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  1. TBH I do not understand what are you complaining about: - 0 P2W - literally ZERO - Very limited time advantage as a reward of RNG - Possibility to get it for free ingame - rest of the non RNG rewards is nice enough - and again for free If someone is stupid enough to pay for cashshop boxes to get this.... well good for WG I suppose. I like this approach.
  2. New US Cruiser line :)

    All this are just speculations anyway - there was no official word about it AFAIK. But logically - as Cleveland is very popular ship - I would expect US CL line to be "full of Cleveland's" - ie very high dps rainbow arc ships with great AA, no torpedoes, no smoke, probably with radar on T9-10.
  3. Top nation DD´s to lvl?

    ty guys
  4. Top nation DD´s to lvl?

    What line would you suggest if I am only interested in T7?
  5. Missouri credit nerf?

    chemtrails chemtrails everywhere!!!
  6. Any news about upcomming french battleships?

    Watched flamu yesterday... I am not impressed with frogships.
  7. Personal %30 Off

    Decided to not use coupon. Do not need premium time and none of the ships coupon is valid for is tempting for me. Another strange WG marketing initiative which leaves bitter aftertaste instead of positive feelings.
  8. New US Cruiser line :)

    Comparing to Leander and saying "it cannot get more then 4x2" while ignoring Leander has built in acceleration module, smoke, heal, torpedoes and superior rudder shift is bit shortsighted. I expect US CL line to be all about brutal theoretical DPM. Shorter reload compared to other nations compensated by no smoke, no torpedoes, rainbow arcs and not that great handling.
  9. Personal %30 Off

    Got one too. But do not like anything in the shop so....
  10. I think there should be hydroponics on each ship! Fresh tomatoes for everyone!
  11. 0.7.1 - Removal of premiums from tech tree and shop

    Man... I am the last one to statshame anyone... I really do not know how you can get so little money on low tiers - I am average player as you are and I have been always making money up to T7. T8 is breaking point where bad play starts to be punished (as I have learned hard way and therefore I am now training on comfortable T6-T7). However you do NOT have AVERAGE 4 nor 2-4 kills on any of your ships. Not Fuso not the others. I can suggest you only thing - play on tier where you can make money without premium and when you will make money consistently move one tier up. Do not blame the team - play the game in the way you do not depend on your teams exceptional results.
  12. Should I re-buy Pensacola before USN Cruiser split?

    IF split will be handled same way as before biggest bang for your bucks is Cleveland - you will get free T8 Cleveland in new branch + T6 Pepsi in current branch. Having T7 Pepsi will yield T6 Pepsi + T7 NO .... If you will have both 2x T6 Pepsi means you will get value of one in credits. And this will be true all the way till Baltimore. So technically yes - to get full benefit you should get all the CA's till Baltimore. But biggest part of this profit is in owning Cleveland as it is the only up-tiered ship of this split.
  13. 0.7.1 - Removal of premiums from tech tree and shop

    Nope - if you kill 4 ships on AVERAGE you are superunicum and your game must be bugged because with such a results you should be making tons of credits even with T10 ships without premium. I would suggest to submit a bug report to WG about this issue.
  14. 0.7.1 - Removal of premiums from tech tree and shop

    @Kserijaro no idea what game you play... but I am playing mostly T5-T8... I am not paying premium most of the time ... I am using flags & camos from containers and missions... I have some premium ships but do not play these much at all... and I have like 45M credits .... and amount is increasing all the time - goes down only when I buy a new ship (had over 50M before buying Fiji) IMHO up till T7 you should be getting enough credits even with silver ships np.
  15. 0.7.1 - Removal of premiums from tech tree and shop

    Translation: - average ships which sells not-that-great will be available in tree and shop all the time - above average ships with OP reviews from LWM etc. and/or ships popular for other reasons will be removed from the tree and shop and will be sold periodically in over-inflated packages with tons of crap no one wants for tons of money (or is there someone who thinks Scharnhorst is not popular or confortable to play?.....)