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  1. Lucius_Ning

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I, too, want to join the lottery.
  2. Hi Great Developer, There is a difference between the sart time you give and the one found in TempArenaInfo.json. There is always around 20-30 seconds between the 2. For example, I ran a battle at 20:25:52 according to TempArenaInfo.json and at 20:26:32 according to your extract. This is a bit annoying because I have written a database with the history of all my battles and I cannot join the 2 results. Is there a reason for this difference? P.S.: By the way, the start time is in the replay file name: 20180814_202552_PASC206-Dallas_50_Gold_harbor
  3. Hi Great Programmer! I've got a request and a question for you: The request : Can you add the ship ID in your stats? Sometimes, ships change name, or receive a new ID, like in the splitting of branches. ID is the only key that can follow these changes. The question : is it possible to reset the DB or to force an update of stats? I have kept replay files for more than a year and during this time, your application has improved and more stats where added. So I miss some data in the older replays. Thanks for the job, anyway!
  4. Lucius_Ning

    Warships specifications comparison table

    I've just tried and I have no prob to enter the user and password. Can you explain what is your issue?
  5. They can be found here : https://eu.warships.today/vehicles I don't know if you will be able to extract them though...
  6. Hi Master Developper! There is a little issue in the analysis: Whatever the game you play (Coop, Ranked, Random,...) the ships stats are always the same, probably the random ones. Is it possible to change it and fetch the stats corresponding to the battle type played? Keep on the good job!
  7. Lucius_Ning

    Warships specifications comparison table

    Update for 0.6.10 is available See first message
  8. Lucius_Ning

    Warships specifications comparison table

    Update will be posted as soon as 6.10 is up and running.
  9. Hi all, I've created an excel file with the most important specifications (IMHO) of all warships. All ships appear in default specs and fully upgraded specs when upgrades exist. I've also added the "normalized precision" which is basically the shell dispersion at 1 km. It helps comparing guns accuracy. The files are here On my Cloud User: wows / Password : wows Update 2018-04-28: Version data is available If you find issues, just send me a Private message and I'll try to correct it for the next update. Now for the requests: _____________________________________________ Wargaming APIs do not give Hydro and radar data so I added them manually with the help of the wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Hydroacoustic_Search http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Surveillance_Radar Unfortunately, the tables are not correct. For example, it is said that Tier 8 Russian Cruisers have radar (Chapayev) but it's not the case for the Kutuzov. This means that for Premium/Rewards/Special offer ships the data is most probably false. The only place where I found this information is in the game itself when you own the ship... but I do not own all these ships. So if You, community members, could take a look at your premium ships and send me their hydro/radar specs, I will be able to update the file for the benefit of everyone. _____________________________________________ If someone knows where I can find HE and AP penetration information, I'll be delighted to add it in the files Thanks in advance,
  10. Lucius_Ning

    Missing API

    Nope... No answer... All I found was a table in the wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Consumables#Hydroacoustic_Search Can be used to make a manual link in the DB though. There is sufficient data to connect the right ships with the right consumables but it'll have to be maintained at each new ship or wiki update.
  11. Lucius_Ning

    Missing API

    Not sure it's the right place to post but as there is no developper forum for WoWs, I throw my message in a bottle here. I would like to create an offline ships database so that it's easy to make custom reports or queries. Unfortunately, the extracts available in the developper room (https://developers.wargaming.net/) do not offer the option to fetch consumables available by ship: -Hydro -Radar -Spotter plane -... Does anybody know if I can find it somewhere else?
  12. Une petite idée qui m'est venue en jouant: Ne pourrait-on pas ajouter le pays d'origine et/ou les langues connues au profil du joueur? Je pense que les afficher au moment de la composition des équipes serait un plus pour la communication pendant le combat. En effet, vouloir jouer avec quelqu'un qui parle la même langue ou qui vient d'un même pays est ancré dans la nature humaine ("Nous les petits Roumains, on va mettre la patée aux Allemands d'en face!"). A chaque fois que quelqu'un a accepté de rentrer dans ma division, j'ai essayé de communiquer en chat vocal et écrit. Je n'ai jamais eu de réponse, ni vocale ni écrite. Savoir qu'on joue avec un compatriote favoriserait des divisions plus performantes. Just my 2 cents...
  13. Lucius_Ning

    Changements apportés à l'équilibrage

    Tout à fait d'accord! Faut être un poulpe pour bien jouer un CV :-) Je peux comprendre la motivation de WG pour les Bombardiers et torpilleurs, mais pas du tout pour les chasseurs. Ceux-ci n'ont d'influence que sur le combat aérien. L'appariement actuel met régulièrement des tier 6 face à des 5, un ou deux straffings et le CV5 peut rentrer au port... La solution serait soit de réactiver la touche ALT pour les chasseurs, soit de modifier l'appariement de façon à ce que les CV de tier 4 et 5 ne rencontrent jamais des tiers supérieurs. J'ai toutefois peur que cette dernière option ne rallonge beaucoup les temps d'attente...