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  1. Wolvescouple

    Fossil, i need gold ????

    No, so i guess thats the problem then, thanks
  2. Wolvescouple

    Fossil, i need gold ????

    Just tryed to get the fossil in the new Twillight battle mode, researched the ship for 30k xp, and then comes this : Link to image Shoulden't this be free to get ?
  3. Wolvescouple

    Game performance issues

    Well for the last 2 days game has been very unstable, jerking and dc. Guess it's not ur pc specs, as im running on an i7 6700 with 16gb ram and ssd.
  4. Wolvescouple

    General Feedback

    We seem to have lost game status in channels, so you cant see if players are in game or not.
  5. Wolvescouple

    am i a supertester now?

    Just looked at the source of the email and it contains the following return path and sender : Return-Path: <suite5@xpressus.emarsys.net> Received: from uspmta120130.emarsys.net (uspmta120130.emarsys.net. []) So i would strongly advice not to use any links from the email, as i dosen't look as it's legit.
  6. Wolvescouple

    am i a supertester now?

    Same here, think they might be fishing for our passwords with the account manager part of the letter, and if thats the case, i wonder how they got our emails ? Can wargaming plz confirm if this is a legit letter you would send out or not ?
  7. Wolvescouple

    Bug Reports

    With 14 battles Charles Martell must be the best ever ship xp wise, with 231k for 14 matches ;-), and i have also researched saint Louis, so thats another 230k xp, Just Amasing 33.000 xp pr game !! Must be missing a lot of games in the stats for this ship.
  8. Wolvescouple

    Looking to start Tier 7 Operations team(s)

    Thanks Smeggo, but can't seem to find your channel, send me an invite ? (found it)
  9. Wolvescouple

    Looking to start Tier 7 Operations team(s)

    Hi, i'm trying to make a team, for doing the tier 7 operations, to make some easy credits. Just join the in game "Tier 7 Operations" channel, and lets see if we are the required 7.
  10. Wolvescouple

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Tables are now turned in favor of battleships, they can now "stealth" fire on cruisers, and 1 hit them, and cruisers can't do nothing. With stealth fire i mean they have supperior range and can 1 hit cruisers from 20 km, and cruisers can't fire back as they don't have the range. Can't see this should be more fair than cruisers could stealth fire on battleships, after all a cruiser can't 1 hit a battleship. Spend my last $ in this game, if they don't change it back.
  11. Wolvescouple

    Massive performance issues

    Had the same, running in windowed mode, changed to running in full screen mode helped. Now running 100+ fps.
  12. Well seems like people are just switching to smoke enabled cruisers, so team will have lots of smoke, and can still stealth fire. With 4-6 smoke ships it's even worse than before, now you can't see anything at all, except for those smoke clouds. Guess smoke screens are up for nerf next. Really game play is not chancing to the better, unless you like trying your luck on smoke clouds.
  13. Wolvescouple

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Balance changes

    Stealth fire had to go ?, why is that ? Why not remove smokescreens also, and now we are at it, also remove all cover, so we end up with a shooting gallery for battleships. This has ruined the game for both cruisers and destryers in my oppinion.
  14. Wolvescouple

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Well something is definetly wrong, with 20 fps, and with only 10% usage of CPU & 27% of GPU running on windows 10 pro 64 bit, nvidia 378.66 driver intel i7-6700k+gtx 1070 Edit : Seems like window mode dosen't work properly, switched to full screen and up on 100+ fps again :-)
  15. Wolvescouple

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    will join the frame dips section as im also expericing frame dips to 12 fps and game seems very laggy. Edit : Seems to have been a bug in nvidia driver 378.92, back on 378.66 and problem is gone. Running win 10 64bit if others have same bug.