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  1. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    How to see message(s) that I got banned for

    No need; they promote gambling in a PEGI 7 game. Shameful enough. Some european countries are currently banning this kind of unethical behavour, which I find perfect. Returning to the OP, I can't understand why there isn't a list of forbiden words/expressions to use in the chat to know what we can or can't write. Typical from a coutry where tranparency is not very common. Or why you get chat banned only because some players report you at the same battle without writting any of the "secret" words banned. That's why many CV players get chatbanned only because using a type of ship in battle. Or for saying that some players have no idea about positioning in battle. Incredible and pathetic at the same time.
  2. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yep, against a CV with 22% WR, and less than 20K average damage (63K the enemy). Obviously, we lost.
  3. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Update 0.10.1 - Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    I mean, at the old ranked, when you reached a rank between 1-5, next season you started at rank 11, getting all the prizes from the lowest rank to 11. Now, you are forced to play in this shitshow that is bronze league, no matter the rank you reached last season. If I got rank 1 at gold league last season. why do I have to stand this rubbish gameplay again?
  4. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    As usual, MM in ranked is working as intended. 31% WR (22% with that ship), against a 60% WR
  5. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Games ending too quick

    I think you don't get the point. When new players are blapped at tier 5, their big frustration make them buy a tier IX/X ship. There's the profit you talked about before. Well, I posted this at the MM thread. I bet no one can beat this:
  6. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Dear WG, your MM sucks more and more every day. If you think this is how MM should work, I understand why this game is a mess right now:
  7. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Thanks for destroying the game completely.

    Yep Nope, I don't agree. Before the rework there were a few players that could sink you in just pass. Just one pass with a "crossed drop", something that doesn't happen now at all. And they were able to control the whole map at the same time; now you deal damage in just one point of the map. WG made the CVs more potato friendly, so many players can deal damage = CV seem worse than before. I've said this before; just nerf the rockets and the AP/HE boms, and they will be fine. You still can sink a BB with another BB in just one salvo, or wit DD torps....but not with one planes pass. Fortunetly
  8. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Thanks for destroying the game completely.

    Well, just look at this Flambass video, playing like a potato & camping all over with a Yamato.....to get 1st of his losing team and 3rd overall. This is the sad state of the game right now:
  9. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Obviosly, not all 60% WRs play the same. At the end, there would be differences. You saw KOTS anytime?. They are all superunicums, and some teams win sistematically the others. Why? It depends on what you call a "good player" to clasify players in the MM. A 60% WR player is not the same as a 67% WR. So you would always get differences between the teams....but not so huge as right now, which make this game BORING and TOO FRUSTRATING (this is what WG uses to male people "OP" ships) because you know you can't carry many battles. I give a sh@# about more extreme WRs, I want a more funny and engaging game. You are too focused on "My d#ck is bigger than yours", aka WR.
  10. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That's simply not true. And maybe PR should be the new used metric to identify god players. I don't think many superunicums have his/her stats playing alone. The fact is those "strange long series" of lost battles are not so "random" because they occur too often. I wish WG allowed people to read their MM programming
  11. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Update 0.10.1: Italian Battleships

    So, now two weeks for a 14 + 5 stars bronze league? Old format was waaaayyy better because you could play every day for one month. Now, we get the rank one in any league, let's say in 4-5 days, and you can't play ranked anymore in 10 more days
  12. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    This is the BS I got from one final asian container. ONE camo? Really, WG?
  13. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    When will be the next ranked season?

    In the same terms of the test one, I hope the next one will be.....never
  14. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Thanks WG for your "special" MM, that made my team full of "special" players. This is gold league, the "creme de la creme" league, where only the best show their abilities If you let people try and try every sprint, this is what happens at the end of the season. Pathetic way, the same as commanders rework, to make this game unplayable
  15. RiggedSantaCrateGuy

    0.10.0 - Commander Skills Update

    To reset all the commanders, bottom of the article https://worldofwarships.eu/es/news/general-news/commander-skills-update/