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  1. Too much radar. Needs to be nerfed. At the moment, a camping play style is too much encouraged, leading to long battles with low XP yield.
  2. Matchmaking

    I agree. Matchmaking sucks. It seems like with VIII, I'm always the lowest Tier instead of ending up statistically in the middle. Wargaming should fix this.
  3. Kagero any good?

    And once again I cannot play my destroyer. This game is starting to suck. I also think that some people are cheating, as they are able to run radar all the time and can stealth fire. Getting 5kn upgrade for the torpedos is well worth it. Even though it's hard to hit anything. Guess some BBs have now the agility of a destroyer. Wargaming should address this issue.
  4. Kagero any good?

    A lot faster should do the trick. The Kagero just has a very low surviveability due to it's low speed somehow. What I also found out is that the torpedo indicators on this particular ship are bugged. Even if a ship maintains a straight heading and course, you'll miss by a lot and ships can evade a full spread at point blank range easily. On the Akatsuki and other DDs, it works correctly. I'll try to aim manually in the future.
  5. Kagero any good?

    I torp a lot to deny access to an area. Still, only 50% torpedo accuracy is quite bad. The biggest issue seems to be that the Kagero has only two volleys instead of three. So even for a BB, it's quite easy to evade. The biggest problem I have right now is the low suviveability. I can either sit in the corner and do nothing, or play as a proper DD for around 5 minutes into the game. Before I must choose another ship because the issue that I cannot start a new battle after a ship has been destroyed, has still not been addressed. Does it get better in Tier 9 and 10? So far, it has been a huge letdown.
  6. Kagero any good?

    Thanks for all the comments. Guess spotting it is. Although concealment / surviveability is worse than the Akatsuki. What I also dislike is less average XP per game, even though the next ship requires a huge amount of more XP. From the statistics: Akatsuki: 39% gun accuracy 4% torpedo accuracy 0.7 warships destroyed by battle / 1.52 destruction ratio Kagero: 36% gun accuracy 2% torpedo accuracy (only half!) so far (5 battles) nothing sunk, got destroyed 3 times. so far, it isn't much fun to play. I enjoyed Minekaze and Isokaze as well as the V-2 most. Is there any high tier line I should pursue?
  7. Kagero any good?

    Hello, just "upgraded from the Akatsuki to the Kagero. It seems like you can't hit anything with the torps and the guns do less damage and don't trigger fire. So even in a 1:1 against another destroyer, you stand no chance. Is this a "non fighting" ship, just for spotting and capturing? But it's also a lot slower than the Akatsuki.
  8. bugs

    - torpedo hits often not counted - contributions to capturing an area not counted - sometimes hits are counted that were never made - lags - visibility issues (ships are not visible within the radius, even though not obscured by fog or islands) - aa guns seem to work properly only on higher tiers (?) Bugs are the single most annoying thing on this game, much more than the few cheaters that you encounter every now and then. (and of course the design flaws)
  9. Pls fix grievers.

    you obviously haven't played the game much ;-)
  10. Pls fix grievers.

    Nope. There are those people who continously put themselves between the destroyers and the enemy ships in hope to killsteal. If they can't score, they try to suck up the torpedos that are fired. But that's only minor compared to the bugs in the game and the cheaters that you encounter every few rounds.