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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that CVs gameplay will be back to RTS mode (as it was from beginning) just not more than in one year?
  2. Thx, I will consider buying it, but I am not sure if now, or wait for summer sale. Thx.
  3. Thx, ok so Loyang, or Anshan?
  4. I have met Giulio several times cruising Danae or Orion and it was painful enjoyment. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Orion much much better than Danae at T4.
  5. Majkeeni

    No *edit pls

    I would like to join your clan if you consider me worth it. I have never been in clan and can not use team chat regularly. But, I would like to learn new things and same as in real life and I can learn, for sure. I can fulfill your conditions (helpfull and calming). Btw, I am returning customer to WoWs, just few days ago. Thx in advance.
  6. So is there any ship worth to buy?
  7. Majkeeni

    Kraken Unleashed Reward

    Thanks for your very fruitful reply, really appreciate it. As I said in OP, I am returning customer, so I know almost everything you have mentioned, but I forgot about that brown boxy. I am sure, it was not included...but I received the new Patch for that "Win, score, rank!" mission as you can see on the pic. I suppose, that was the problem. Patch misconducted Kraken rewards Shame, I did not take a screenshot just after returning to the port.
  8. Majkeeni

    Kraken Unleashed Reward

    Ok, I am little bit lost... After Kraken Unleashed battle, I have received standard 2000 XP container. may be, in correlation with that, I did not receive anything else...should I receive any other container or just equal speed charlie london flags (how much?)? Because 4 things were included in that container...3 x damage control party, 3 x hydro, 3 x india bravo and 1 collector item. Nothing more, also in notification area, there is nothing more written. May be the bug? Or did I miss something?
  9. Majkeeni

    Kraken Unleashed Reward

    Hi all, just a noob question...what is the reward for Kraken Unleashed achievement? I can not find it anywhere. Just curious, because I have achieved my first one after returning to WoWs, but do not find the reward anywhere. On achievement screen, there is just a box as a reward, but what is inside? Thx in advance, M.
  10. Majkeeni

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    Another important aspect of re-playability...do not forget that you earn Elite Commander XP, gained by both Commanders. Can someone confirm, that Elite XP will not disapper with both Commanders after Dynamo's end?
  11. Majkeeni

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    Well, this is the first Operation, which I will repeat for sure "ex voluntate" I have never had this feeling with previous Operations.
  12. Majkeeni

    Operation Dynamo. The issues

    Impressive, best Operation so far by far. Well done WG, well done...
  13. Majkeeni

    Summersale... "the grand finale"

    Yeah, I feel little bit disappointed by the final "bundle" too...but, for WGEU, a word bundle means 1 ship + 1 port + 3 x XP missions in this sale. So we might be all wrong thinking that final bundle will be a bundle with more ships... In this case, they did not lie :)
  14. Majkeeni


    Now, after two pages related to exact "Kutuzov" topic, I have all the information which I needed to know, if it is worth to invest on this ship. Thank you
  15. Ok guys, may be the wrong thread, but inspired by the pinned "Historical Links Exchange" topic and searched and found nothing similar here, I just propose to start a topic about books and publications about warships and their historical operations. I have been raised on Edmund Kosiarz "Bitwy morskie" book, that is my favourite childhood reading (Gdansk 1973). I know it is a little bit tendentional work (thanks to the communist propaganda) but I want to start building my warship library now. Do you have some books to recommend (author, book name, ISBN, language etc.)? Thank you in advance.