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  1. Yes it is. If you get a lot of BF containers and get nothing inside of them, you get angry and frustrated with the game because you made an effort and didn't get a reward. Every number of BF containers should have attached an ASSURED reward. I know people that got ALL the BF Ships, and many of us got NOTHING. It's a bad way to distribute rewards because most of us are not ludopaths and don't find this exciting at all.
  2. Miblogdegolf

    Unbalanced Matchmaking

    It wouldn't be so difficult to introduce a small ELO factor at the MM.....but WG knows that frustration is a good thing to sell more OP and powercreeped ships, so they are not interested at all in doing so. Random means that you get different players every battle, and it's many time we know we get the worse players possible in a looong serie of straight battles. That's not random, FGS.
  3. Got simply........nothing besides 4 camos per container. Thank you WG for these stupid loot crates that don't reward the effort of completing missions.
  4. Miblogdegolf

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Well, I recived the email yesterday evening. Let's see if the rework worth it a try (yes, I'm one of the many that didn't play CVs because of the actual gameplay)
  5. Miblogdegolf

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    You mean they sent emails through the old postal service?
  6. Miblogdegolf

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Same for me. I applied many days ago but didn't recieve the email.
  7. Miblogdegolf

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    "We dont like this too much, but in the end the world is always unfair. It could also be considered as unfair that you earned a ship and are not not allowed to use it if we would ban Stalingrad"? Wow, now I have to choose between this answers to try to understand why you write these kind of things; 1.- You live in a parallel dimension 2.- You get paid by WG 3.- You are a pathological sycophant 4.- You simply are not clever enough to analize reality with a minimum of rigor. The world is unfair because we can`t help it. You can't stop hunger because you don't have resources to do it. The same with the rest of the injustices. Here, YOU CAN CHANGE the "unfairity" by banning a ship restricted to a few people from COMPETITIVE play. They can use it in random. Or at coops if they want. At our country we organize a small clan tournament where all T VIII premium ships are banned. As @Redcap375 rightly said, use only branch ships because we all know most of the premium ships of the game are better that the branch ones. Some time ago they were just "different" (retraining captains, more XP, more money, etc.), but not anymore (need of money by WG?). So you are telling me that in a tier IX tournament you would allow Blacks, that has radar AND smoke at the same time. An applause for you. Reward the skills instead of letting some players use an OP ship against the rest that don't (and probably won't) have it. Someone can be an excellent player but stay in a clan that don't do CB because of different reasons (family, job, etc.). Promote EQUALITY instead of classism at tournaments. Elite players like you are a minority in the game, and your job should be letting the majority see the best players at the same ships they use every day. You, as WG, are starting to miss the point about what this game should be. Again, shame on you (not personally but about the ones that aren't brave enough to take actions about this). PS: Yeah, as pointed before in this thread about another player, we know is your worst T X ship, but it doesn't mean it's not OP.
  8. Miblogdegolf

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Well, I think all the post is a cowardice, but specially the parts in bold. If you don't want to make angry the better clans (yeah, the ones that usually make the finals and provides you the show at KOTS) or WG, say it clearly.....but try not to insult our intelligence with your answers. First, saying "when those two groups compete it might be a little unfair, but we think that the players would make the difference" when we all know that the ones from the hurricane leage are usually better players than the rest of the leagues. And curiously, at the KOTS you MIX them at several stages. So you allow using better ships to the better players.....and you say it's only "a little" unfair? You are giving them a BIG advantage. Where is the balance here?. Second, evading the question about if it's OP. It's pathetic to read that this is "subjective" when nearly everybody (except you and her owners) can see it on the stats pages and at the game. 305 mms cannons with a 2.65 sigma (2.1 to Yamato) with improved AP angles penetration and max 9200 damage? Faster than some tier X DDs? 11,7 kms radar? More than 72K hit points? Kutuzov was not half OP than Stalingrad and you recognize that you banned it too late......but regarding Stalingrad you say you don't try to balance the game. Are you kidding me? Finally, the "no questionable ships" of last KOTS. Maybe you forget that Hindenburg got a 1 second reload nerf because there were "too many". Is WG do the same with Stalingrad after this KOTS? I don't think so, basically because Stalingrad is the carrot you putt in fron of the donkey to make it walk (to make people spend money in the game to get it). As I said before in this thread, balance no longer matter at WoWs, and you are an accomplice of this obvious affront to the "non elite" players of the game. Shame on you.
  9. Miblogdegolf

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Well, as expected, Stalingrads made the difference at KOTS. Against HYDRO, one Stalingrad parked next to a far island destabilized a very close battle. You can't destroy it with HE (71K points of life. Needs 10 minutes focus for the whole team) but every salvo was a massive damage to us. He only had to wait and shoot us like ducks. At the last battle against PNAVY, it was lost because they played with 2 Stalingrads...so with 4 BBs. Impossible to damage with AP, wich means that that flank was lost from the beggining because they could play with 2 DDs. I insist again; Stalingrad is a shame for this game, specially in competitive. Gives you a huge amount of fire power, radar, etc. that you can't counteract. Pathetic WG for allowing this in WoWs. I felt like throwing seeing this rubbish.
  10. Miblogdegolf

