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  1. JAnCOz

    German and UK BBs

    Something hapened with german and uk bss. i was away 2-3 weeks and when i got back on this ships wheals i.m getting penned from each side and angle, Today received 13-15k salvos in my angled monarch from a bismark. Same with the Bism, heavy pens from almost every angle. Is there a BUG?
  2. The dude was sitting in the corner of the map all the game and he just spamed the chat. Things need to be done. Dont let this kind on people play again the game. Screenshot removed.
  3. JAnCOz

    T10 bbs baby

    Im getting sick of all of this t10 bbs ending with full hp when we are losing... Im not mad because i lost but because i, a punny chapy or hipper is trying to help the dd while my bbs dont give a crap,,, 5 games played today, all loses and my yamato or gk still full hp hiding behind rocks... WTH is this? Are you normal? How the f did you get to t10? Something need to be done..
  4. JAnCOz


    How can i get duplicates for the 2nd anniversary? I played some games with edinburgh trying to make the 50k chalange but after i got the first one i didnt got it again. What can i do? I will not begin another line with the german dd just for 1 stupid camo.
  5. JAnCOz

    RU BB reward or not?

    Then we should get the Dunkirk for the next mission. that is an EU event
  6. JAnCOz

    RU BB reward or not?

    17-31 July: Marathon "October Revolution"...... So the RU server is giving a chance to win the new RU BB What about us, the spoiled EU server? Can we get it 2?
  7. JAnCOz

    EU vs NA II

    I got the winner of this battle, i will get anything? At least the flag?
  8. JAnCOz

    is my game bugged?

    Last games something happened to me., i was in my Nagato and shot a salvo in a Bismark i got 2 normal pens and 1 shaterd and did no damage (AP salvo) next salvo i got 5 overpens (AP salvo) and did 12 k damage. How is this possible?
  9. JAnCOz

    Chage MM

    WTF is with this stuff man?? we are getting stupid stuff like ultra high quality sound but the MM is still broken,,, When you dont get to be the only t6 in a t8 game youre enemy team gets 3 rank 1 player and my team gets 1 rank 10. Where is the faire MM. Today i played like 10 games but in none in this games the teams where balance. Our team or the enemy team was always raping the other and ending like 7-8-9 vs 1 or something like that. Changes are needed.
  10. JAnCOz


    There are any settings that can turn of the notificatios that pop up from the right side of the monitor after you finish a battle?
  11. JAnCOz

    Matchmaking getting worse.

    Until now from 9 games this morning my team steamrolled the enemy 4 times and i got steamrolled 3 times... FROM 9 games. So yes the MM need changes fast
  12. JAnCOz

    What about a concede vote?

    First, sorry for my bad english. Second, what about a concede vote or a button. Not only one time i was in a game when my team is losing baddly like 5 enemies vs 2 of my team mates who are runing and we have 100 points diference and i,m waiting for the game to end because i want to play another game with the same ship,,, Can you implement some kind of this stuff? If we are sure we gonna lose let us to concede becouse is pointles to wait 10 more minutes for the enemy team to kill the runners.
  13. JAnCOz

    Ninja remove the Kirov spoting plane

    OOO sry . Thx for the info
  14. Where is my kirov range extender plane?
  15. JAnCOz

    SC a joke

    Even this flying container is much better than that SC