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    Is my laptop good enough to run this game?

    Someone else in another forum replied to me with this comment. 'Since ur graphic card only have a benchmark score of 676 and the minimum requirements have benchmark score 2640, I would say just deactivate everything u can...U can deactivate more things by the control panel with the key left of 1. Don't know what command to write there in the command promp window though.' If anyone can explain to me without too much tech, what he means and how to accomplish this. I'd appreciate it

    Identifying Star Wars Clone Wars song

    Hi all, The title of said video below might disturb you, ha, but I'm trying to find the specific song that starts from about 2:54 to 3:06 I've tried to Shazam it as well, but that didn't yield anything.
  3. I've considered investing in the game Stellaris and I've been pondering it for almost a week. But when I found it for just £11 instead of £30-£40. I decided to give it a try after reading lots of reviews and watching countless videos about it to get a feel for it. Apparently, this is what is needed.MinimumOS: Windows 7Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 9400 2.66 GHz / AMD Athlon II X4 640 3.0 GHz Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 460 / AMD Radeon HD 5770, 1 GB VRAMDirectX: 9.0c Broadband internet connectionHard Drive: 4 GB available spaceSound: DirectX compatible sound cardRecommended Processor: Intel Core2Duo 2.0 GHz or betterGraphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti / AMD Radeon HD 6850, 1 GB VRAMMy laptop, an Asus N56VM, seems to fall a little short in processing power, but not by much and the graphics isn't far too I think. But I'd like to know what you guys think and what kind of settings you would reccomend I play with to get the best visual and gaming experience. My laptop has the following specs.OS: Windows 7 Processor: Intel® Core™ i7-3610QM CPU @ 2.30GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.3GHzMemory: 12288MB RAMAvailable OS Memory: 12GB RAM ApproxGraphics: Nvidia GEFORCE GT 630M - 2GBDirectX: 11Graphics: Sound: Bang and Olufsen
  4. I just played a game and I noticed something huge. When you make a manual drop, you can readjust it multiple times with ease, but now it's extremely sticky and almost ridiculously hard to change it once you've pressed alt and this is before your planes even begin their run. I'm not even sure how I can readjust it, but I can tell you it's really complicated compared to what it used to be. Being able to readjust our manual bombing runs is what makes our planes so deadly and if we lose that then we're close to [edited]useless. I'm now missing about 50% more torps than I normally do and I know it's not because I'm having bad games. My torp hit ratio from planes is about 66% on average. Now I'm getting barely 1-2 torp hits per run, where as I normally get 3-4. I tried it multiple times with just the langley on multiple games. Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's not. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was intentional, as WoW has made itself known to hate carriers by neglecting them and making it ridiculously harder to play them. Has any other carrier players noticed this in the past few hours?
  5. Just a simple request for the heavily nerfed and neglected carrier players out there. Stop giving us unresponsive, uncooperative and unskilled carrier team mates. I can deal with a whole team of bad players on my side and do my best. But I can't stand being steam rolled or cornered by 2 carriers who work together, so I can't move my planes anywhere, when my own team mate is just bad and does the exact opposite of what a team player should do. Having a bad team can kill your mood once in a while, but having bad CV team mates just sours the game on a whole new level. I maybe get a co-operative (not necessarily skilled, but that is easy to overcome with good communication) cv team mate once every 10 double cv games. So give us carrier players the option to not fight with CV team mates, as you seem so insistent of promoting no teamwork amongst CV players by denying them divisions. (Which is a completely different argument) Also, just because you aren't a skilled player, it doesn't excuse you from not communicating and working with such an influential ship. I am posting this now, because I can actually get on the forum, without WoW not messing with my login details such as not recognising the password I created for my account and because most of my CV games are 2v2. This happens across all tiers.
  6. Well. I am waiting a response from the WG staff. Will be interesting to see what they say to it.

    Let me player a CV in random games by myself!

    Can you show me the patch note that says this, because I can't find it. If you read the earlier replies about this being my second account, you'd already know that I've played more games in tier 8 as a CV than any other tier. 202 to be exact.
  8. If this were true, then why does the OP show that 3 different regions have the exact same decisions, but the 4th being EU does it differently? I seriously doubt that the other three regions came to the exact same decision, while making their own decisions. Please note, I'm not complaining as I'm not that fussed, but just curious about the thread and opened it up and found this comment.

