitly said that it's not possible because WoWs was not 'designed' to be cross platform.
  6. LOL opinions are all over the place in this thread. Another +1 for Izumo, excellent guns and good shell velocity. You want to brawl other BB bow in and avoid HE spammers and CV's
  7. "It's not possible, too difficult to merge different platforms due to design choices. Sorry guys!" *rename 1 file* ???? profit
  8. Yeah Missouri falls under the normal ships. The distances are just approximations, easier to remember for me. US radar goes from 9.0 to 9.9km making 10 an easy to remember safe value.
  9. Yeah, you realize that it boosts torpedo reload as well?
  10. Aggression is your biggest enemy when there is radar on the enemy team. Do not make a brainless beeline to the cap. Radar cruisers, especially the US line, have concealment close to the radar range. When you spot them it's already too late. Never assume the enemies in sight are the only ones actually there. Enable "last seen" position on the mini map and count the radar ships. Now this doesn't mean you shouldn't move to the cap. It's in the way you approach the cap. Act like you can expect torps incoming at any moment. Point your ships nose towards an island close by to escape, or at least angle away. Do not get caught sailing in the open or in an awkward turn. You can survive being radared just fine if you don't get caught with your pants down. Categorize your enemies according to their abilities: VMF: 12km range, shorter duration RN / US: 10km range. long duration Oddball premiums like Missouri, Black, Belfast and so on have 7,5 to 8,5km range, medium duration PA DD's: not determined at the moment
  11. Do you also want to benefit from the clan stuff? Become our friend with benefits
  12. This is exactly what the OP is not understanding, he thinks that because the AA is good (better tier for tier perhaps) that the ship is P2W. Like it exists in a vacuum where only plane kills matter or something.
  13. I don't really understand what the problem is. WG has always released ships strong in one aspect and weaker in the other. Add AA, lose torps. Add radar, lose heal. Add torps, lose hydro. etc. etc.
  14. No AFT is bad for US DD's because you won't be firing at target over 10k anyway. It's 4 points wasted. 4 points that anyone can spend better on Gearing / Fletcher / Benson. BFT is fine but that doesn't make a big difference because you want to be using DFAA for your damage anyway. Range (from AFT) is more useful if you spec a captain for AA especially. Which most people won't.
  15. It's like they changed something with detonation chance, I see them everywhere. Confirmation bias, I know, but still it's surprising.