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  1. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    WG incompetence

    If you play the game, you don't need a replay, dude. Youtube is full of videos about this, and most of us experienced this shitbug (that WG denies existing, as usual). It happens to me specially when I aim fast to an enemy ship.
  2. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Playerbase degraded so hard it loses basic operations

    The staff hardly plays the game. And the ones that do, a very few do it decently, so no worries. So I putt them in the same category of our playerbase; not close to human beings.
  3. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Yes, because these SOB need to manipulate the MM to make you have those "random" long losing streaks....that are not random at all. We know they play with our frustration. Then, release an OP ship, that everybody buys....and then, 2 months later, gets nerferd hard....but they don't return the steel, coal, etc when they have PLENTY of time to test the ships and balance them. This [edited]company spent the last 7 years lying about everything, starting on MM, continuing about the bugs they say they don't have, with the loot boxes, and even with the epic containers (once they were forced to publish the mechanics to get them, oh surprise, I get them regulary). Not strange that these bastards are russian, even they are no to pay taxes (Cyprus, of course). They only know to manipulate, to ruin the game (HE spammers, randoms ruined by subs, OP CVs that don't matter the AA, now ranked ruined by a system that allows a lot of monkeys to get to gold AND STAY THERE WEEKS, etc). I don't care if they ban me, because this forum us absolutely useless. They will do what they want, no matter what we say. Asume it, dudes, they are NOT interested in balancing anything. Only in milking and lying. Period. FU WG!!!
  4. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    For the same reason in ranked the MM putts 4 radars in one team, and none on the other, instead of dividing 2 and 2. But, oh surprise, many times you get into a losing streak of 10 battles, when it's not estatistically normal for a "random" MM. Yesterday, I got three straight times into a team with the same 44% WR Schlieffen (in gold league I've seen even a 40% WR) when waiting there were nearly 20 ships to make the team. WG showed us many times that they want this game rigged as much as possible, and the MM is not an exception. It''s well proved that companies use rigged MMs to earn more money based on the player frustration (they buy more "OP" ships and "features"). Keep dreaming. The gameplay level in ranked is much worse every day. Sprints should last a little more, and force everybody to start from Broonze again. Now after some sprints, teams in Gold League doesn't even arrive to 50% WR. Pathetic. Sometimes, you get veeeeery lucky and win. I tend to think in the other "rewards" I get if I play decently, like missions of the dockyard or similar. Is that or deinstall.
  5. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    When you go to Brawls, which MM is suposed to take account of the gameplay level of the players.....and you get this s&it. Well done, WG. Keep making your clients more and more angry.
  6. Your explanation, not very complete (only WG knows the truth), only would explain a small part of Flamu's video. The rest is still very worrying.
  7. Some time ago I also discussed against Pete, an I finally concluded that it's a lot more useful to hide his posts in the forum (there's a way to do it) and use the time in a more clever way
  8. I bet you think earth is flat, right?
  9. Flamu has his downsides, but he's the only that takes time to "discover" and voice the numerous lies (rigged crates, artillery, etc) of WG. The rest are simply too submissive.
  10. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    There are no artillery bugs....

    There's another thread about this....but this one deserved this video:
  11. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Matchmaking - does it become more crap?

    Thanks for showing us you will never be a Nobel prize
  12. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    There are no artillery bugs....

    Lies, lies, and more lies from WG. And still some people defend them instead of forcing them to act honestly
  13. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Matchmaking - does it become more crap?

    "Meaningless statistics"? Most of the unbalanced MM battles are a sure loss, no matter what you do. You don't have to be a Nobel Prize to know that.
  14. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Matchmaking - does it become more crap?

    This is the truth from many time ago. Funny that a MM that WG sais that is not able to "match" the same number of radars in each team because it's toodifficult (pathetic), I believe it's rigged, like many other "features" in the game, to make you lose and win depending on the day. All of us know that, after a good day in ranked, the next day you are going to lose a lot, and you don't need to be a statistic expert to check it.
  15. DontExpectMeToCarryThis

    Will not play a broken game

    They are so usless that don't even configure the MM to give the same number of radars to every team. I just played one in ranked where half the enemy team were radars. How many did we get? None. How pathetic is that, deep abnormals?