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  1. Duke of York changes.

    It is bit sad - why to create clone of KGV? There are so many options to create unique ship....
  2. From the WoWS-facebook, a bonus-code

    Question is... what if some other filled numbers gives something else? :)
  3. I like Cleveland - will I like Atlanta?

    I have got Cleveland perma camo - found out I still have few doubloons on account from last year so it was "free" for me :)
  4. Hypothetical Norwegian Premium DD

    She played an important role in the Battle of the North Cape sinking of the German battleship Scharnhorst. Stord went in as close as 400 yards (360 m) to the Scharnhorst before firing torpedoes. After the battle, Admiral Fraser sent the following message to the Admiralty: "... Please convey to the C-in-C Norwegian Navy. Stord played a very daring role in the fight and I am very proud of her...". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HNoMS_Stord_(G26)
  5. I like Cleveland - will I like Atlanta?

    I have got Cleveland few days ago while preparing for US CL split. And I found out it is really great ship to play. Liked it even stock and when maxed it's amazing. As for now I enjoy her by far the most out of all ships I play. As I expect new US CL branch to be similar in game play I want to train a dedicated CL captain. For this I should probably get premium ship... and in this case there is no other option then Atlanta... and this is where I am not sure if it is a good choice as main issue I have with Cleveland is range of the guns... I can live with rainbows - actually enjoy these with high rate of the fire - but the range sis very limiting to me. So question is - should I get Atlanta or is premium camo for Cleveland enough to train captain in reasonable time?
  6. PTS 0.6.15

    Use of the horn should be charged.. 1st use in battle - free 2nd - 10 000 credit 3rd - 100 000 credit 4th and more - 50 doubloons
  7. PTS 0.6.15

    I really think DoY will be a final reward in campaign - it would finally make sense why they introduce BB without heal... :D
  8. PTS 0.6.15

    Hmmmmm do I smell Duke of York as the reward ship?
  9. Your favorite T7 ship?

    Hmmm :) As I am not in the mood to throw money at WG I will go for silver ship for sure. An as I enjoy cruisers most I am going to listen to all people suggesting Fiji :) thx
  10. Your favorite T7 ship?

    As I am (re)starting in WoWS I have decided to spend some time on T7 to enjoy "preferential" MM and learned bit more about higher tiers. My plan is to play US CL's after the split. Up till then I will play Cleveland, but I am not really interested in Pensacola... So what T7 is your favorite and why would you suggest me to play it for lot of games? :)
  11. Misery ships e.g. Pensacola

    And that is (one of the reasons) why I am now playing through Cleveland - I will max it and get Pensacola BEFORE US cruiser split! When it will happen I will have maxed out T6 Pensacola which I never intend to play AND T7 New Orleans ready to sail :D
  12. The Ultimate Frontier

    1st try - 5stars - in random... played terribly tbh
  13. Ashitaka in the Premium Shop

    fun of sucking what ought to be sucked? ... well enjoy I suppose :-D
  14. #moneygrab WG?

    I am far from being fond of WG business practices... but this is stupid. Pretty much any time can be called "bad" for putting new line into game.
  15. What CL line to choose?

    Thank you all :) As for now I am going to get Cleveland and play it. Will probably also grind additional xp on Omaha so I can play T6+7 CL after split. And will think about RN cruisers....