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  1. Yeah noticed that, moments ago, but didn't want to double post. And I've seen simmilar things before, I missed out on the "free" premium ship with the italian cruisers because the last day for some reason the daily missions no longer gave italian tokens so I was 2 tokens short or something like that.
  2. Well no more apparently, just found that directives were gone eventhough they were supposed to last till tuesday morning, so no 2 portslots for me from directive 4... just had a couple of matches left... managed to complete directive 6 , so I'm not totally off topic, but wtf? give us our remaining 3 days of shitgrind now that we have committed to it.
  3. Baron_Alrik


    I know. I should not start this, so lock it already, but seriously, I've played this game since, what 2015? I know you have the test server(s?), but do you listen to the people there, do you test your game yourselves? It's getting not bad, it's been that a long long time, it's getting ridiculous. RNGeesus ruled the waves for a long time and I thought that was nightmarish enough, but now when horrendously bad gameplay is activly promoted, i'm at a loss for words, hence I come here. Angeling...what for? if you're full broadside they will just overpenn you and your citadell, if you angle , they will citadell you though your angled nose, not overmatch like full on, but even your angled dito, which used to auto bounce. ant then there's the joy of cvs, who with a two man fighter crew will keep the whole fleet informed of your every inch movement when their invincible planed dont kill you off themselves. Oh cvs...the "joy" of naval warfare. I know there was a reason as to why the move was made to pioritize the buidling of them, but that doesn't change the fact that there were just eniough men in each plane to do their job, that did not include telling every captain in every boat in the whole [edited]fleet of every movement of every ship they saw. Please start bugfixing your game, it's getting very late.
  4. Baron_Alrik

    [SV1-3] Swedish Viking recruitment.

    Kommer också från GGS ^^ Namn: Jimmy Nick: Baron_Alrik Ålder: 36 Maxtier: Zao och Moskva T8: Mogami, tyckte endinbrughn var kul med, men har inte börjat på en ny kapten där än då jag snart har minotauren med. Spelar mycket operation och lägre tierer (5-7). Högtier är lite för kampigt för min smak, så det blir nästan bara i division eller uppdrag/kampagn jakt :P Systergummi är min bror. ^^