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  1. respect_my_slavspace

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    I don’t care about your stats because the stats we both can look at don’t tell me what I need to know. I was apparently an unicum in rts cv according to the usual stat sites, but I was really not - I just got paired up with many potatoes and won that way. In any case do what you want. To answer your question regarding your entire team sticking in A10: you‘re going to lose the game independently of your actions. There are really two ways to go about it: you either go to b9 and never get bothered by any sane cv player ever - or you turn off your aa and „influence the game“, which will get you spotted and killed pretty fast by the red surface ships. I‘d say there’s a middle ground where you get to torp some nosy bb and run away when skybully wants to tickle you with his puny rocket plane, but you obviously don’t care about lesser peoples opinion, so for you, there are only two options. The point of cv is to prevent people from going on their own adventures and force them to take their own and the teams position into consideration. It‘s a team effort and you can only compensate for a limited number of potatoes (you more than me with your awesome 100% winrate).
  2. respect_my_slavspace

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    You can mitigate one or the other, either you evade the surface ships, but this makes you easy to hit for the CV, or the other way around. Which is one of the bad things you know, since the so called 'counterplay' you have against CV's makes you a sitting duck for others. What are you basing your statements on exactly? It can't be your recent 21 days DD performance I hope. In the last 21 days you played Akizuki with not that great results, you played 3 Storozhevoi games with 100% wr, won a game with your Derzki and one with your Okhotnik. Ow and one game in Kid, you won, there was no CV as you have no plane kills in it. The only DD you played in 21 days which has plane kills registered is Akizuki and it looks like you are not really in a position to claim 'playing with CV's is easy'.  I love how you immediately jump to checking my stats. You may have noticed that there was a ranked sprint in the last couple of days - a totally different situation compared to normal random battles. Plane kills don’t tell you about shot down spotter aircraft for example. In any case, I am in this position because I know how to handle cvs in random games and I know they don’t influence games as much as you claim. Usually there‘s a cruiser not far from the cap, if the cv is a meanie you go back to said cruiser (6km is usually the long range aa, don’t quote me on that), wait it out and go back to what you were doing before. Mitigation of surface ship damage in a dd is best summed up in the famous monty python sketch „how not to be seen“, same goes for cvs. I‘m not going to bring up your stats because I frankly don’t care - I tried to help you and this is what I get in return - someone who doesn’t understand statistics spewing drivel.
  3. respect_my_slavspace

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    There are no crossdrops anymore, also the damage is 3-6k max. I think the reason for your experience is a matter of perception - there are more people playing cvs now, and thus you dodge more torps successfully. However, the sum of all torp hits has increased because per gaming session, you don‘t have say 1 cv game, but 10. From my own experience: playing against cv is pretty easy, you stick to another ship and you use the sectors. Most of the damage comes from other surface ships. Once you‘re at 5-3k, cv will finish you off, usually in the late game. The solution obviously is to never get to that point (easier said than done) or be an unappetizing target (outside cvs focus area, close to aa ships etc.) playing cv on the other hand: in the beginning you‘re basically useless, you do maybe 6k damage as the aa blobs of doom eat you planes. You go closer and get a routine going - torp, then bombs on lonely ships. In the end you kill off mentioned 3-6k oneshots and magically, you end up with about 30 to 80k damage in the end, upper third of the leaderboard and several -1 karma. it helps to know what the cv has to play with, so you may have to force yourself to unlock one or two of them.
  4. respect_my_slavspace

    Removing rewards for dieing too early

    Why not give everyone a 5min immunity period. Nobody can die and everyone is happy.
  5. respect_my_slavspace

    WG you have got to teach your players

    Most games have one or multiple learning scenario(s). This could be also the solution here: Instead of plunging into random mm gameplay from the start, there should be operations which introduce the player to basic concepts. It would also be a chance to get historical scenarios going - Hell, for the upcoming submarines there should be a t1 convoy escort mission.
  6. respect_my_slavspace

    Open Letter To War Gaming/WoWs - Double CV Games

    They are not as broken as they used to be - back in the day you could devstrike dds and cruisers practically at will. Now, most you can do is land some ap bombs and even then, you have to sacrifice a goat to rngeesus if you want it to happen more than once per day. You have to decide between spotting and doing damage, you don‘t get to incapacitate the enemy cv in the first 5mins, forcing flooding and then set fires is also off the table(flooding was nerfed too, no more free liquidator achievements) etc. It’s just masochism now and no matter how good you are, most of the damage and opportunities for you to do anything significant depends on the friendly meatshields.
  7. respect_my_slavspace

    Suggestion for New T9 UK Supercruiser: HMS Incomparable (1937)

    It would overpen anything it hits, but that’s not the point. Just think of the glorious sight of a huge ship zipping around and blazing away with two gigantic cannons of doom.
  8. respect_my_slavspace

    Suggestion for New T9 UK Supercruiser: HMS Incomparable (1937)

    What we actually need is hms furious in its cruiser configuration. (Hint: 2x500 guns at t2 or 3).
  9. respect_my_slavspace

    Time for German T10 BB with 48cm Guns :)

    French ships are strong because they are either fast, can cover long ranges or are armored in a way that wgs game engine is ill suited to simulate, or a combination of of the three. That said, fast and long range generally helps in a game where artillery shells travel several seconds and lose damage dealing potential over distance.
  10. respect_my_slavspace

    Question Re-Directive 2

    Queue up in a helena with a t6 carrier for coop - that should do the trick.
  11. respect_my_slavspace

    Decrease accuracy in smoke

    Op has a point, smoke screens could be repurposed to a sort of “bug-out” or “artificial island” consumable instead of what it is now. Make them last longer but increase dispersion of anyone shooting from, in or over said smokescreen. it would ruin british cls and the russian flamethrowers, on the other hand it would bring a whole new tactical dimension to the game.
  12. respect_my_slavspace

    Karma. What's it all about?

    It measures how often you play cv. If 0, congrats. You have played cv.
  13. respect_my_slavspace

    Time for German T10 BB with 48cm Guns :)

    What we actually need is the courageous class cruiser with the 2 45x guns at t4 or 5.
  14. respect_my_slavspace

    CVs unplayable - demand refund

    He should have bought a bb then.
  15. respect_my_slavspace

    Use of Premium Consumables

    I rarely use prem consumables exept ranked battles. Bbs don’t need them because you should never be in a position in which you rely on the cooldwon anyway. Also the match isn’t long enough to use all charges of the spotter plane (unless you press the button right at the start of the game), which makes the consumable pointless, considering its main use is to fire into smokescreens. In cruisers I mainly eat random citadels from long range, so the improved heal is useful to a certain degree. dds are probably the most in need of prem consumables, but then again, if you’re relying on consumable cooldown to survive you screwed up anyway and should adjust your playstyle. Overall, it’s git gud or pay, like with everything else in this game.