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  1. Wrock0n

    Matchmaker Improvement Feedback

    Well I've started two threads lately both of which were closed by moderator for fascist purposes: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/58605-please-fixed-the-wrecked-matchmaking-system/page__fromsearch__1 http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/58286-trial-veteran-ran-out-and-im-being-slaughtered-now/page__fromsearch__1 Anyway, that's what happens to critical threads I guess. BTW NO I am not 'Acheron' whoever that is. Basically your matchmaker SUX BALLZ. As soon as my premium ran out I got F*d matchmaking, round, after round, after round. Endless miserable hopeless, near instantaneous defeats. Every time was the same- I was on the team of obviously low level solo players totally f*d matched against a team of squadded, high level players with every paid and experience generated and exploit utilized advantage possible. EVERY MATCH FOR ME IS NOW A TOTAL AND COMPLETE SLAUGHTER. One bar is totally full one totally empty. That's NOT a match! That's just griefing noobs for precious 'stats'! OBVIOUSLY good matchmaking is NOT so complicated as you all want to make it since you ALREADY HAVE THE SOLUTION! What people play with in the first 15 rounds or so WORKS. Then you take that away (AND YOU KNOW EXACTLY HOW!) and F** them. The fix: just put it back to how it is in the first 15 rounds when you play against people at your level. Come on don't play stupid. It's not that complicated and you already have the code. You already "THREAD MANUFACTURED" twice making sure you got all the last words and I wasn't able to respond so if you're wondering why I'm pissed- DUH?! If you REALLY need more info let me paint you a picture: Suddenly I'm matched against people running in formations, co-ordinated, all attacking together with perfect spacing between them, destroyers up front charging, providing smoke cover for the charge, cruisers mid distance, battleships just far enough behind they wreck you but you can't hit them, try to get close and the destroyers and cruisers wipe you out. And not to mention absolutely perfect implementation of borderline exploits using the islands always being hit by someone you can't hit even if in range. OMG. Plain as day co-ordinated slaughter. And that's just the teamwork. Not to mention suddenly ships just appear magically right in your face out of nowhere and pummel you with torpedos. Ships that take no damage at all no matter how many times you hit them they just have some massively superior resistances and heals. Ships that are for some reason impossible to hit. And then you notice it's not just you. Your entire team is being literally *slaughtered* and the enemy, well they're hardly losing anyone. And its round after round after round! Whatever there WAS before the 'you're totally screwed trigger' *obviously* you guys know *exactly* what it is and know *exactly* how to fix it. But apparently would rather take your divisions and your perfectly max/min captain/ship/team combos and endlessly grief noobs. Look I don't know *exactly* what's happening, but obviously YOU GUYS DO! And you KNOW *exactly* what triggers it. As long as you allow divisions to be matched against solo players, it's just basic statistics that solo players will 90% of the time be on the team *without* a division. The division team will have maybe one or two slots available where the divisionless team will have 7 or 9 slots available. That's pretty simple math. If you allow this kind of MM, then solos are just screwed. I'm sure this is just one factor in the endless noob slaughter but it's by far the most obvious. As soon as you see them all moving together in these co-ordinated efforts while your team just scatters, you immediately know you're f*d. Yeah, you guys sure did a great job of not exposing people to this for the first 15 rounds. So don't say you don't already have the code to fix it! So you don't need to think I'm just here to 'Troll' because as I said this is criticism, not trolling and if you don't know the difference please look it up! Anyway, this is one customer at least you KNOW why he bounced. Because of Mod abuse thread locking of very justifiably critical threads. And by pandering to elitist low level sandbagging 'stat mongers' while throwing newer customers under the bus. Later-
  2. Wrock0n

    Please Fixed the Wrecked Matchmaking System

    Well I don't think I'll ever play in co-ordinated 'divisions' or whatever. I'm just a casual solo player so maybe this game is just not for me... Unless there's some way to get back to the reasonably balanced noob zone? I guess I could just keep creating accounts haha Hmm I also wonder is it possible to sell my account with 7 million credits/500 doubloons/and a Murmansk premium?
  3. Wrock0n

    Please Fixed the Wrecked Matchmaking System

    Well, fixed or not, IDK about 'fail divisions' but this is sure as heck 'fail matchmaking'... Apparently when you get thrown out of the noob zone well you're just screwed from there. Literally every match is an absolute blowout. And I'm not buying the balanced 'divisions' thing. It's pretty obvious one team is playing in a co-ordinated strike every match against a team of solo noobs. Its not even funny how uneven these games are.
  4. Wrock0n

    Please Fixed the Wrecked Matchmaking System

    What's a 'fail division'? When the other team has one and you don't haha- Or is that what happens to noobs by the MM???
  5. Wrock0n

    Please Fixed the Wrecked Matchmaking System

    So they make no effort whatsoever to match captain levels vs captain levels or paid advantages vs paid advantages. Hmmm So basically they throw teams of noobs vs teams of highest level captains and best paid advantages... nice. That would explain why every round now is a total and complete blowout slaughter.
  6. Yes I started this thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/58286-trial-veteran-ran-out-and-im-being-slaughtered-now/page__fromsearch__1 If you consider criticism 'trolling' then you need to look up the definition of 'trolling'! But yes, this is definitely a criticism. Matchmaking in this game is absolute crap. I don't think the developers make any effort whatsoever to: 1. Match squads vs squads. 2. Or total captain level vs total captain level. 3. Or total paid advantages (flags, camos, etc) vs the same. 4. Etc. So one team pretty much *always* just completely WRECKS the other. I noticed this *blowout* matchmaking pretty much since my trial premium account ran out, and its pretty darn obvious so I don't think you need *thousands* of games played to see it. Which BTW raises the pretty natural question of whether premium account buys you winning matchmaking. Whether it's related to premium account or not, or whether I just got lucky my first 15 matches or so, I don't know. But these matches are pretty darn consistently not even remotely close, and whatever the problem is it would be sure nice to see a fix and a little bit better/closer matches and not always a total blowout. Please confirm if items 1-3 on the list above are currently supposed to be balanced in the MM. (If not I guess I can just bounce right now!) Thanks.
  7. Wrock0n