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    So we, the ones that get oliberated by the shots of a Stalingrad or hardly can't damage it, can't judge the ship because we don't own it? What an absurd reasonment In this thread happened what I expected. One very good and sportive player from a very good clan ( @Earl_of_Northesk, my respects) being objective, another player of a good clan (@Mr_Dced) that is confusing it's own stats (yeah, we know it's YOUR worst tier X ship) with objective reality (13% better WR than next tier X cruiser, Worcester, wich is also called "OP" and was recently nerfed)....and some other players from the best clans defending the indefendable; that is not OP.....only because they own it and don't want to lose the privilege os using it against clans that don't. I'm affraid at this KOTS will see plenty of them, and the saddest part is that WG will alow this "experiment" (I'd call it abuse) because they don't want to admit the Stalingrad is their biggest mistake in the game. Where did the word "balance" go with Stalingrads in the game? Ships like this (I would partially include Alaska or Krosh) show that balance no longer matter. But yeah, the 1 second loading nerf had to go to the Hindenburg, wich was a bit OP.......to release some months later Harugumos and Worcesters. I believe this is not the best way to develope this game.
  11. Miblogdegolf

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Hi: I don't know if it's the right place to do it, so (moderators) move it if it's wrong. My clan just enlisted to play the KOTS this weekend but I just realised that WG recently released an unfair ship called Stalingrad (a big mistake, in my opinion) that I don't know if will be able to participate in this tournament. We all know a "normal" cruiser has nothing to do against this OP ship, so it would be very sad to see it can be used at the KOTS. BB health pool, cheat front armor, Stalinium AP penetration, 12 kms radar, etc. seems too unfair, specially considering only the best players can have it. So, giving them an aditional advantage is very sad. Off course, some of them will write here that they deserved the ship, etc.....but if they were real sportive, they woud agree they shoud win the rest of the players with similar ships because they are better players, no because they own a very OP ship. Thanks in advance
  12. Miblogdegolf

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    I agree. It costed me about 130 battles to arrive to rank 2 (nearly 60%WR).......and, from there, 90% of my team were made of people don't even know what WASD are for. I'm in rank 4 again, suffering questions in the chat like "what do I do?" or watching them go to the wrong place of the map for their ship because thet have ZERO knowledge of the tactics/specs of their boat, etc. When you try to play DD because they are pathetic suicides that don't even know about the range of the enemy radars, then your cruisers/BBs don't give a crap of support and you die unfailingly because of the flanking (for example, at C in Mountain Range). When you try cruiser/BB, the DDs are useless. At WoWs Stats you can see the list of players with most battles in ranked, and you will see people with a pathetic WR (both ranked and random) that are rank 1 because they played SEVEN OR EIGHT HUNDRED BATTLES and other players made the carry for them. So, you better have luck with the MM, which is not what it should be to get to rank 1. This last phrase could let us talk to the pathetic MM we have at WoWs (please, an ELO system to level teams), but this is not the thread for that PS: Yeah, I know it would be easier playing a Yamato or a Conq or a Stalingrad (hey, have you seen its WR?) because saving the star (or not losing money) is simply a matter of making damage (pathetic again)......but I don't have them.
  13. Miblogdegolf

    Match Making at Clan Wars

    As I noted at the OP, the pathetic thing is that your enemy depends on the time you spend on the queue, not on the level of the teams you are suposed to fight against. As in randoms, you know that most of the people would agree on waiting a bit more just to have a chance to enter a more leveled battle, not the now classical 8 minutes battle where nearly all your boats are dead while you only can sink one or none of the enemy. I don't enjoy that kind of gameplay, and it's the main reason of many players to leave this game.
  14. Miblogdegolf

    Match Making at Clan Wars

    It's not only that the MM for random battles is pure BS (not even able to distinguish crusiers with/without radar, DDs with radar/hydro, or simply give you the same amount of DDs per team) that the MM for Clan Wars is equally implemented. Yesterday, playing in group I of Storm League we had to play TWICE in an hour against the same team of..................HURRICANE LEAGUE So, 4 groups up of our playing level. WG, ¿is this the way you are going to promote CW?¿Do you really think people is going to play more CW suffering this MM?¿Do you really think you are going to gain players for WoWs giving -as also happens at random- preference to time at the queue instead of a leveled match? Forget about trying to "buy" old players with dobloons or premium ships, forget about "Space Battles" that are less than mediocre and start using your time giving players a good gameplay experience.
  15. Miblogdegolf

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