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  1. Ryouzanpakku

    Captain skills for US CL line also good for Atlanta?

    I was thinking about pretty much this - getting BFT instead of DE - but I am afraid what what it will do with the number of fires as even with IFHE fires are big percentage of my total damage (if I remember correctly)
  2. Ryouzanpakku

    Captain skills for US CL line also good for Atlanta?

    TY all :) So there is no space for BFT on universal captain as I was afraid.... :( thats too bad would like to see even more dakka on Atlanta :D
  3. Is this even possible? I would like to start playing WoWs again after long time. Before I have left I liked most T6 Cleveland... and when friend told me about 50% off on Atlanta I have spent doubloons sitting on my account for a long time. I would like to focus on new US CL line (yeah I like to shoot people from behind islands - sue me :D ) but I am bit unsure how to build a captain which will be good for Helena/Cleveland while also working well with Atlanta... As for now I have a fairly standard 10point captain with Priority Target - Adrenaline Rush - Demolition Expert - IFHE.
  4. Ryouzanpakku

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Well - pretty much only premium ship I somehow-almost-wanted was the Atlanta (only ships unique in some aspect are IMHO worth the money - no reason to spend cash for clone of techtree with 1sec different reload a 10m change in turning circle - again IMHO)... Was not willing to spend full price for Atlanta - but 50% off, with option to spend doubloons - very good deal so I finally got her. Sooo - from my point of view it was good sale. (would also got Scharnhorst but already got her).
  5. Ryouzanpakku

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    hmmm North Carolina with citadel over half of the ship I can pay RL money for.... tempting much? :D
  6. Ryouzanpakku

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    I have Takao-chan so Atago is not really that tempting for me :) Have Kutuzov though and it is exactly the exception you talk about :D
  7. Ryouzanpakku

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    T7 matchmaking >>>>>>>> T8 matchmaking 50% >>>>>>> 30% (IMHO) :D
  8. Ryouzanpakku

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    No BFT? With ballistic characteristics of Atlanta guns I would probably prefer BFT to AFT tbh.
  9. Ryouzanpakku

    Summer Sale 2018: finished

    Bah damn you WG... promised myself I will not spend more money on games this month... not even playing WoWS these days. But just bought 1672 Doubloons I was missing to get Atlanta.... :D
  10. Ryouzanpakku

    Counter the radar!

    Hmmmm ... 2017 smoke rulez 2018 radar owns smoke 2019 scrambler tops radar 2020 radar Mk2 beats scrambler 2021 .... yeah and I would suggest to make scrambler/radar premium consumables only royalties from this idea can be donated on Serbs moon village project /sarcasm off (note for the really dense ones) :)
  11. T7 is generally sweetspot for me so I am interested in opinions on T7 New Orleans - is it gutship or badship? :)
  12. Ryouzanpakku

    pensicola is abysmal

    I do not liked Pepsi much. But IMHO T6 Pepsi is (tier for tier ofc) in better spot then T8 Cleveland :/
  13. Ryouzanpakku

    How to play "new" Cleveland

    1) park behind the island 2) politely ask opponents to not maneuver much 3) write "thank you" letter to WG for creating such a fun and universal ship
  14. Ryouzanpakku

    Cleveland to T8 is very bad idea

    My personal look on light cruisers /not necessary objective/ Kutuzov > Chapayev = Edinburgh > Cleveland
  15. TBH I do not understand what are you complaining about: - 0 P2W - literally ZERO - Very limited time advantage as a reward of RNG - Possibility to get it for free ingame - rest of the non RNG rewards is nice enough - and again for free If someone is stupid enough to pay for cashshop boxes to get this.... well good for WG I suppose. I like this approach.