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  1. Given that most BBs reload in about 30sec, if you have AP loaded you have no way of stopping a DD that suddenly ambushes your BB. Solution for BB players; Keep HE loaded permanently. Stay well away from the battle and snipe from the back, spamming HE. Stay well away from islands that could hide a DD. Isn't this the kind of playstyle that WG are trying to discourage? The right solution is to get a cruiser to escort your BB, but how many CL players are prepared to stay close to a BB hoping that a DD will pop-up? If your escort runs away, most BBs are too slow to keep up. I predict that this change will misfire badly, in terms of BB play. Please at least monitor the stats. Peter
  2. How about an Officer Exchange programme between RN and Commonwealth ships?
  3. Good guide Hawg. How do you know when you are going to collide? If the other ship has a Constant Bearing relative to yours. ie If you watch it in normal view and its bearing relative to your viewpoint does not change. Also; The first rule in the rules for prevention of collision at sea is; 'Maintain an effecient lookout by all available means'. Simply listening for the grinding sound of ship on ship is not sufficient.
  4. PeterBrooks_1


    What achievements are these resources given for? How can I earn more of them? Why does the Arsenal require special currencies? Why not just use Credits & Dubloons? Peter.
  5. PeterBrooks_1

    Ranked Season

    Am I doing something wrong? Reward on 'main account 4' is supposed to give signals when played with a t7, but it will only let me play with t8? Am I supposed to get to the superleague and use t7 there? If so, it should say so on the combat missions panel.
  6. PeterBrooks_1

    Space Battles

    'Space Battles' are just Randoms with a gimmick. Like all gimmicks, the novelty will wear off quickly. A few points; 1) How is it possible for a ship to burn in the vacuum of space? 'Sinking' in space is also difficult to get my head around. 2) Space is a 3D environment (3 directional, thanks, Prof Hawkins) so why are the ships confined to a 2D plane? Perhaps 'Warplanes' would be a better basis for this mode. Star Wars has taught us that in space a Laser blast can come from any direction, and these spaceships are unprotected from below. 3) In space, no-one can hear you banging your head against the screen. Being an older player, I find it hard to see the targets. 4) There is a very terrestrial feel to the artillery. Surely spaceships would fight with energy weapons? Lasers, or whatever. WG has obviously put a lot of work into Space Battles, and the visuals are great, but a bit more thought about how things would work in space would make it so much better. The supply ship for receiving containers is brilliant, and well thought through. Perhaps it could lead to a whole new game/title for the ever growing WG stable?
  7. PeterBrooks_1

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    MrEasyUK post about the hacks. If honest players made more use of WASD, then the effectiveness of these cheats would be greatly reduced. At short ranges, aimbots are redundant (unless your guide dog is playing for you).
  8. PeterBrooks_1

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Small point, not strictly about this update; As the signals are now grouped to make them easier to find, would it be possible to arrange the flags into 'Favourites' and 'The Rest'?
  9. PeterBrooks_1

    HSF - High School Fleet

    I'm looking forward to the mission for this great camo. Just after I have finished the DoY and Rain missions would be nice.
  10. PeterBrooks_1

    Dog Tags

    I don't find that the emblems/insignia/dogtags enhance the game. There isn't enough variety to make them distinctive, and even if there were, I don't think I would want to wear one. Maybe I am just 'mature'. In fact I am nearly an object of naval history myself...
  11. PeterBrooks_1

    Clan Battles

    Problem with Clan Battles. Only 3 members of the clan can initiate a battle. If those 3 are not available, or even not inclined, then the Clan cannot start a battle. Please come up with a remedy for this problem.
  12. PeterBrooks_1

    Friendlyness, understanding, teamplay.

    Who decides what tactics to use? You? You might be a Unicum or a potato, but you sure have a big opinion of yourself.
  13. PeterBrooks_1

    Karma & Report/Compliment Numbers

    I have a problem with the whole reporting system. Some players think that they are Admirals who know the only way to play, others use the threat of reporting to try to compel others to play to support them personally. When the reward for good behaviour was launched, I got one, and have never seen one since. I have to assume that the reason for that is spotty armchair admirals who still think it's coooool to wear their captains cap back to front are firing complaints about me after the game. Whilst I am informed about compliments, I don't get information about reports, so there is no appeal. It is a form of chat abuse. I am inclined to try to bring the whole system down by reporting everyone who says that they are going to report me. I keep a notebook handy, so you have been warned.
  14. PeterBrooks_1

    Ranked Battles Season 7

    If this PT is a taster for Ranked, we need T6 Premiums to try out. They will make a major contribution in the coming season. At least mine will. You never know, WG, it might even encourage more sales of premium ships.
  15. PeterBrooks_1

    PT 0.6.6 Feedback - Operations - General Feedback

    Scenarios; 1) 30 min lockout is a bad way to treat customers. Always remember that we have a choice. 2) I don't understand why the red team gets progressively reinforced by higher tier ships. It makes victory (or even survival) almost impossible. Starting with both teams even (As in Co-op) and staying with that number until victory or defeat would make more sense to me. 3) The idea of scenarios is good, in that it brings more variety to the game. 4) Aegis is played in semi-darkness. I find that this makes it difficult to see other ships (friend or foe), never mind shoot at them. Spare a thought for players with old eyes. Please.