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  1. SvR1983

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    in the forums? if you'd stop insulting and accusing people, maybe you would have noticed. yesterday I posted a replay of the torpedo spawn bug, that sooo many asked for. no reaction. people are just interested in trolling. Just as an example. Nice try :)
  2. SvR1983

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    already did that. At this point, I think you are just trolling. Because you are not trying to answer questions or at least understanding the issue. Are you, by any chance, standing in front of a mirror while yelling at it? :)
  3. SvR1983

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    I don't think you understand the language. I'm not complaining about people who are better than me (there are quite a few), I'm complaining about people focusing on exploits to gain an unfair advantage. You are the one producing toxidity. You blame the victims of cheating and tell them to "get better" (at hacking?) instead of addressing the issues of the game. Wouldn't it be nice if skill would be more important to win the game? But probably you are exploiting yourself and are in fear that WoG would address it some day.
  4. SvR1983

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    Bad idea, as that would take even more fun out of the game and make it more grindy. Especially as we see so many cheaters in higher tiers, it's often not possible to survive early in the game, unless you do a 180 turn and just camp somewhere until late in the game.
  5. SvR1983

    Suggestions thread

    So what is being done to combat cheating in high tier games? I have now had today several games where the enemy knew my position the whole time, even though I was not spotted by sight, plane, radar or accoustic search. Clearly no coincidence.
  6. SvR1983

    Double CV games

    Funniest Hosho game I had with another random hosho player. He sunk 7 ships, I did 5. We won by a small margin. None of the other players on my team sunk any ships. They were just there to provide targets and cover us ^^.
  7. SvR1983

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    So here you have a replay where the torps didn't spawn. I fired them around 1 to 2 seconds before I was destroyed. In the replay (as in the game) you don't see them spawn. And if they where there, they didn't hit the enemy DD who was unlikely to be able to evade at that range. There would not have been enough time to change to guns and then back to torpedos and try again. Points where lost for Flesh Wound + 1 destroyed ship, which is worth a lot more than a won game. 20191013_154546_PRSD206-Pr-7_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay Right now, a detonation gets you 80 points at Tier X. Nothing to be bitter about ^^.
  8. SvR1983

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    I wouldn't expect any support from other players. If you go for the cap, the enemy knows where you are. Any radar cruisers and CVs will know where to look for. If I play to win, I only go for the cap when I know I can get it and get away with it. Otherwise, in my experience, it proves much more useful to get close to enemy lines, do spotting (BBs will pick off the ships) and torpedo ambushing. Even if the enemy is in superior numbers, often they run away and my allies can move in and get the cap. Especially if you manage to knock out their destroyer.
  9. A "De Grasse" dropped for me. I'm happy with it.
  10. SvR1983

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    You have the torps ready to fire (green). You have the torp launcher aligned. You click launch. Nothing happens. Sometimes you need to click launch repeatedly and maybe something happens a few seconds later. If you look at the replay, you see that the torps were never launched/didn't spawn. I can upload a replay next time it happens. btw, I don't have that much of an issue with CV spotting. CVs only look in the place where you are most likely to be. If you go off the grid, you can stay undetected and ambush other ships. A huge problem here is when your own team starts following you around, because the CV will start attacking them and spot you by accident.
  11. SvR1983

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Problem is that they don't spawn. Happened right now again with the Fushun. Could have sunk 2 ships and won the game, but despite clicking a lot, nothing happened. Needles to say, the destroyer's guns are unable to overwhelm a BB with almost full health and a cruiser, both at short range. That's the issue with destroyer gameplay. You play it smart, it takes a long time and a sure victory get's destroyed by the game's bugs. So just rush to the enemy, try to sink someone. And when the game bugs out or the enemy was smarter, it's less 5 minutes until you get the next chance. That way you can earn points a lot faster. Winning is only a bonus after all, getting a firstblood/flesh wound + devastating strike is worth more. And of course, you have morons killstealing and thereby denying you your earned points for sinking and first blood. Just because spotting information is automatically relayed to your fleet. That's the social aspect of people not wanting to play DDs.
  12. SvR1983

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    It's not dependent upon the type. Playing destroyers right and left in the past couple of days to earn points. It happens very often that the torpedos would simply not spawn. Sometimes they spawn couple of seconds later after continuously clicking. But often there is not the time. Lost many points due to these bugs. Client need to be improved and made more reliable. Another issue I encounter regularly is friendly fire. It's often not the enemy ships you need to luck out for, but the friendly ships that torpedo you and take away your health pool.
  13. SvR1983

    General Feedback - 0.8.8

    So when are the f.. torpedo issues going to be dealt with? If I'm forced to play destroyer yolo, I'd like to at least sink a few ships and not being hindered by it due to ingame bugs.
  14. SvR1983

    Is there an autumn break or something?

    My biggest problem is that I want to actually achieve something in a game. But when the game is so full of bugs, that the outcome is most often purely by luck and so full of design errors that hinder any meaningful investment, then it becomes frustrating. Because achievements aren't worth much and my own skill level doesn't affect the outcome of a game. I might as well just roll some random dice. What I don't have a problem with, is crappy people. That's just the human condition. Most people are negative and even if they aren't, they are unable or unwilling to contribute to a meaningful gameplay. And that's not even their fault as Wargaming often discourages meaningful gameplay. So yes, there are a lot of people out there that are not playing to win or to survive, because they are currently farming XP, or kills, or aircraft shot down, or secondary battery hits or something else. Most often, the worst thing you can do is surviving and playing tactical, because then you have to invest time for the whole round and if some bugs manifest, you don't even get much XP for it. You could have earned the same outcome with only 3 minutes of investment.
  15. SvR1983

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    And today's issue is again the radar. Wargaming hasn't fixed it yet. So yeah, once again yolo time for destroyers. Rush in, try to kill someone, get in the next destroyer, rince and repeat. No meaningful gameplay possible. Edit: Plus Torpedos are not spawning (again) (Fushun, 1st salvo went away, 2nd salvo never materialized, Shima, 3rd salvo never materialized)