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  1. oscarpuz

    How do I land a torp bomber?

    thanks for that - much obliged
  2. oscarpuz

    How do I land a torp bomber?

    thanks both - while on the subject I understand that pressing the alt key allows manual attacks. I've been tying this out in co-op battles but it does not change the auto attack reticule. Is there a particular point when the alt key is pressed to allow a manual attack?
  3. Okay - just taken the plunge with my first CV, but I sometimes accidently command a torp bomber automatically returning to the carrier. It then flies around waiting for a command instead of landing. How do I get it down so it can rearm?
  4. oscarpuz

    So what about Clans

    thanks very much
  5. oscarpuz

    So what about Clans

    So Clans then - what are they all about? Why join? What happens when you join? Is there somewhere I can find out? What's all this oil stuff? Did I fall asleep at the back of the class when this stuff came out? Grateful for a reasoned response All the very best in anticipation
  6. oscarpuz

    Designating targets for secondary guns

    Most grateful to you all
  7. Don't all laugh at once - but how do you designate targets for secondary's?
  8. oscarpuz

    Seeing the damage

    When I watch WoW replays on YouTube they always have the damage count coming up top right of the screen during play. I don't have this - I have to wait - with baited breath, for the end to find out how badly I have done. Is there an option to have this on screen while battling?
  9. oscarpuz

    How do I compare?

    Blimey that's awful - but thanks
  10. oscarpuz

    How do I compare?

    I can see a lot of performance information in my profile - damage ratio, main battery's accuracy etc. but how do I know what is above or below or indeed average for those figures. How can I compare?
  11. oscarpuz

    Ship XP - so what?

    So one of my ships has over 120k XP - so what? What can I do with it? what difference does it make?
  12. oscarpuz

    not enough to reserach

    Thanks very much - very helpful
  13. oscarpuz

    not enough to reserach

    I can play the game okay but still have not worked out the exchanging Xp and all that stuff. I want to purchase a ship but the message enough I don't have enough star shaped credits to do it - how do I get more?
  14. oscarpuz

    Why and How?

    thanks that is helpful
  15. oscarpuz

    Why and How?

    Um.....not really helpful