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  1. Miblogdegolf

    Spanish Community Leftovers.......not anymore

    Well, I must admit I feel ashamed about this WG move
  2. Nice to see that you keep Belfast as it is (I agree) but, at the same time, you improve the radar duration in another OP ship like Black (only DD with smoke AND radar). Very consistent
  3. Miblogdegolf

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    I can see you are another victim of the "liliac's syndrome"; to base all your conclusions around "WR" or "being good at" I tryied once or twice, but I didn't like the interface and gameplay. I like arcades, not a boring flat map. Now I'm enjoying piloting the planes
  4. Miblogdegolf

    New CVs

    Thanks for finishing the abuses of the better players with old Cvs, even if this happened because the new CV gamemode is suited for consoles You should do something to rebalance Cvs that appear at higher tier battles (tier VI Cv at tier VIII ships battle) because the AA is so strong that you can't get close to tier VIII ships with bad AA. Now that CVs are "weaker", you should start to think to put them always as top tier.
  5. Miblogdegolf

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    You mean that now you are not the star, the one that abused the enemy (including the enemy carrier, if was not a superunicum) all over the map. Myself, and many more, are glad WG finished your untouchable kingdom (¿8 kills, 96 planes and 449K damage? ¿Is that fair?). Now you will be one more of the team. We know your WR will low, but don't worry; you'will get used to it the same way we did when you were at the enemy team
  6. Miblogdegolf

    Call for boycott of the new CV gamplay.

    Funny to see that nearly nobody used to play CVs before the patch, and now so many people saying they are gooing to quit the game because of it Good players, those interested in learning and changing with the game, will still make good damage with new CVs......but it's a lot easier to protest
  7. Miblogdegolf

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    Try AA specs Gearing with defensive AA
  8. Miblogdegolf

    Ranked Battles: Eleventh Season - Discussion Thread

    No, we don't. We have a pathetic MM that depends on "luck", and not a proper one that putts in every team the same amount of unicums, average players and potatos. That would be "having the same teams"
  9. Miblogdegolf

    Ranked Battles: Eleventh Season - Discussion Thread

    Its funny that you still think that only better players achieve rank 1 I think you missed how many players do it; simply by playing more than one thousand battles per season and letting others carry them. And there are lots of them. Last season I arrived to rank 2 pretty fast (60% WR, about 150 battles) and suddendly the MM put me in a long serie of pathetic teams that brought me straight to rank 5 again. Not playing BB, you have less chances to keep the star because the main item to make the team classification is pure damage, wich is pure garbage. I went to rank 4 again and quit, because I'm not going to spend the whole day playing ranked for a rank 1. I know WG is interested in doing so, because at the horrific economics of tier X you lose money even winning, so you will probably buy premium time/flags/etc. That's the only reason for using higher tiers. I'd love to see tier VII (banning Belfast) ranked, with no radars, no repair party, etc. Only your hands. PS: How many good players do you see here? They all are rank 1
  10. Miblogdegolf

    Ranked Battles: Eleventh Season - Discussion Thread

    The problem is that Arms Race requires a bit of brain to be played.....and that's something not very common at WoWs lately. As said, expect to go from rank 2 to 12 if our "beautiful" (specially designed to make you play lots of battles) matchmaker puts its eyes on you......which will probably happen It's going to be a lot (if possible) more frustrating than the tenth previous seasons
  11. Miblogdegolf

    Fara on carrier rework

    I think this rework was absolutely necesary, and I also think that the best CV players are not happy with it (besides they will still make more damage than regular players). This said, I agree about what Fara says, because it's the first thing I thought about at the CV test server. It's silly to make you comeback to the ship to try to avoid torps, and it's silly to make you comeback to the ship to activate de damage control when torped....but it's even sillier to make this consumable automatic because "maybe" I would like to wait until the last torpedo plane to activate it in order to avoid a permanent flooding that will kill me.
  12. Miblogdegolf

    The Steel Monsters - full reward list

    It will also be a big NO from me, but because this is another pathetic step towars P2W from WG. They will say the classic "no, it's not true" but the truth is that, if you want to get faster to a Stalingrad, you must pay. And pathetic is the most gentle world I can find not to be editated by moderators. TBH, this campaign makes me want to throw up.
  13. Yes it is. If you get a lot of BF containers and get nothing inside of them, you get angry and frustrated with the game because you made an effort and didn't get a reward. Every number of BF containers should have attached an ASSURED reward. I know people that got ALL the BF Ships, and many of us got NOTHING. It's a bad way to distribute rewards because most of us are not ludopaths and don't find this exciting at all.
  14. Miblogdegolf

    Unbalanced Matchmaking

    It wouldn't be so difficult to introduce a small ELO factor at the MM.....but WG knows that frustration is a good thing to sell more OP and powercreeped ships, so they are not interested at all in doing so. Random means that you get different players every battle, and it's many time we know we get the worse players possible in a looong serie of straight battles. That's not random, FGS.