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  1. Im average potato and i want to be in active clan to have benefits of stuff from new patch Im not interested in competitive games
  2. Yes i have this bug too When it was T7 Ranked i entered battle with yorck insted of fiji once.
  3. I dont like this change As i said in first smoke nerf thread this will just punish bbs that push and play for objective WG must hate any sort of team play in wows first they removed stealth fire when all you needed to do is ask your friendly dd or cv to spot Only team mechanic left in game is spotting but im sure wg will find way to [edited]that up Would be fun if someone at WG see border humping BBs as problem
  4. According to https://worldofwarships.eu/ server is up but i cant start updating
  5. Got 1 day of premium from scenario and thought its good time to use Gamescom camo and Bismarck flag on Missouri this was result
  6. I want to see this just for lulz WG MAKE IT HAPPEN
  7. They dont care about economy but what about XP? Everyone hates when BB sits on edge of map snipes and farm dmg so why not add position modification for xp for example if bb spend whole game at his spawn sniping and never get even close to caps why not multiple xp with 0.5 Also i think bb needed to be less rewarded for dmg but more for tanking that would probably help too We saw on last ranked season that too often bb that sits behind and farm dmg ended up first on xp and keep star if team lost despite fact that everyone else play for objective but he didnt.
  8. If you have bismark flags +good camo+daily weekend bonuses you can grind ridiculous amount of free xp i got 4-7k per match regularly when i slap those without premium.Dont have 777% anymore sadly got 50 of those in SC and grinded misuri But without them its a painfull grind its true
  9. Check firewall
  10. Yes and people often dont understand that and rush when theres no need to rush btw this is pic from my rank1 match i love it how close it was :)
  11. Would you ever consider giving 2 weekly missions regularly One noob friendly with lesser requirements and less rewarding and 1 challenging with bigger reward that way the whole player base will be happy For example Noob friendly mission: 1.Get 5k base XP Reward - 1 signals container 2.Deal 100k dmg to crusers-2 random containers 3.Deal 150k dmg to BBs - 3 random containers 4.Deal 20k dmg with fires in single game 1mil credits 5.Deal 80k dmg in single game 3 bismark flags each Challenging mission 1.Get 1800 base xp in single game 5 kraken flags 2.Get 200 ribbons win game and be in top3 xp earner 5 type6 camos 3.Get high caliber achievenet 5 dragon flags 4.Get High caliber and confederate in single game 5 bismark flags each 5.Get 2500 base xp in single game 20 restless fire camos
  12. If thats the case that means that a)You were standing full broadside in smoke in cap and get torped b)You went to off cap play too aggressively and get killed c)Look at b just in cv game In all cases you should get punish for your stupid play smart dds rarely die first
  13. i dont see any problem with kraken ability krakens are rare and even if u get kraken how much enemy ships will left? for firts blood i kinda understand your point but still even that its like 1 in 10 games when you get first blood (and this might encourage players to go aggressively at beginning which isnt bad thing)
  14. Yea its almost as BB AP