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  1. Gina_Affogato

    Server Down

    same just got in now
  2. Gina_Affogato

    Server Down

    Time to get in some BDO and WT time then
  3. Gina_Affogato

    Server Down

    I was just about to play and got booted out and then won't let me reconnect
  4. Gina_Affogato

    [GINA] Clan for casuals

    Clan specifically formed for casual gamers who want the benefits of the clan bases without the commitment of a competitive clan. Your level of involvement is up to you, just earn oil, contribute and get the bonuses. Will set up discord for those who want to team up. I have only unlocked up to T6 on most nations but play all types. Look me up if you want in.
  5. Gina_Affogato

    So how does everyone........

    Put up with 10-15 consecutive loses sometimes you play bad other times its the best game ever and yet you still lose. Matching making between skill levels is non-existent and its sooo frustrating going up against people that are using teamspeak or dicord or at the very least know how to play. I know I can't be the only one so what keeps you guys in the game?!?!?
  6. Gina_Affogato

    Newbie question

    Cool thx guys.
  7. Gina_Affogato

    Newbie question

    Is it normal to be hit once by a Belfast and die instantly without a citadel hit? I was in an Emerald and two clan guys blitz me in one hit. Such a drag this game when crap like this happens reason why I don't invest when one shotted from the other side of the map.
  8. Gina_Affogato

    What has happened to this game?

    Ok, after a brief respite from playing, I come back and over the last two weeks, every game I've played has lasted less that 2mins. I played my normal tactics, these worked for me in the past and yet I get 3-4 co-ordinated barrages from BB and CR which kill me almost instantly before firing a shot. This is the first time this has happened to me since I started playing last year, so either every game I've played since, they have been cheating using aimbots or things have taken a massive turn for the worst in this game. Has anyone else experienced this becasue this game sux now.
  9. Gina_Affogato

    Already tired of being LOCATED!

    My Kamikaze is no longer fun to play, and there seems to be a problem in that when I lay down smoke, ships are able to target me with VERY precise hits as though the smoke doesn't even exist. It renders the islands and terrain useless, we might as well play across a flat open sea map with no features because that's about as interesting. Maybe in future updates just line the ships up on a small map with no controls only a fire button, because this seems what its being reduced to.
  10. Gina_Affogato

    Radio Location Skill Feedback

    Dumbing down of these games seems to be the order of the day. Rather than rely on a persons own skills and tactics, we end up with a thoughtless, dull spray and pray games, like Starwars BF, BF1, and even WT is heading into the direction of catering to the lowest common denominator in gaming terms. I've only recently just come back from a break in playing and immediately noticed how stupid this game has become, the game has changed for the worse and like everyone else here will not be investing more money into this.
  11. Gina_Affogato

    one time offer

    I was offered a T2 american destroyer the Smith, but I closed the window and couldn't get it back and couldn't find it anywhere on the page to purchase it.
  12. Have really only just started playing random battles but followed the tips above and played one of my best games, didn't die too early, helped our team to win after a morning of constantly being hammered by the opposition, helped finish off two battleships with carefully place torpedoes and provided fire support for destroyer and fellow cruisers (was playing Karlsruhe) racked up some serious silver and xp.
  13. Gina_Affogato

    Why do commanders forget they served on a previous ship?

    My hobbies include recycling and flogging dead horses.
  14. Gina_Affogato

    Why do commanders forget they served on a previous ship?

    I agree completely I like playing low every now and then and I've basically got a captain for each ship which is wasteful and would prefer to train up. It is really irritating.