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  1. Well yes smoke should stay as it is
  2. if bb is in smoke he's most likely somewhere around caps So now we will punish bb players that actually play for objective while morons hug the border? makes no sense to me
  3. But its hot i dont wear socks will i lose without it?
  4. Irrevocable rank at 12... Thats how those players get to 6-10 bracket WG need to get rid of that irrevocable ranks and get better rank system
  5. What i use to do is play in division with friend and both take edin.I take radar he take smoke and go contest caps It feels kinda dirty :)
  6. I disagree we dont need more safe rank, in fact, i would remove current ones but make some changes in earning stars for example if you carry team to victory and get top score you earn extra star and if you slacking in bottom you dont earn star or lose 2 stars depending on win/defeat
  7. Yea tier 7 is so fun and not broken at all with OPfast
  8. What you suggesting would make radar totally useless
  9. Season 6

    Its waaaay too much to give 2 stars to 3 people.But I agree that people who carry deserve extra star so only top xp(maybe but just maybe top2 players) player earn extra star(like in losing team).And rewards are awfully bad this season special upgrades are just trash would like them out of supercontainers too
  10. Yea fires are so OP that is why you have 36% WR and 16k avg dmg in atago.
  11. Its superleague challenge
  12. I have good idea lets bring back bastion forts and place them here