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  1. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Collector's Club Launch

    Sweet got my first patch :)
  2. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Test server

    Thank you tried to get this question answered almost all day.
  3. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Test server

    Good Day., I downloaded the test server today and ever since tried to get on to this server but nothing works ? Is this sever offline all day ? Or must i do something extra ? I made a new account for this server with the same email address as my regular account but nothing works ? Note that it can pass my firewall without problem.
  4. Good Evening., Our clan Vlaamse Marine Vloot (Flamish/Dutch) clan is looking for Dutch Speaking active players. Who wants to play Clan Battles. Please PM me ingame if you are interrested. ViceAdmMorgan.
  5. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Dutchy looking for a casual clan

    Avond., Je zou welkom zijn bij VMV (Vlaamse Marine Vloot) is een Vlaamse/Nederlandse clan en wij zijn opzoek naar leden die graag aan CB battles willen mee doen. PM mij als je bij ons wil aansluiten.
  6. Dear Captains., We are a small Flamish/Dutch (VMV) clan looking for active members who are willing to play in Clan Battles. Use of Discord is highly appriciated. Also Dutch/English speaking. Greetings., ViceAdmiralMorgan Ps: if you are interested please PM me in game. ViceAdmiralMorgan.
  7. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Clan / Logo

    Can not wait to see our proud logo before our names ingame :)
  8. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Clan / Logo

    Hello Captains., Any idea how we can update/upload a logo for our Clan in Wows ? Can find it for Wot but not for World Of Warships. Many tnx fr anybodies kind assistance.
  9. Hi., Looking for a casual Dutch Clan. Iam a player 35+ Not a excellent player but I have my days :) Most of the times I Play with bb's and dd's. Have ships from tier 4 untill 10.
  10. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    starting dutch clan in search 4 members

    Vraagje weten jullie soms een clan voor de wat oudere gamers ? 35+ ? Ben niet zo super fanatiek maar wows speel ik bijna wel dagelijks.
  11. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Server Down ?

    Just wanna say this sucks
  12. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Can not connect ... Technical issues

    I played around 19:00 hrs but at 21:00 hrs I could not get online anymore .....
  13. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Server offline ?

    Okay its not only me ... thank you.
  14. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Server offline ?

    More people who can not get on the server ??
  15. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Problems with ingame sound

    Hello., Yesterday I had major problems with the latest update of windows (no more internet/no more sound). Solved this by doing a roll back, but now I have still problems with the ingame sound in World of Warships. I have some sounds, but not all works. I have updated my realtek sound drivers but that doesnt seem to work. The sound seems like its very soft and far in the back ground. Have tried everything but iam at a loss. Anybody any ideas ?