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  1. Kaput_Mundi

    Help wanted: guide to BB brawling

    Also very true. A well timed push can turn a game in your favour. Good advice here.
  2. Kaput_Mundi

    Help wanted: guide to BB brawling

    I'll try to help you, as I play mostly German BBs and each one has a full/hybrid secondary build. 1. SHIPS As far as ships are concerned, the obvious choice would be Ze Germans. Their armor is very good and gets stronger the closer you are to the enemy due to turtleback. Their secondaries are best-in-tier almost every time and, plus, you that "Deutschland Uber Alles" effect that scares people (super effective tactic). Other than that, i only played IJN BBs, and tho I found them quite good in brawling scenarios, I cannot give you any other insight than that above. Better off asking players that have more experience with other lines. 2. BUILD Simple: maximise via modules and flags your secondary capabilty. Then go survivability. Also dont forget speed to swiftly close to the enemy when the opportunity rises. Camo the best you have, just pick the one you would take to be competitive. 3. COMMANDER Same build for every ship, only 1 skill different for -T7 or +T7 - PM - EM - AR - BoS - BFT - AFT - Manual Secondaries (for T7+) or Concealmente/Fire Prevention (for -T7) 4. Brawling is about TIMING. It doesn't matter if you are the best brawler tactician on the jet-set: screw up your push time = die quickly. You have to carefully read the situation and exploit enemy mistakes. Remember that once you are committed to a push it is very very hard to disengage. Brawling is about PATIENCE. Even if you have the best brawling ship set up with a 19 pts commander in it, you cannot withstand being focus fired by 2/3 or more ships. So play second line in the first half of the game. "But i cannot hit anything with my bismarck guns!" "Welcome to the Kriegsmarine son." Brawling is about having BALLS and playing for enjoyment. Brawling is not the most effective playstyle. And it is the least rewarded. But we all know that it is the most fun and enjoyable playstyle. So expect a lot of wrong games, with wrong teammates that prefer to snipe from 20 km than getting their paint scrateched a bit. Brawling is about ANGLING AND CLOSING IN AS FAST AS POSSIBILE. Watch out for torps and enemies around the "duel area". Dont give broadside to the enemy, no matter what ship you are in. German or RN maybe almost immune to citadels but they do take tons of normal pens. Use your armor and find the right angle to bounce/mitigate damage and let your secondaries open up on the enmy vessel. 5. STUDY Watching CC videos on YouTube can help a lot, namely Flamu, Notser and Others, to say a few known names. They are very good and experienced players and you can learn tons and tons of useful things from them. Watch, listen, learn, profit. Hope this helps!
  3. Kaput_Mundi

    Gneisenau advice

    Pretty much what has already been said: KNOW WHEN TO PUSH. Gneisenau is a beast when used correctly but you gotta read the situation and figure out what's going on. Try to play it safe at the start and support your cruisers and DDs: they will kill enemy DDs so that you can allow yourself to push in more aggressively. Get used to spot overextending enemies: they are your prey. You are fast so you can close the distance in a matter of a couple salvos. The guns are a bit luckluster but the caliber has good pen values and dmg. As a personal note, I would go with a secondary build. The more you get close, the deadlier you become.
  4. Kaput_Mundi

    Henri IV, Moskva or Hindenburg? Help me decide!

    I cannot speak for Moskva or Henri, but i unlocked the Hindenburg a couple of days ago and slapped a 19 points captain on it. I tell you this: Hindenburg is a monster. A real monster.
  5. Kaput_Mundi

    Matchmaking Chart

    The same had happen to me for months. Got in my Konigsberg = 7 out of 10 matches are with T7 monsters that nuke me, no matter how much wasd and brain i do use. Got in my Nurnberg/Bayern and have to deal with T8 all the time. Of course got nuked. And this is without even going to Bismarck or Amagi and face Yamatos, Khabarovsks and alike all the damn time. T8 seals vs T10 monsters almost every time? Give me a break. This is becoming unplayable, i really can't enjoy this kind of gameplay. I do try to do my part for the team but it is so frustrating that playing the game is becoming pointless for me because it's no more a way to relax and enjoy freetime.
  6. Kaput_Mundi


    I will tell you this. If you could manage to play the Nurnberg well back then, try her now with the HE buff and the 360° rear turrets rotation. She is a monster if played correctly.
  7. Kaput_Mundi

    Graf Spee and Nuremberg for rank

    Definitely going for the Nurnberg. There was a time when she was really difficult to play well, very squishy, not as nimble as Konigsberg and poor AP pen angles when target not perfect broadside. Now with the HE buff and the 360° rear turrets rotation (like Konigsberg) i will tell you this: if you could manage to play her well back then, you can be an overpowered monster with her now.
  8. Kaput_Mundi

    Bismarck Captain !

