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  1. Do yourself a favor and do not buy BB for co-op. I'm a co-op main, and I barely play BBs anymore. 4-5 minute battles on average, first two minutes you can't shoot at anything, nothing is spotted. After that, you have 2-3 minutes to do something in the DD-fiesta, where everyone running, charging in for more torp-damage farming. If you are lucky, you can fire 5-6 full salvos, if you are extremely lucky, can hit one or two citadels here and there, but yeah. Very-very underwhelming to play BBs (and CVs) in co-op these days. *edited* RNG to that, and you get the idea. 30k damage battles constantly with Bismarck, barely doing more with Missouri, absolutely atrocious. (No, i'm not "sniping" from the back, i'm charging full speed ahead, but try to keep up with DDs...) If you don't have the Salem yet, buy that instead, or wait for another coal cruiser or destroyer. At least that is what i would do.
  2. LaSLauG

    Black Friday Missions, 50k BASE XP

    Yes. On my alt EU account, where I haven't played a battle in a year, i got an Atago B from the daily shipment BS container. On my NA account, where I haven't played in 5 months, I got... You guessed it, the Atago B from the daily BF BS container. I have less than 500 games combined on these accounts, haven't spent any money on them. On my "main" account tho, this account (almost 9k battles, spent quiet some money on it), I opened two of these crappy containers (for the 50k captain XP grind and the daily shipment container), I got 8 shadowhorsepoop camos... So yeah. If you want some nice _free_ stuff, you have to stop playing the game, it seems. Gotta love these fair, nice, gamble kinda containers. They are the best, aren't they? And when you have these as some "GREAT REWARDS" for some laughably intense grinding, and you have 50 ramming flags in them, or 5 useless camos, boy, they were worth the grind...
  3. LaSLauG

    Terror of the Deep: A brief guide

    I only had the pleasure of having completely braindead teammates. Literally killing Rasputin at the 10 minute mark even though I directly asked them multiple times not to kill him right away. They don't scout, they don't do shyt, they just charge middle, kill Rasputin in 10 minutes. All my teams today... Every single game, literally... huge edit Finally managed to do a little bit of carry. Just a little bit. Almost had to do everything alone... Almost... Scouted everything myself, basically killed Rasputin on my own. EZ
  4. Opened 24 lootbox-BS-thingies (the regular, free ones). No mission. What else is new...
  5. LaSLauG

    Anniversary Event

    Don't worry, guys, there will be a HUGE surprise, I can feel it. They'll make the Kutuzov available again for a week.
  6. LaSLauG

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    This is most generous of you, good Sir! I would like to take my chances too. 1 - Roma (Atago, if Roma isn't available) 2 - De Grasse 3 - Doubloons Happy Holidays to all And to all a good night!
  7. LaSLauG

    This is getting [edited] old WG

    Okay, make it three battles in a row. After Minsk and Shchors, the next battle with Gaede ---> detonation. I'm dead serious. This is so fuuu.....
  8. LaSLauG

    This is getting [edited] old WG

    Same here. Just had a game with the Minsk. Detonated from full health. Not even kidding. Seven (7!!) minutes later detonated with stock Shchors from 20k health (about 72% of full health). So much fun...
  9. LaSLauG

    Saving Transylvania - tips for success

    Maaan... I went a round with the Igor. Our DDs didn't smoke the Transilvania once... At the end, i told them to smoke. They smoked themselves, 3-5km away from Transilvania. No problem, i thought, i will go out with the Blade, and i will do it myself. Now what? Yes, you guessed it... Jackals shooting HE on Zikasas. We had two (TWO!! 2!!!!) full health catapults at the end, when Rasputin appeared. The catapults killed me, and we lost anyway, of course. Okay, no problem, i will go a round with the Jackal. We had three Jackals (including me), and i was the only one shooting catapults. I literally suppressed 9 out of 10 catapults myself from full HP. Our DDs lagged behind, didn't smoke the Transilvania at all. And another dude went back to kill the two Zikasas. And we lost again, of course. And i got reported several times, because i called them brain dead in chat. So i decided to quit the game for today. Grabbed my guitar, wrote a song (kind of). And i really like this tune, that i came up with. So i want to genuinely thank all the brain dead, zero IQ noobsters, that i had the luck to play with today, to make me quit this disease of a game and do something meaningful with my Friday afternoon.
  10. LaSLauG

    Get your "Talk like a Pirate" Flag!

    I still didn't get the flag nor the email. It makes me wonder, maybe i'm one of those 111 #noobz, who messed up their email adress?
  11. LaSLauG

    WoWs 2nd Anniversary Achievements List

    I got "Not a Pyramid Scheme!" with Myoko. At first, I didn't understand, what happened, but than realized, I just did stage 4 of Battle of Zanzibar. So if you didn't do that stage yet, you can try to do it with one of your T10 ships. Might work. If you did it already, you can try to do the next week mission's stage 4 for the same 500k credits, probably.
  12. LaSLauG

    Disconnected from server

    Don't get your hopes up. :c
  13. LaSLauG

    Disconnected from server

    Best thing: I had a 165k damage game. And at the end of the battle, when the last enemy died, pooof: login screen. So stage five of the RN BB mission for me is a mission, that i have to do twice. Thanks WG, thanks a bunch, again!
  14. You guys have multiple codes and stuff, and here i am, still trying to figure out, how to use an emulator, because my phone is an old brick, can't run that app... :'D
  15. LaSLauG

    Elimination Thread 6: Tier VI

    Independence (1/1/1) : 20Independence (2/1/0) : 17New Mexico : 22 Cleveland : 24 Farragut : 24Arizona : 20Shinonome : 20Mutsu : 20Ryūjō (1/2/2) : 20Ryūjō (3/1/1) : 17Fusō : 19Aoba : 24Fubuki :17Hatsuharu : 5Graf Spee : 22Bayern : 10 Ernst Gaede : 18Warspite : 22Leander : 18 + 1 = 19 (i just love her. great handling, okay guns, smoke, heal. a mini fiji)Molotov : 21Budyonny : 19 - 3 = 16 (what a piece of turd. i swear to god, it is worse than kirov. and kirov is really bad... every hit, you recieve, is a citadel. easiest ship to 'one salvo' in the game)Gnevny : 17La Galissonnière : 8 Dunkerque : 21Anshan : 20Duca d'Aosta : 22Perth : 25