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  1. Miblogdegolf

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    So we, the ones that get oliberated by the shots of a Stalingrad or hardly can't damage it, can't judge the ship because we don't own it? What an absurd reasonment In this thread happened what I expected. One very good and sportive player from a very good clan ( @Earl_of_Northesk, my respects) being objective, another player of a good clan (@Mr_Dced) that is confusing it's own stats (yeah, we know it's YOUR worst tier X ship) with objective reality (13% better WR than next tier X cruiser, Worcester, wich is also called "OP" and was recently nerfed)....and some other players from the best clans defending the indefendable; that is not OP.....only because they own it and don't want to lose the privilege os using it against clans that don't. I'm affraid at this KOTS will see plenty of them, and the saddest part is that WG will alow this "experiment" (I'd call it abuse) because they don't want to admit the Stalingrad is their biggest mistake in the game. Where did the word "balance" go with Stalingrads in the game? Ships like this (I would partially include Alaska or Krosh) show that balance no longer matter. But yeah, the 1 second loading nerf had to go to the Hindenburg, wich was a bit OP.......to release some months later Harugumos and Worcesters. I believe this is not the best way to develope this game.
  2. Miblogdegolf

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    Hi: I don't know if it's the right place to do it, so (moderators) move it if it's wrong. My clan just enlisted to play the KOTS this weekend but I just realised that WG recently released an unfair ship called Stalingrad (a big mistake, in my opinion) that I don't know if will be able to participate in this tournament. We all know a "normal" cruiser has nothing to do against this OP ship, so it would be very sad to see it can be used at the KOTS. BB health pool, cheat front armor, Stalinium AP penetration, 12 kms radar, etc. seems too unfair, specially considering only the best players can have it. So, giving them an aditional advantage is very sad. Off course, some of them will write here that they deserved the ship, etc.....but if they were real sportive, they woud agree they shoud win the rest of the players with similar ships because they are better players, no because they own a very OP ship. Thanks in advance
  3. Miblogdegolf

    NOT touching ranked ever again.

    I agree. It costed me about 130 battles to arrive to rank 2 (nearly 60%WR).......and, from there, 90% of my team were made of people don't even know what WASD are for. I'm in rank 4 again, suffering questions in the chat like "what do I do?" or watching them go to the wrong place of the map for their ship because thet have ZERO knowledge of the tactics/specs of their boat, etc. When you try to play DD because they are pathetic suicides that don't even know about the range of the enemy radars, then your cruisers/BBs don't give a crap of support and you die unfailingly because of the flanking (for example, at C in Mountain Range). When you try cruiser/BB, the DDs are useless. At WoWs Stats you can see the list of players with most battles in ranked, and you will see people with a pathetic WR (both ranked and random) that are rank 1 because they played SEVEN OR EIGHT HUNDRED BATTLES and other players made the carry for them. So, you better have luck with the MM, which is not what it should be to get to rank 1. This last phrase could let us talk to the pathetic MM we have at WoWs (please, an ELO system to level teams), but this is not the thread for that PS: Yeah, I know it would be easier playing a Yamato or a Conq or a Stalingrad (hey, have you seen its WR?) because saving the star (or not losing money) is simply a matter of making damage (pathetic again)......but I don't have them.
  4. Miblogdegolf

    Match Making at Clan Wars

    As I noted at the OP, the pathetic thing is that your enemy depends on the time you spend on the queue, not on the level of the teams you are suposed to fight against. As in randoms, you know that most of the people would agree on waiting a bit more just to have a chance to enter a more leveled battle, not the now classical 8 minutes battle where nearly all your boats are dead while you only can sink one or none of the enemy. I don't enjoy that kind of gameplay, and it's the main reason of many players to leave this game.
  5. Miblogdegolf

    Match Making at Clan Wars

    It's not only that the MM for random battles is pure BS (not even able to distinguish crusiers with/without radar, DDs with radar/hydro, or simply give you the same amount of DDs per team) that the MM for Clan Wars is equally implemented. Yesterday, playing in group I of Storm League we had to play TWICE in an hour against the same team of..................HURRICANE LEAGUE So, 4 groups up of our playing level. WG, ¿is this the way you are going to promote CW?¿Do you really think people is going to play more CW suffering this MM?¿Do you really think you are going to gain players for WoWs giving -as also happens at random- preference to time at the queue instead of a leveled match? Forget about trying to "buy" old players with dobloons or premium ships, forget about "Space Battles" that are less than mediocre and start using your time giving players a good gameplay experience.
  6. Miblogdegolf

    Anuncio importante para nuestra comunidad española

    A ver si te reenganchas, compi
  7. Miblogdegolf

    Muchas gracias por abrir el foro en Español

    Eso parece parece
  8. Claro........como el cambio en la apariencia del agua que ha modificado sus características físicas
  9. Miblogdegolf


    Imagino que si alguien se quiere dar de alta con el mismo nick que un moderador deben controlarlo un poco
  10. Miblogdegolf


    No me deja entrar porque dice que me tiene que aprobar el registro el administrador
  11. Miblogdegolf

    2ª Reunión Foro NO oficial

    Va, pongo también aquí un pequeño spoiler
  12. Miblogdegolf

    Foro no oficial de WoWs

    Ay, ay, aaayyyyyy, qué poquito falta yaaaaa
  13. Miblogdegolf

    Demasiados Chetos en el juego

    Aunque no te lo creas, lo que te sucede en batalla tiene explicación en el 99% de los casos en las mecánicas del juego. Visita el nuevo foro, pregunta sobre la detección, recargas, etc.......y hallarás la luz
  14. Miblogdegolf

    Juegos Gratis

    Me lo instalé el fin de semana y ya lo he jugado varias veces. Increíble que sea tan antiguo y casi ni se note. Muy bueno. Me recuerda un poco a los iniciales Resident Evil de la PS. Eso sí, acabo con el estómago revuelto de tanta sangre y vísceras Si consigo superar ese pequeño "detalle", seguramente compraré las secuelas pq solo valen 10 euros cada una, que es lo que me cuesta un solo mes premium de WoWs (y que voy a dejar de pagar, por supuesto).
  15. Miblogdegolf

    - Evento de Comunidad MGT-20, ¡nos vemos en Barcelona! -

    Los madrileños están de enhorabuena; la patronal del videojuego español ha decidido apoyar a Madris en la próxima edición https://www.elconfidencial.com/tecnologia/2018-03-13/videojuegos-madrid-games-week-2018-nuevo-evento-ifema_1534498/