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  1. ../World_of_Warships_EU/bin64/WorldOfWarships64.exe crashed This is happening all too often and can be at any stage of the game, but has never happened while in Port. I have had the odd crash in the past very infrequently, but recently since last update it is happening almost every game session. Very frustrating. Running full screen mode. 1080p. W10, Nvidia GeForce, 8GB Ram, x64, standard build PC all drivers up to date. Additional: Seems to mostly happen during zoom. The game is pretty much unusable now with crashes every session. By the time the game is reloaded, logged in and mission resumed, it's all over. I do not feel inclined to re-install gb's of data so if there is no solution soon I will sadly drop the game.
  2. GenSeven

    Noobs will kill this game!

    Everyone has a right to play this FTP game, within the parameters of the EULA, irrespective of their age, skill level or ability. No one has the right to belittle others. Sustained in-game violators should be heavily punished.
  3. GenSeven

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    Just sayin' - Have a nice day
  4. GenSeven

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    *edited* *This post has been edited by the moderation team due to disrespectful comments.
  5. GenSeven

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    Not disagreeing with you, perhaps in a fully paid-up game which by definition would generally be subscribed to by willing to learn players, but not in a FTP game. Who are you going to tell? GTFO of this game because your useless? Doubt anyone would listen to you and why should they because they are entitled to play for free and any way they want. See, this is the point, the nerds want only bonafide warship players to be here, fair dues, that's their expectation but in reality as I stated above it's open to all and sundry and your wasting your time ranting at them. Live with it, farm them, bang your head against the wall, or rage quit. On the other hand, presenting a nice informed helpful approach to new players in lower levels might improve the standards of overall experience in the longer term. I would point out tho that I have whitenesed some exp players going in to lower level rounds with the sole intention of kicking newbies. Call it training? right!
  6. GenSeven

    Let iChase illustrate why I quit the game yesterday.

    So, why should they? It's a moderately enjoyable FTP game with a wide age and geographical range of players. IMHO it's the nerds and geeks that do all the complaining. Anyone would think this is a job rather than a game the way some few idiot elitists carry on. There are good and bad rounds due to the combination of language, player {non-}skill mix, crazy MM and strange RNG variables, and by nature players adopt a style that primarily suits themselves. Play it or don't, your choice but in-game ranting players please leave the attitude behind or please do go play something else because YOU few are the ones with, and causing, the problem.
  7. GenSeven

    server down / cant login

    Yep, difficulty logging in, server overloaded and disconnections.
  8. GenSeven

    Matchmaking Chart

    Of course you can't please everyone all of the time. WG however need to retain as many players as possible. If many complain many will leave. Its about compromise up to a point. I think the point you maybe forgetting is the fact that the low tier ships are usually first to get splatted (after DD's of course) because they are known easier meat and add quick score. If the playing field was more even then it has to come down to tactful play and/or long shoot-em-ups, both of which are more fun than sinking within the first few mins of a game. We could do +/- 1 right now but in mid-tiers such as 5-6-7 where the frustration is generally felt most and where skills and tactics must be learnt. 8-9-10 are the key tiers where good skills and tactics are really needed either playing alone or in a Division and can be +/-2. Also, 8-9-10 are the tiers where most will spend dollars for supplies and premium (apart from lower level elite ships). That seems to me to be a reasonable compromise. Variations subject to server load, i.e. the MM has to try to make do with whats available online at any given time. Either that or add in NPC ships which wouldn't work imho. We could do with more 3/4/5 player team maps for when server load is light but some whine about those we already have.
  9. GenSeven

    Matchmaking Chart

    Your still on about the whiners eh MTM ? Of course you realise that without player numbers there is no game and I don't see the players numbers increasing any way significantly in EU.. do you? What I read is reasonable number of disgruntled players who are not listened to in both Live and PT getting fed up with WG. I read players who are constantly frustrated by unequal game play getting fed up. I read players quitting.. .. and your reaction is to hell with the whiners. That attitude doesn't help. So, tell it truthfully. Let players fully understand that this game is all about cash spend. The quickest way to get some sort of parity is to buy your way in to the elite ship group. Those players that prefer not to spend are the elite players targets It's all a matter of marketing. If you don't cough up, you have no right to moan about the game inequality.. ain't that right?
  10. Choose whether to check or ignore it, is up to the user. I reported a valid detection using Malwarebytes premium also. Yes Defender is not the best but it's unobtrusive and free and not a bad option provided your a reasonably careful internet user. I have used all the others at some time or another. When I see a "password stealer" reported (it was successfully quarantined btw) I will pass on the info in the respective game forum because not to do so would be .. well.. just wrong, don't you agree? Because, with virus/malware issues you can never be 100% protected all of the time. Have a nice day
  11. I recommend wait for Aslain to confirm before downloading. ** Always make sure your anti-virus and anti-malware are up-to-date and running.
  12. Aslain's ModPack v6.1.0 #04 contained a password stealer malware. Detected by Windows Defender and Malwarebytes. (Windows 10) Please check your systems. Category: Password Stealer Description: This program is dangerous and captures user passwords. Recommended action: Remove this software immediately. Items: PWS:Win32/Lineage.gen!C.damfile:C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\gui\is-BJJJN.tmp
  13. GenSeven

    How dare you!

    Why should 5 or 15 mins matter to WG? It's a one off event. Do you work for WG? Your very defensive for them Flarebright.. Spartan here has the right mentality and a very nice gesture made. You would do well to take a leaf from his book and use it to change your utterly pointless argumentative style, but I guess YDGAS! WG should have stated the Time Zone applicable for the cutoff but as this is the EU server it should be implied that would be CET (not GMT). Now, from my personal experience in few similar games. It is generally allowed that if you are in a mission with an expiry date/time you would be allowed to complete the mission. It seems unfair to be on the very mission that gives you the prize to have it hard-cutoff from under you. I understand Maliforce' frustration but I also see lately WG is not listening.
  14. GenSeven

    WG are you mad with that Detonations crap?

    Want to talk about the Hood and a 'couple' of others from history? few and far between. Yes, this topic has been done to death and will keep being raised. It can be a very frustrating mechanic for new players and it can seem to be unfair. How about some advice and less elitism? For the new players: WG want you to have some difficulty (was going to say suffer, but would not be fair) at lower levels, and in some ships more than others, so you will perhaps spend bucks on flags and premium services and ships. Nothing wrong with that... It's a business. Use the flags on vulnerable ships (cruisers mainly), you will get more. Learn to play by avoiding situations that put your ship at risk. Keep playing to grind your way up. Ah DD's gotta love them. They are the first ships to be targeted as a rule and rightly so. In the hands of a skilled player (at any tier) they are deadly
  15. GenSeven

    Guide: British Cruisers

    Your a bit to too serious or maybe is it trying to justify the bucks spent perhaps? Yes you complain.. a lot I'm going to report you as a bot, complaining must be against the terms of service.. isn't it? No, as always, this is all about you wanting the perfect scenario for yourself each time from a free-to-play internet game that anyone can join. Want to ban them all? The more realistic and understanding people amongst us know that for a myriad of reasons we will never have a perfect playing field. Lighten up! Oh, to keep on topic.. Yes, well, the Emerald is a piece of very badly burnt toast.. needs to be thrown in the bin. There ! ah damn, I like the Emerald, reminds me of Ireland and all that green stuff. Or is that sea. I think the best way to Captain an Emerald is after a few drinks.. then who gives a sh*t.. pass me another beer!