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  1. SvR1983

    Lets be positive, for a change

    The game is mostly ok. Sometimes it's bad, especially if bugs and cheating get out of hand. Mostly, Wargaming seems to get it under control after a few days. However, the community is always negative. Lack of common sense, playing experience and understanding is compensated by pure aggression.
  2. SvR1983

    Suggestions thread

    Since today is apparantly cheating day (again) Give us the option to: - abort battles (maybe with 0XP to discourage it from being overused) - allow ships to start a new battle once they are destroyed (so we don't have to camp around distracted in other ships until we get to play again the ship we want)
  3. SvR1983

    General feedback

    So what is being done against cheaters?
  4. SvR1983

    The Furutaka helped me study!

    Just started playing this ship, and it sure is a piece of crap. Too few guns, horrible torpedo arc, no armor to speak of. very slow rudder turn time makes it hard to maneuver too. and it changes speed slower than a BB.
  5. SvR1983

    Are CVs counterable?

    I don't think the CVs are much of an issue. I have sunk quite a few of them in the past days driving a destroyer. Only the fighters can sometimes score a hit. On the other hand, I tried out playing a CV for the first time. It's almost impossible to hit anything and you get far less XP for playing one compared to other ship types.
  6. SvR1983

    Why do people dislike stats?

    Oh, my tears are rolling. Dunning-Kruger effect is strong in you.
  7. SvR1983

    Why do people dislike stats?

    Well, from your noob position, it might look that way :)
  8. SvR1983

    Why do people dislike stats?

    I find it funny how many trolls are around the forums, not understanding basics statistics or gameplay :) You make me laugh.
  9. SvR1983

    Why do people dislike stats?

    Stats do not reflect the real life performance. They do not compensate for things like bugs (which affect some ships more than others) and kill stealing. Especially the win rate doesn't say much as there are over 20 other players in a typical game, hence your overall contribution doesn't affect the outcome unless your exceptionally good or a teamkiller. Further, game mechanics and ships change over time, so past stats are often not comparable with current outcomes. There is limited information you can get out of the stats, such as which playstyle suits you more overall, or how good a ship performs to other ships of a class (Kill rate, suviveability etc.).
  10. SvR1983

    Suggestions thread

    Give the +100% Bonus also on loosing battles (twice to compensate). Otherwise, it's just useless as the matchmaker seems to be broken for lower tiers with unwinnable matches.
  11. SvR1983


    Actually, my biggest complain is that the main armament doesn't do much damage. It's like a WoW tank, it can absorb more damage (but will absorb more than other classes because you can't evade), but they are more than useless in killig stuff. My destroyer's guns usually do better DPS.
  12. SvR1983

    Major fps problems...18 - 20 fps in brawls

    Don't have FPS issues. It's fairly moderate on the GPU.
  13. SvR1983


    You're currently in luck. Torpedos seem to be bugged today across the board. No matter what ship I play, they are useless and pass through all other ships without effect.
  14. SvR1983

    Bagoshite epicenter

    Don't think that matters. The map is crap. Need an option to leave the battle and start a new one with the same ship.
  15. SvR1983

    Shimakaze - Deep Water Torpedos?

    Does the Shimakaze has deep water torpedos now? Just passed a volley through two separate destroyers without any hits. Or is it again a bug?