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  1. walter3kurtz

    Cpt points on Monarch the Bone-Argh

    The one ship that I can't put myself to grind any further, I've been stuck at Monarch for at least a year I would say. Anyway, tank build like others suggested, it carries over to the higher tiers as well. Get AR before BoS IMO
  2. walter3kurtz

    T8 Matchmaking the umpteenth - except this time it's good!

    Good point, tier 8's were always treated as the sweet spot, nowadays it's basically reason not to buy if a ship is tier 8. The problem is, tier 10 is just too available nowadays, for the majority of players: - players are loaded with cash after a few years of playing anyway - if that's not enough, huge credit earning potential from certain ships / flags / camo - permacamo - the fact that XP earning has probably doubled or tripled in speed compared to 2015 / 2016, also due to flags / camo - availability of special premiums at the tier 9 and 10 and so on Something had to happen. I even stopped sailing my beloved LoYang because playing against 4 or 5 tier 10 radar ships on huge open maps with your puny guns and 6.7km torps isn't exactly my definition of fun.
  3. walter3kurtz

    Warships Premium Account

    Nice, 15% bonus XP because I don't play WoT at all With all the super powerful flags and camo's we've gotten over the last years, this is another way of accelerating XP gain. XP inflation is definitely a thing in WoWs. Back in the day, you had to start at tier 1 and work your way up with a crappy captain. Now you just launch the new line at tier 7 with ships given out via missions, a 19 point captain and instabuy all modules with freeXP.
  4. walter3kurtz

    Lack of Transparancy

    OP is totally right though and the UI sucks. The only way to learn something useful is exiting the game and watching non-official YT channels or Twitch streams.
  5. Not sure about the implications of this change, the forums tend to go wild with drama. We've seen it many times. But as they say, if it ain't broken, don't fix it. So there's that. All we really need is AP pen on DD fix.
  6. walter3kurtz

    A Newbie Question - HOW can they hit me instantly ?

    Yo develop a feeling for where to aim pretty quickly, I can hit anything without looking at numbers, distances, crosshair counting or whatever Cheats are very rare in this game because they are useless. They only help with ships gong in a straight line, if you can't hit straight lining ships on your own, then there's no hope
  7. walter3kurtz

    Gearing players please gib tips

    Use the 16km torps, if you want to play with Fletcher torps just use the Fletcher instead I have 19 point captains on both ships because they play differently and they are both great. Gearing really needs AR, TAE and torp reload module to get the reload down to acceptable levels. But the torps are stealthy, powerful and the range really gets you a lot fo extra hits. Farming damage should be easy with these torps. You can supplement the damage with the really good guns. The smoke is excellent for your friendly cruisers and I can't stress enough that Gearing needs to work together wit the team. This boat is ill equipped to go for cap fights alone. This doesn't mean it can't 1v1 other destroyers, it just means that it's vulnerable to concentrated fire, AP pens from other DD's and torpedoes. Only take 1v1 engagements on your terms and never if you're unsure of what you'll find. This is the one important rule.
  8. walter3kurtz

    BB, the new Camping Class ?

    Using aggression is pretty hard in BB, once you're going in there's usually no turning back. So I understand why a lot of people hesitate the first 10 or so minutes. Plenty of BB push in the late game. If they don't even move at that point you're dealing with massive potato's. Move on to the next game.
  9. walter3kurtz

    A severe blow against competitive play

    Haven't you heard? Tier 1 has the most pure engagements, all skill no luck, because of the absence of torps and consumables and so on
  10. I ignore events most of the time because they often require you to play a high amount of days per week, instead of relying on good performance if and when you can play. I love events like the Halloween one because it just gives you something for playing, instead of accumulate x amount of y by grinding daily z. It's tiring and who has time for such daily dedication? The new types of currency just encourage more daily grinding it seems. Not complaining about free stuff though, just not actively participating myself.
  11. walter3kurtz

    Yamato shells all over the place

    This is one of those threads that would be much better with a a video or a gif of the problem
  12. walter3kurtz

    NA - land of the free

    So in case anyone didn't know (I didn't), on NA there is this 5 strikes you're out policy. Basically get 5 chat bans and you're permabanned. While the message looks like a warning it is one strike gone. Jesus Christ whoever thought that was a good idea? On the other hand we have no way of knowing that dude didn't get reported for abuse by some salty division in the game after, or whatever. Maybe days before even. WG said they are looking into it and anyone reading the results please be a good chap and post it here because this is pretty interesting I must say. Massive e-drama on reddit is always good entertainment.
  13. walter3kurtz

    Arms race

    What? Doesn't arms race tier 10 mean that there are less tier 10's in the normal queue.
  14. walter3kurtz

    WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    "Tackling" lol Tthis list includes NL and in my link you can read what this means - no problem for WG. If that's "tackling" then there's zero issues.
  15. walter3kurtz

    WoWs Loot crates and EU gambling?

    The Dutch gambling authority said that lootboxes can be in violation of the law. However, only in case they contain a prize that can be traded for money outside the game itself. Which isn't the case for WoWs. The press release, in Dutch: https://www.kansspelautoriteit.nl/nieuws/alle-nieuwsberichten/2018/april/artikel-0/ So nah, only the Belgian authority took a rather strong stance but I have not heard of any consequences or follow up to that.