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  1. Please delete Estuary Map for Tier V and above! Txs!

    Not to be 'that guy' and bring up stats, but OP you need to blame everything except map design. Try to improve your game and you will understand that Estuary is one of the best maps actually. Things you could do to learn: 1. Watching the captain academy video's from iChase on youtube, you still lack basic understanding of the game after 2.3k battles. 2. Only after you have the basics covered, start watching Flamu / Flambass video's / streams on Twitch. See how they play and try to copy and learn. 3. Marry the minimap. Increase it's size to the max, enable last seen positions and ship namens on minimap if you haven't already. 4. Practice. Practice. Practice.
  2. Bismark Last 4 points

    EM is not needed on Bismarck, it's a waste. @Negativvv is spot on
  3. Bismark Last 4 points

    Manual secondaries is a much better choice than MAA. I also think you need it to make a secondary focused build work. After that BFT and JOAT. IMO you either go full secondary spec or you go tank build in preparation for the ships after Bismarck, in which case you already need a respec. So as long as you are stuck with this captain on Bismarck go full secondaries.
  4. Loyalty?

    lol ok chill Once you start comparing business rates with leisure time / watching TV / playing games doing whatever something has gone really wrong along the way.
  5. Loyalty?

    You are already on the hook. New players also benefit you by the way.. Bigger playerbase = healthier game = more stuff for you to enjoy
  6. Flaws in logic continued: The gamification of WoWs

    I find it fun, yet I've noticed that the average level of play in randoms is causing me to lose interest. Fortunately the game offers plenty of solutions, for more interesting gameplay: ranked, CW, true competitive mode, which all raise the level of play. Coming back from ranked I enjoy the causal random games again because they are stress free - i.e. FUN. Regarding the game itself or it's mechanics I have no complaints and I have trouble understanding what exactly you think is wrong. Tiers? Grinding? Premium? What? It almost seems as if you want to design a different game from the ground up, well go ahead and do it. Find someone willing to buy your idea or get a team of coders. But theorizing about a completely different game that WG should of could have made, is useless.
  7. How to avoid getting Penertrated?

    I disagree with the give broadside advices. It's better to dodge / juke and avoid as much shells as possible. Showing broadside - especially at shorter range - means you are more likely to catch a full salvo. At longer ranges it doesn't really matter if you show broadside or not. It's a lottery in which you sometimes take a full pen, it has nothing to do with how you present yourself as a target. Like @El2aZeR said deck hits will probably produce full pens from plunging fire anyway. p.s. penertrated
  8. Problem in the logic of the current Lootbox system

    OP made a well constructed argument, about how the crate system could be improved. I see no reason to bash him as if he were some troll. OT: Coming from the old system with random daily missions the container system is an improvement. It gives you a bunch of usable flags per day, if you are smart and take the more signals option. All else - playing tier 10 without a profit and such - is design to encourage premium. Or permanent camo. Or you just grind credits with other ships (who plays tier 10 exclusively anyway).
  9. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    I was thinking about the licensing / sponsor deal that could have specific limitations. Unlikely yeah. I don't think there are any specific references to the film by the way. @lafeel Perhaps, but I see no reason why WG would not want to tell us if campaigns are locked to one specific run. Especially now they already bring back crates for old campaigns. No one is asking for specifics.
  10. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    Yeah that seems likely, if they bring the containers back. Would be nice to get some official feedback. @MrConway?
  11. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    That is interesting, I did not know that. I suppose there are no license issues though, as the Dunkirk collection is permanently visible under the profile tab. All they need to do is bring back the containers (but the operation could perhaps be brought back as well). I have a feeling we will see the Dunkirk containers re-appear in a few months.
  12. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    Haha why? The campaigns are there right under your profile, as a recognizable format. They bring back one, they surely can bring back the other. I'm not sure how you tie the birthday into this. Funny how these Dunkirk threads always get taken over by the same discussion. If you feel you deserve it and no one else should be able to get it fine, but just think a moment about how this makes you look. Especially in light of the fact that WG are bringing back containers for past missions already and - afaik - it was never stated that Dunkirk was a one off thing to begin with. Let's keep it civil.
  13. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    Well, clearly WG does not intend campaigns to be 1 time only. See the Bismarck collection. So this really does not play a role. The question should therefore be when the Dunkirk collection / campaign returns (not if it should happen). I don't really care if they bring back the whole campaign or just the containers. My guess is the latter.
  14. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    Since we are bringing back crates for old campaigns such as the Bismarck one, is there any news on the Dunkirk campaign returning? The ït's a one time thing" argument doesn't apply anymore.
  15. wtf? 30 (thirty) 19 point captains after 5.5k games? I'm up to 6 and it took me 3k games to get there. Can't see it snowballing to 30 in another 2.5k games, unless I really dedicate myself to grinding eliteXP. Also cool 2.7 mil freeXP. Mind giving me a small loan of 1 mil?