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  1. walter3kurtz

    what ship will break the 500,000 damage mark EU server

    And of course it's a loss, some teams can't be carried
  2. walter3kurtz

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    The game on Hotspot? Was a nice one. Some strong players on our team too. I ended third even though I bagged a few DD's and got a dev strike on a Yamato that pushed past the gap at C.
  3. Apples and oranges. Regardless of what you think, consumer laws do make money a relevant issue. Buying a premium ship = acquiring digital goods. Goods that were publicly stated were not going to get changed unless it was a global mechanics change, as happened in the past. You are looking for arguments but you simply refuse to look at the facts.
  4. walter3kurtz

    LWM Exeter review

    The wording is unfortunate sometimes. Like refrigerator and other meme terms. And statements in one part of the article are sometimes only explained on other parts. Then there are subjective elements. I realize this may be personal and I'm not shoving my opinion down your throat, was just wondering if anyone felt the same. Previously LWM reviews were my go to articles for premium ships, now I don't even read them anymore.
  5. Not the same. Premium time is used for a large number of ships, credits, etc. A specific ship marketed in a specific form is a whole other story. Overall "aspects" of the game, can already affect premiums and did so in the past. Positive or negative.
  6. If they are really going to rebalance premiums like that, they at least have to put everything back on sale. I'd also want to see WG offer cash refunds no questions asked, because you can't sell someone a green car and make it red afterwards.
  7. walter3kurtz

    LWM Exeter review

    Is it just me or are these LWM reviews increasingly hard to read / understand? Before they were shorter but also much better, the new "format" sucks.
  8. walter3kurtz

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    I'm not saying there's anything wrong with lower tiers. I also don't think that the average skill is necessarily higher in tier 10. I'm just stating a reason why tier 10 is hard work and many people don't like that.
  9. walter3kurtz

    The KV-2 of WoWs

    Torpedo destroyers like to be uptiered, asashio is the perfect example of a ship you want to play against tier 10
  10. walter3kurtz

    Why do people dislike T10 and choose lower tiers?

    Because at tier 10, you really HAVE to think about your position. The lower the tier, the more mistakes you can make, derping around, going the wrong way, sit in smoke in the wrong place, stay alone on a flank too long, etc. Tier 10 games you simply will get punished for that much more. People don't like getting killed and some people sure as hell would like to avoid using their brain entirely. That's why up to tier 5/6 is much more relaxing to play. And mid tiers 7/8 still allow quite a few mistakes. tl:dr tier 10 is too much work for some
  11. I think it's a good idea to jus remove carriers from random games, let them be used in specialized and competitive modes.
  12. I think it's a good idea to jus remove carriers from random games, let them be used in specialized and competitive modes.
  13. walter3kurtz

    Cpt points on Monarch the Bone-Argh

    The one ship that I can't put myself to grind any further, I've been stuck at Monarch for at least a year I would say. Anyway, tank build like others suggested, it carries over to the higher tiers as well. Get AR before BoS IMO
  14. walter3kurtz

    T8 Matchmaking the umpteenth - except this time it's good!

    Good point, tier 8's were always treated as the sweet spot, nowadays it's basically reason not to buy if a ship is tier 8. The problem is, tier 10 is just too available nowadays, for the majority of players: - players are loaded with cash after a few years of playing anyway - if that's not enough, huge credit earning potential from certain ships / flags / camo - permacamo - the fact that XP earning has probably doubled or tripled in speed compared to 2015 / 2016, also due to flags / camo - availability of special premiums at the tier 9 and 10 and so on Something had to happen. I even stopped sailing my beloved LoYang because playing against 4 or 5 tier 10 radar ships on huge open maps with your puny guns and 6.7km torps isn't exactly my definition of fun.
  15. walter3kurtz

    Warships Premium Account

    Nice, 15% bonus XP because I don't play WoT at all With all the super powerful flags and camo's we've gotten over the last years, this is another way of accelerating XP gain. XP inflation is definitely a thing in WoWs. Back in the day, you had to start at tier 1 and work your way up with a crappy captain. Now you just launch the new line at tier 7 with ships given out via missions, a 19 point captain and instabuy all modules with freeXP.