    Trial Veteran Ran Out and I'm Being Slaughtered Now

    Yeah that's pretty obvious that the matches are suddenly just a four letter word for sure! Last round we were all in level 1 ships but they just slaughtered our team in like 3 minutes flat. Also, guy was in the same ship (Erie) but his cannon were going and I'm not kidding, like freeking machine guns! He definitely had a way higher rate of fire. What's up with that??? And what's up with the thing were I always get spotted before I see anyone? And then I see that they're not even destroyers. What?? I'm seriously suspecting hacks its so bad. Or do these developers just intentionally grief noobs with the worst possible matchmaking??? Why does it put all the advantaged people on the same team??? Every round!? Edit: BTW, I don't think anything is *about* to happen. I'd say it's pretty well *done*! Also, all the enemy ships have all these crazy looking paint jobs. What's up with that???
  8. I don't know if it was a matchmaking patch/update, really consistently horrific luck, or my premium trial account running out. But the gameplay just suddenly got about a thousand times harder. I used to do some damage, maybe get a kill or two, and live about half of the time if my team won. Now I'm not only on the losing team every round, but getting absolutely slaughtered every round. I'm still only playing level 1-3 ships as before. But... Suddenly I'm on a team of people who scatter every direction every round. Suddenly the entire enemy team is extremely well co-ordinated and *really* knows how to use those islands, evade guns and torpedos perfectly, put out fires instantly, pop up suddenly out of nowhere at 5km away and closing... Suddenly I see higher level ships in every match. It seems pretty obvious that literally everyone in the game I'm matched *against* has some aced captain and is just trolling the low tiers for easy kills. OR that my matchmaking just got royally screwed. Also it seems just extremely obvious that everyone on my team is a noob like me. Was going a bit over 50% wins. Losing literally every match for two days now. My K/D in random matches was just under 1. Now it's nose dived to .6 and still plummeting. Hmm. What's up?!!
  9. Wrock0n

    Managing My Captains

    OK, thanks for clarifying all. So since keeping all ships isn't feasible, and training a new captain for each one isn't feasible it looks like the only option to not be at a massive disadvantage is to buy premium ships. For each country. Hmm. Well I'll think about it. Considering the results I've had lately I think I'm being out captained and out squadded and out matched. So I'm not sure if this game is going to meet my dedication level as a solo player. Anyway we'll see, thanks for the advice.
  10. Wrock0n

    Managing My Captains

    Ok, thanks for the advice all. I might have to rethink the extent of my collection a bit. Just to make sure I got this straight, every time you move a captain, you basically have to do half of his training all over again, which can take a very long time if he's high level. And during that time he is only functioning at 50% of his skills. Premium ships train captains *some* amount faster. But then that bonus is basically lost when you transfer him to another ship and have to grind 50% of his skills all over. So if you had say a 50% bonus training him on a premium, you just lost that bonus when you had to retrain him right? So I don't get how training on premiums works out much better. BTW I don't see premium ship bonuses actually stated anywhere? Are they different at different levels? Also, I bought the Murmansk because reviews said it was good. But I'm pretty terrible with it really. OK I only played a couple of rounds but I was clearly out of my league. It seems too much to manage right now- torpedo view, gun binoculars view, situational awareness high view, maneuvering, evading, not running into islands or other ships. Anyway it's only level 5 and I find it a *lot* harder than levels 1-3. I might just stick with the lower levels of the game and not move up at all haha Or very slowly. In any case I'm in no rush at all to get to level 10 at this point! Edit: can you wait for a sale to train captains? And how long does it take a 'decent' player to train a level 10 captain? And do they have good premium sales often? Thanks-
  11. Wrock0n

    Managing My Captains

    I am a bit of a collector ;-) I don't want to sell my ships to get new ones. So I'm thinking of spending most of my doublons on ship slots. Maybe I've just been lucky that I like all of my ships so far I also like to play them all daily for the bonus, but really just because I really like playing all of them. They are different styles and I'm just learning so I like to practice with each (which I need a lot of!) But I also want to have a few good captains for late game. So the question is- what is the best thing to do about captains with this 'strategy/goal'? Is it realistic to have one or two captains per line (BB,DD, etc), or should I keep/train them all? Thanks-
  12. Wrock0n

    What Do You Do About Kill Stealers

    OK I guess you guys are right. It doesn't really matter who gets the kill as long as you take him out for the team win. It's good that they focus on damage instead of kills thanks!
  13. Wrock0n

    What Do You Do About Kill Stealers

    Uhh- right. BTW, I'm guessing you get a lot of kills per match. And sport that proudly? And possibly beat others down who's precious 'stats' aren't as so called 'good' as yours? Just wondering... Still don't you think it's a little bit lie that the guy who just puts the last single shot gets the 'kill' when someone else did 90+% of the damange?
  14. Wrock0n

    What Do You Do About Kill Stealers

    Yeah, I guess I could do the same... Still wondering why, but yeah.
  15. Wrock0n

    What Do You Do About Kill Stealers

    Ohhh-K. Still I just gotta wonder what value somebody is getting out of it... I always felt that stat tracking brought out the lowest in every gaming community. Generally the bigger the stats, the bigger the a-hole sporting them. Generally.