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  1. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    New Halloween Event - what you can win

    I did it for the Benham....but, sorry, not for a tier IX camo
  2. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    ST 0.9.10, Arpeggio of Blue Steel and Black Friday (DB 86)

    So, what happens to the ones that already have the four ships in port? Don't you really realise it's absurd to have THE SAME ship with a different name in port? And you do it again and again, showing that you don't care how your costumers feel. Make the game CHANGE the ship for a different one if you already have them. It's not so hard.
  3. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    Since WG keeps letting subs charge batteries without going to surface, they are never going to be balanced. That's it. Let people play them in a separate game mode, not in the main server.
  4. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Anchorage do you like her?

    Yes, if compareds to Smolensk. But Smolensk is the abnormality of this game in every sense. Anchorage is an Okish ship if you know how to use it. You won't carry many battles, but it's not s bad. If you catch a DD with a full salvo, she will note it.
  5. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Why did WG design this American second BB line?

    I'm still saving, just in case Kitakami comes on that resource I'll get Kansas just by my usual daily playing, and that's it. This new line has no sense and not worth it at all
  6. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yes, because roflstompings are frustrating, no matter the side you are. And, as you ask, I'll explain you how some people get high WRs; making divisions. For example, some players have less than 10% of their battles alone, with winrates (for example) of 51%, which is quite bad. The rest, until 5K, are in division. Does it sounds you?
  7. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    See the difference in WR in a battle today
  8. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Research Bureau: Rewards for Leveling Up

    Not me I'm not going to reset any branch, specially seeing the nightmare that random/ranked are. NO WAY. WG must be joking You want people to be interested in playing? Balance the game, stop powercreeping (specially russian ships), stop HE spammers, etc.
  9. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Sending replays for unsporting behaviour

    You mean the same company that said last christmas that PR was not hard to get, and after some CCs showed it was nearly impossible, even changed the text of the article to try to justify their lies?
  10. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    King of the Sea XI: Regional Results

    Just seen at the KOTS at the NA server. Well done WG balancing the game, and denying the "russian bias". This is really sad
  11. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    T7 Munchen in the shop

    How nice to have a new ship at the armory....and don't know about it. I supose this is the result of that "nice" NDA WoWs agreement that they said it was not going to mean that the CCs weren't going to be able to show the ship some days before the release. Well done, Wee Gee
  12. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Of the four battles, there were only two divisions. And divisions wouldn't have been permitted in a 3 vs 3 ranked. ¿High RNG?¿Detonation?¿impossible to match skill? (yeah, there aren't othe games using ELO MM system). Do you really think these are valid reasons to not implement a, p.e., PR ELO biased MM? Incredible
  13. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    One can't help but congratulate the "clever" WoWs' people that run the MM, and also the ones that decided that (even it's sprint), you can make a two players division....in a three people team. Ofc, note the irony of my words. Incredible how obtuse you can be Some examples (one of them has 18 points difference in WR between teams):
  14. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Suggestions thread

    This shouldn't be a suggestion, as it's a clear bug (that WoWs keep denying, oc). Arrange the short shells bug!!!! https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=AbnegateDarlingWaterAMPTropPunch&parent=twitch.tv
  15. WG_Citadel_My_Ass

    Ranked Season 17 Retrospective

    Got rank 1 in 132 battles (60% WR), mostly in my Takao/Atago. Didn't mean to do it, but holydays are a bit boring sometimes. Of course, as usual, I got a lovely one month chatban It's annoying how the MM works, with long series of good or bad (to see if you are good enough to save star) teams- This was my last good serie: The worst thing, suicides that expect the rest of the team to carry them across ranks, and how selfish many players are. This is a team game, but many people don't understand a simple thing like this.