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    What this game needs is more represenation, i.e. a maori canoe or a barabry coast slave raider. Then, people like OP can play them and sink players they deem ‚racist‘ or any other thing they make up. They can get a third faction: they are grey and their detection range is infinitely small, let‘s call them „bullyhunters“. This will solve two problems: the fact that this game only represents only a certain kind of people and it will make people like op not waste everyone’s time.
  2. respect_my_slavspace

    ideas to change bb playstyle

    They are supposed to be this way. In this game, their job is to deny the enemy team an area around them. They rely on cruisers and dds to keep enemy dds away, who incidentally counter bbs hard by outspotting them, having smoke and having torps. The only thing they could change is the size of the maps to make the area denial more of an issue.
  3. respect_my_slavspace

    Suggestions to help improve the game

    The game mechanics are ok, fire and flooding don‘t need changes. The problem is that the scenarios we play (maps etc.) are not what the ships we use were designed for. Wargaming prides itself in modeling the ships and their subsystems historically accurate (tm), hence the mismatch. Add the fact that most historical engagements were preceded in some cases by weeks of hide and seek on the sea and the ships would move as groups and you begin to see the design flaw at the bottom of the game. This issue is causing all the imbalances and problems. It is a design choice wg made when they copied their world of tanks design and it cannot be remedied.
  4. respect_my_slavspace

    ideas to change bb playstyle

    Why does everyone want to ‚fix‘ bb‘s? The way they are now is exactly okay. If players decide to stay back, the enemy team gets an advantage and decimates the enemy cruisers and dd‘s as a result. If the players decide to be too aggressive, they get torn to shreds and maybe take someone else down with them. If they play it just right, they stay at combat effective ranges and deny the enemy team ground while managing the risk of getting torped and burnt down. The problem is a psychological one, namely that players think they have to survive and do ebbin damage rather than win the engagement. There is nothing that can be done to convince a braindead playerbase to change their ways other than making them lose every engagement they partake in. Yes it‘s frustrating for ca‘s and dd‘s, but then they have more influence on the gameplay in general.
  5. respect_my_slavspace

    Overconfidence™ Mk.2

    Think of it as a detonation.
  6. respect_my_slavspace

    To whoever said the current meta is favoring battlewagons

    Isn’t this true for all ships with long range weaponry? Let’s half all ranges across the board and give everyone a ‘boarding party’ consumable. This way, everyone will spot because according to this logic, nobody spots unless forced by the range limitation and we need an incentive to get close, right?
  7. respect_my_slavspace

    Remove Missouri radar

    Don’t remove the radar, but add a consumable that triggers a detonation on the radar ship. Bonus points if it’s a dd consumable.
  8. respect_my_slavspace

    To whoever said the current meta is favoring battlewagons

    Despite what people write here, most players have an interest in teammates staying alive. Dd and cruiser captains will realize that getting their own bbs sniped from under their keels is detrimental to their own survival, so it’s not just the bbs who will have to adapt. Overall, the mere existence of this dd will trigger changes in behavior.
  9. respect_my_slavspace

    To whoever said the current meta is favoring battlewagons

    I estimate the odds to be about the same as the average cruiser captains ability to dodge every bb shell. It’s not like there will be 5-7 asashios in every match sniping at enemy 3 bbs whenever they pop up, right?
  10. respect_my_slavspace

    To whoever said the current meta is favoring battlewagons

    Frankly, I don’t see the problem. I had the pleasure of playing against an asashio in a cruiser. The dd is toothless against anything but battleships. So the correct counterplay would have been for friendly battleships to support their cruisers and dds at the caps, keeping the enemy bbs away and allow me to deal with the asashio. However, they sat far back, I couldn’t get a clear shot without getting citadelled trough the bow and stern and in the end, that little dd gobbled them up one by one. I SUPPORT the addition of this ship wholeheartedly, in fact I hope they introduce a line of dds with just this capability. I also watched both flamus and notsers videos - both of them seem to miss the fact that this ship does in fact encourage team play, albeit from the enemy team.