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  1. monksuu

    ARP Kirishima is shown as a Kongo

    Thanks for answering, Col. Pete! I have an ARP Hiei and I know I can play that ship only when I'm in Yokosuka but I didn't know that you have to be in a certain port to enable seeing special ships in the match too. That's weird! I think it's a bug if a ship is called ARP Kirishima in ONE tab but Kongo in other tabs (including the match). If it's not considered a bug, it's awkward game design. ;)
  2. monksuu

    ARP Kirishima is shown as a Kongo

    I have something wrong with my client, I think. For some reason, an ARP Kirishima has all Kongo graphics and information everywhere except in the detail report section.
  3. monksuu

    Chat colors and ideas

    1. I have an issue with the chat colors during the match, especially the color for "my team" is awful against the sea and the sky. There isn't enough contrast to read the text my teammates are writing when I'm dodging shells and trying to aim. Cyan/green on light blue/grey doesn't work - even with "more contrast" option enabled. The NA forum has a good thread on it: http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/86030-chat-colors/ ... I liked the idea of customize chat colors within the settings. 2. A possibility to easily target a chat message like to give a warning to a team member "Hey! Watch out my torps!" 3. Maybe an optional chime/sound effect when there is a new team message. Not for every message like many unseen messages in a row. Enabled/disabled in the settings.