    I'm currently grinding toward a 19 cpt on my Bismarck. Running max secondaries. So far, i went like this: - PM: because nothing was better to me. Ok ok, PT is cool and all but honestly i find far more useful to protect my modules rather knowing that someone is pointing his guns at me (which btw they always do, since i'm basically tanking and brawling after 5 mins in the game) - EM: Bismarck turrets rotate quite fast, as well as other KM BBs, but in a close quarter combat it's always useful to be able to track your target faster or catch a sneaky cruiser offguard. - AR: bacuse you will (or should) tank damage for your team, and often will benefit from this skill. Also, if you are in secondaries range, you become like a spiky fortress. - BFT: bacuse your secondaries just rock. Maximize them and then go full uber alles in the middle of the battle. - AFT: same reason stated above. - MFCSA: same reason state above. Hope this helps
  9. Kaput_Mundi

    Camping bb's

    Camping BB = inacceptable cowardice
  10. Kaput_Mundi

    The hypocritical audacity of BBs

  11. Kaput_Mundi

    The hypocritical audacity of BBs

    I'll give my brief assessment on this subject. 1. BBs are crazy popular because they are the most "powerful", armored and forgiving ship class. Plus, they are BBs, and BBs are always epic. 2. BBs have a lot of tools to withstand almost anything, provide they don't yolo like idiots. 3. Every single ship class in the game can and will be a pain in the back for another. Every class have the tools to survive and dish out potent damage if played correctly. 4. CVs maybe be not nice to play against, but they add a tactical element to the game, which in ultimate analysis requires teamwork to counter: which 99% of random games lacks. That's the reason why a good CV captain can wreck havoc among a disunite enemy team, while not being able to do almost anything to a solid enemy squadron working together. 5. I am a cruiser main, i also play a lot of BBs. Recently i tapped into DDs and CVs. No ship class is overpowered, and if it seems it's captain's fault, not ship's. You always have the tools to get rid of your enemy.
  12. Kaput_Mundi

    Fara Carrier Guide

    I used to be a cruiser / BB main, then tried DDs for a while and now i'm on IJN carriers. This guide is PURE GOLD. Thank you very much sir, for i greatly appreciate your effort
  13. Kaput_Mundi

    Any chance to WG ''protect'' tier 5 and 6 cruisers?

    I definitely think that a +1/-1 MM would be the best choice for all tiers. The powering up scaling, as the tiers go up, can become quite seriuos, especially for BB mains. The problem lies in the ability of the ship to actually do damage and influence the game, providing good tactics and not yolo rushing like an idiot. Whereas a Nurnberg can take on a much bigger cruiser, due to fast rate of fire and better manuverability, or burn a BB +2 tier just as well a T6 BB, BBs have the problem that they are quite like their bigger brothers counterparts, except they are smaller, less armoured and with less powerful guns. And they are supposed to fight them, tank them: basically like a welter-weight fighting a heavy-weight. You can punch your opponent, your are certainly faster, but you wouldn't bet on the 70 kg boxeur against a 100 kg heavyweight of same skill. This was only an example, but i'm experiencing this myself. Altough i can work around it, changing my playstyle accordingly, some games are just plain boring this way.
  14. Kaput_Mundi


    You are right man, i'm already trying to change my approach to uptiered games. Maybe, as i and you said, i just have to get better when handling these kind of situations. Definitely will try spamming HE in Bismarck as a last resort! XD Seriously, all advices are welcome, and thanks for yours
  15. Kaput_Mundi


    I would like to humbly add my pov on this subject. I'm no unicum, but i play reasonably well (i guess, maybe i'm screwed and i don't even know it...), mostly with KM cruisers and BBs. Lately, i'm finding myself struggling greatly in T8 MM, especially with my Bismarck, which is by the way the ship i perform best in. I usually meet only T9-T10 ships, with the occasional T8 that gets nuked (much like me) the moment is spotted or makes even a little mistake in positioning. Never saw a T7 in ages, and i play on a regular daily basis. I'm quite always bottom tiered, and even if i can fight T9-10s, in the end i just get overwhelmed by the difference in tier-scaling, armour, hp, firepower and whatnot. I'm trying all the well known strategies to perform decently in those kind of situations, but the thing is getting more and more frustrating, as being put constantly in T9-T10 matches well... it is not very enjoyable. Maybe i just have do git gud - i know i do - but i'm starting to ditch high tiers in favour of lower ones, quite often actually. Doesn't sound too good, i know.