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  1. this has been happening long before British BB's were out, i guess people just really love their fires
  2. i enjoy using battleships and enjoy rushing in to the fight whilst the rest of the team scatter as soon as they see a glimmer of red on the minimap, might be a bit careless but hey, its only a game normally after my inevitable demise i watch the fight a little and often see other battleship players fighting each other......and what do you know, they're spamming HE at each other, seems to be more common the past couple of months....... so is there something im missing, have they downgraded AP on battleships or what? Seeing 2 battleships broadside on to each other firing HE and doing little damage, is it really worth it for a couple of fires that more often or not get put out instantly? Just my two cents but its been bugging me Happy Hunting
  3. we only had to say a few things, reminding players to stick with the convoy at the start of the battle and telling a couple to get in tighter when they started to drift too far wide, its just finding the players that can take on board what your trying to say thats the lottery
  4. Just managed 5 stars in the PvE OP, and i attribute the success to the fact the team listened to what was being said at the beginning of the battle and above all....STICKING TOGETHER WITH THE a big kudos to the rest of the team, after seeing so many idiots just sail away and do their own thing and drag half the squadrons with them i wondered if 5 stars was even possible, so to all those still waiting for the MM god to smile upon them i say it will happen and keep the faith.
  5. +1 very helpful.
  6. players firing at the shore guns make me giggle, usually 1st time players probably thinking easy points
  7. Had me 1,000 doubloons 4 days ago as well
  8. haven't played ranked today yet, will do a few battles see how it goes and probably get the usual 6 x "incoming" because the rest of the team have already started to flee as soon as they're spotted
  9. Had one guy in a battle pick up some survivors and head straight to dover on his own and just abandoned the team, then proceeded to sail directly into a minefield. Agreed, its as though the large red markers on the minimap are non existent for these players
  10. After getting the Smith from the OP the other week, figured id try it, 3 kills in its first outing, thought great little battle, now as someone who never previously owned a DD up to that point i figured i might as well treat myself to another so used up a bit of free exp, bought myself the T4 German DD and added the 10 point Captain id acquired from one of the PvE Operations, only this morning i took it out and preceded to get 3 x devastating strikes in a single battle, that might sound like nothing to the more experienced DD players out there but for me i was quietly impressed with my efforts and i can now see the appeal of the little ships hiding in smoke screens firing torps everywhere......can be quite satisfying i must admit.
  11. Started a ranked battle........everyone agrees to go Cap B.........then proceeds to sail around the map doing their own thing........ , wouldnt of minded so much if they had just said "we're going this way for X reasons" but oh well lol
  12. has there been any other ships that have been unlockable from free exp? iv only been playing since Feb so i may of missed something
  13. i can understand frustration, i'm sure we've all had battles where we've looked like winning and suddenly the team collapses, but abusing the team is hardly nurturing a winning mentality in my humble opinion.
  14. Since the Ranked Battles have begun iv noticed a sizable increase in abusive players all desperate to get their lucky stars. Most of the hate chatter iv noticed is usually from the players that have died 1st and who are suddenly experts at the game and for reasons unexplained cant be bothered to just exit and move to their next ship and try again. Personally i find it quite amusing, though i do wonder about the maturity of these players :/ Whilst i would say at least 90% of the player base are generally polite, or just don't use chat in general to any new players who read this i would say, take no notice of anyone who calls you NooB. idiot, bot etc, etc. And to any players who read this who do like to abuse their teammates because of their own inadequacies i would say.....well nothing....not worth my time :) Thoughts on a postcard please Happy Sailing
  15. hope not, i dont own ANY DD's lol :( i would of guessed, doing hard mode you would have to win the stars again for that difficulty, perhaps slightly improved rewards, I.E 2/3 days of prem for 5 stars