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  1. Still recruiting for Clan Wars. We are looking for players with tier X ships! We have spaces in BOTS & BOTS2 for active players!
  2. Still recruiting for players wanting to play clan wars
  3. Welcome to the clan Tommo!
  4. Happy Monday! Still recruiting for BOTS & BOTS2. Looking for players who want to play Clan Wars and be actively involved in a clan! Have tier X ships or the skillz to use a rental tier X then contact either N7Shepski (BOTS2) or conh (BOTS)
  5. Welcome to the clan Captain_Breeze
  6. Happy Potato Saturday! Still looking for players for Clan Wars and players who want to play in a social group of like minded guys & gals!
  7. Happy Friday everyone Still looking for active players who would like to do clan wars
  8. Still recruiting for active Clan Wars players!
  9. Bump.... Like conh says above...still recruiting. BOTS2 is currently full but drop me a PM if you are interested in clan wars. BOTS still has places available! Shepski
  10. Welcome to the clan Isalani
  11. Welcome to the clan Dexter