    Let me player a CV in random games by myself!

    Again, if you bothered to actually make an intelligent relevant comment to this post. Perhaps you could be taken more seriously? Again, this is not about my own performance, but being able to chose to play by myself instead of having a team mate who actually makes things worse and your "advice" completely ignores the main point of this thread. Which is why can't CVs chose to play without having a CV team mate? I mean we are already limited to having only 1 CV in each division, so why not do the same for non division games and let CVs work without other CVs helping them. And yes, please do explain how this is a reroll that is actually trying to hide from my previous account? Please do tell? Because when I made the 2nd account, if you actually bothered to read my post, you'll know why I made a new account. But since you didn't. I'll recap and add to it for you. I did it because of the reasons below. To calm down all the stat and number of game whores, like some replying to this thread: Most if not almost all forum members generally dismiss almost every and any point that other members make down to two numbers. Number of games played and WR percentage. Both of which are about as reliable in judging a player's skill as judging how good a book is by it's cover. It only tells you want you want to, someone who is inexperienced and doesn't win a lot. Both of which are easily to dupe people with. For example, if someone with account with hundreds if not thousands of games decides to make a smurf account and suddenly enter a forum discussion on say 38 battles, as some love to point out, his/her point suddenly becomes a heck of a lot less valuable until he mentions his other account. And what about those players who had really bad first 1000 games with just a 40% WR, but improved so much in the next 300 that they won those 300 high tier games 80% of the time? I'd say he's worthy of his overall 80% WR, but because his account lumps it with the other 1000 poor games when he was a completely different player, his account doesn't reflect his current skill level and so his ability to make any point stick to a forum member who is simply a stat whore when discussing points is almost mute as his WR by then is most likely around 55%, when the best are around 70-80%+. And what about the point of playing other ships to get a better perspective on how to improve your ability to play CVs? That point is mute. Why? Just look at this guy. https://eu.warships.today/player/503973851/papedipupi His WR with the Midway is the highest in the EU and he has one of the highest number of games with it as well. If we adds his weigh/support to my comments. How are you going to react? Are you going to agree? Because he has almost 1k games with a Midway and if you do agree with him. You're just proving me right that you are just agreeing or a hell of a lot more likely to agree with someone who has ridiculously high WRs and high number of games. Which would explain my reason to start a new account, because it would simply take far too many games to achieve a similar WR like Papedipupi, not only with just a midway, but with playing CVs in general. And no, I am not using this new account to hide from my old one, I picked almost the exact same name, because I want the relation to be obvious. That my WR should be much higher than what it says in my older account. And if anyone is going to point out how badly I've played because of my WR with the Wyoming and South Carolina, I'll tell you now it's because I did the stupid thing of going into a division with someone a tier higher. Mostly with the south Carolina and I got battered around by tier 4-5 ships every PvP game, unable to do jack all. Only, when I began playing by myself or with ships of the same tier in the division did my WR improve, but only with the Wyoming, as by then I had learnt my lesson and had enough exp to get the Wyoming.
  10. I've just had the worst CV game ever, my team mate is worse than incompetent, because he splits up, doesn't work or communicate together, suicides and kills my own planes as well! I'm having to consistently play 2v2 CV games in random and it's horrible. I've done it for 4 games in a row and it's just horrible to play or even enjoy. It's worse than my previous game, where my team mates decided to cap early, instead of letting me net my well deserved Kraken when we had 10 minutes left and were willing the game by far, just because they think all CV players are idiots. Which annoyed me, but I let it pass, because I'm good enough to get it again, but in that game I was the only CV on my team. The worst thing as a CV player is being paired with another CV player who is just downright horrible at playing the game or even working together. It's ten times worse than having a bad team in general and I'd rather have a bad team than a bad CV team mate. So please WoW, give me the ability to play as the only CV in my team. I'd rather win or lose the skies by myself than be paired up with some random player who consistently blows my game to kingdom come faster than I can say ship on a stick. Let. Me. Play. As the only CV in my team. I'm sure the other captains of their respective ships could appreciate less CVs and planes flying about as well. let 2 CVs go divisions or let us play alone, I don't want to be paired with random CV players.