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  1. ViceAdmiralMorgan

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  2. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Server issues

    I found that the main problem was a windows update. I have reinstalled the game and now it works fine again. Perhaps you have the same problem, who knows.
  3. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Server issues

    Hello, Got a problem with the game, it keeps freezing after a few minutes ? Do not understand how this is possible. This morning I had no problems with the game, but after 12:00 hrs it started. I can play one game at the most and then the game freezes. Does more people have the same problem on the EU server ? Greetings., ViceAdmiral Morgan.
  4. ViceAdmiralMorgan

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  5. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    ViceAdmiral Morgan Replays

  6. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) - The Balancing Nightmares....

    Wauw never given it a second thought, but mines would be cool. If you could drop them from dd's or cruisers. On a certain spot for a certain amount of time. Also subs, shouldn't be abbe to cap while submerged. This would make them to powerful in my opinion.
  7. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Den Helder 14-9-2019

    Dear Fellow Captains., Just curious to know if their are more peeps who are interested to go the Convention in Den Helder (The Netherlands) upcoming 14th of September. Greeting., ViceAdmiral Morgan.
  8. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    ViceAdmiral Morgan Replays

  9. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    ViceAdmiral Morgan Replays

    Yes, received my 100th member on my little YT channel :)
  10. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    ViceAdmiral Morgan Replays

  11. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    ViceAdmiral Morgan Replays

  12. Made a small video about this subject ... mabby this useful.
  13. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    unaffordable service costs?

    You can make money with T8 ships, but you got be a bit lucky to be honest. If you are getting focus fired upon by 4 T10 ships then you are royally screwed. Just be a bit more careful then you should be fine. May RNGJesus hold you hand in battle.
  14. Go to the bin folder and drag your replay onto the 32 or 64 worldofwarships icon. Then game will start, but you will have to reset all your details of how your games runs. All is reset to standard. To be honest i do not understand why Wows have changed how this works from like 3 months ago.
  15. ViceAdmiralMorgan

    Dutch Navy - koninklijke marine

    Wows will there be more Dutch ship be brought into the game ? Now we only have "De Friesland". It would be awesome if that would be the case. For all the peeps who say that we do not have enough ships for our own Dutch line is mistaken :)