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  1. I meant coal only, my bad. You are right, but you can also get it from previous rank 1 (if you didn't end exactly at Flint or Black).
  2. WG at some point hinted that it's tied to being in a clan though. Not very clear but not out of bad will but because they were still developing this whole new idea, I suppose. Luckily for you it turns out you can earn coal and steel without a clan, simply by opening containers and playing the right modes and missions. You just miss out on the initial amount converted from oil for some reason. I get why you feel left out and WG hasn't made it clear from the start that oil would give you a coal and steel head start, but it's not like you don't get a second shot at something unique. You just don't get the initial bonus that others receive. I don't find your argument that OP couldn't find a suitable clan convincing, there are hundreds of oil farming clans, with a number of them actively recruiting on the forums. I run one too, feel free to apply in game and I will accept you.
  3. Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Leningrad just rakes in purple stats. If you can get around the somewhat specialized captain you need this is the boat you want. You need EM as well as CE, which is atypical for Russian gunboats. But you don't have to see this as a weakness, instead of being a gunboat only you are also a capable torpboat, you can go for caps too. You can share the captain with Okhotnik if you have that, or Udaloi maybe. Only actual weakness is the turret traverse. I use the special Russian captain (but not the traverse module because I don't want to hurt DPM as the captain build already skips BFT and AR).
  4. So for some reason you decided that you were not interested in free stuff clan members get. Now you are mad that you don't get other free stuff clan members get, even though it's clear that oil is exactly for that purpose? I'm not sure what you want exactly,. other than coal - which you can still get. Just give it a rest and next time don't be that snowflake that doesn't want to participate until he does.
  5. Capping mechanic

    I like the blocking mechanic as it is right now. Being able to delay the enemy flipping a cap takes skill and you risk getting overrun, so I feel it's a balanced investment in risk / reward.
  6. A Proposed Change to Radar

    Hmm, that's a problem indeed. Maybe there is a way to check what ship has radar mounted. Would be a better solution than strict mirror because that would have a bigger impact on playability of some ships. Yesterday I had a game with 5 radar ships, two Z-52's and a LoYang on the enemy side. Instant game launch when I pressed battle in my Udaloi, it seems to me MM is just lazy in balancing radar ships.
  7. How is a Farragut supposed to do well in a T8 game?

    Farragut is one of my most played ships, it's really good. You just have to understand that you never smoke up without performing a checklist: - where are the enemy radar ships - what direction are enemy torpedoes most likely coming from, don't sit broadside to that - what is the movement of the enemy ships (will your smoked up position be useless in 1 minute or not? You rather want them to come to you instead of moving away). Other than that just do the usual, don't yolo into cap in the first minute and get wrecked
  8. A Proposed Change to Radar

    Radar is fine in my opinion. But I do feel that they experiment with a limit of perhaps 3 radar ships per team. You start to see games with 5 radars nowadays. Either they cap the amount of radars or they stop adding more radar ships to the game. Radar ships should also be balanced around the fact that they have radar. A ship like Chapayev is incredibly strong compared to for example a Mogami that lacks range as well as radar. DD's are my most played class by the way. High tier games often end i tragedy for other reasons than radar, mainly your teammates getting wrecked long before they can finally kill you with radar. And only when your team is down you start having real issues because unless you have Gearing torps you can't even fire back. Fletcher suddenly isn't so much fun anymore against an enemy with multiple, long range radars.
  9. Ripoff of the year

    I didn't play last June so needed more than 2/3 of the collection still. Got 20 boxes and completed the collection. I have more money than brains, yes, but the boxes gave me 140 Dragon flags etc. so all in all I'm happy
  10. hakuryu vs midways

    Well in that case it was a bad manual attack. And with your 3 fighter squads you could've beaten the 2 Midway fighter squads if you had strafed (and not gotten strafed yourself making it 2 against 2). If you are unsure about winning the fighter engagement don't engage in the open but stay around your friendly ships, use their AA,. Also if you want to notify someone use "@" and then type the name, because linking to the profile doesn't work.
  11. Mod advice

    Aslain's mod pack has the mod you are looking for (called Navigator), and let's you preview everything before you install it too. These mods are allowed. Only problem is that you have to update all mods after each patch.
  12. potato patch

    Yeah and that's fine of course, but it literally dragged on for weeks for me. I've never had more than the occasional bad day or two in between "normal" days. It's been the exact opposite since about the launch of season 9 (5 weeks ago?). I didn't feel like going for rank 1 this season and played randoms instead. I blame this for what happened. All the capable players are grinding ranked so you end up with the gutter trash.
  13. hakuryu vs midways

    Didn't watch the entire thing, but at about 5 minutes in he's attacking a cruiser (no alt interface so no names) and it looks like autodrop. Aside from other dubious signs like no strafing and paying tier 10 CV with 500k in the bank. @tobbeb17 go back to tier 7 and do not go to higher tier until you have manual strafing and manual attack down. Watch Strangers123, Farazelleth or Femennenly on Youtube / Twitch and learn from their tutorials.
  14. potato patch

    It's been going on for a while now. I've suffered a 53% winrate over the last 200(!!!) games. The amount of loss streaks I've gotten has been staggering, truly an achievement. Yeah, I need a hug. The games that are won are either an incredible struggle and hard carry, or a rollover in which you don't have time to do much. Especially at higher tiers, which can be explained by the fact that power increases more than twofold. Put skilled players and potatoes in an arena with more powerful weapons and the potatoes are going to be destroyed that much sooner. Simple really. It's gotten to the point that I believe carrying solo is no longer viable at high tier.
  15. WG fix [edited]BB AP against DDs already

    In my experience staying broadside means you get more hits so guaranteed higher damage, while you only get slapped for 10k if you are unlucky when angled.