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  1. gazzbott2point0

    Looking For a casual clan

    Hey guys Currently looking for a casual English speaking clan. Im on most days but times vary depending on what shifts i work each week. Also on discord feel free to get in touch if y'all need any more info Happy Sailing
  2. gazzbott2point0

    Is WoWS becoming as Toxic as WoT?

    got deleted by a friendly musashi because i wasnt using radar in my cleveland and the bbaby wanted to camp at the rear of the map while i pushed forward in a light cruiser in a tier X battle....... chat fills up with random cr@p from said player........oh look "exit to port" button.......bye bye snowflake.......
  3. gazzbott2point0

    active player looking for new clan

    After a 2 week break im now looking for an active clan to join. looking to play semi-competitively including CWs No mic but have discord on the go hit me up on here or in-game if anyone needs me happy sailing
  4. gazzbott2point0

    integrity check time?

    Doesn't matter anyways guys, un-installed the game......and spent 4 days trying to re-install it, from the launcher it keeps giving me "critical errors" or "unable to upload files" blah blah blah, researched the problem, tried the suggestions on how to fix it....nothing....sent a ticket, WG got back to me.....nothing, dont know what else to do.....deleted WoT out of spite :/ (and also to flush my cpu of all WG folders and seeing if that helped....nope) running optimal system requirements for the game to work.......... Annoying, just recently got my 1st T10 BB and had 2 more T10s ready to buy plus space battles...looked fun, oh well..... i take it as a sign to invest my time and money into another game i reckon......war thunder perhaps hehe happy sailing
  5. gazzbott2point0

    any thoughts?

    anyone got any suggestions on how this problem can be fixed, seen others have same problen but not seen any concrete solutions thanks
  6. gazzbott2point0

    integrity check time?

    currently running the integrity check on my cpu was just wondering if anyone know on average how long it takes....as of writing this its been going for over an hour and a half thanks
  7. gazzbott2point0

    help plz

    cant find the specific problem on the Troubleshooting page so gonna ask here....... having issues getting into battles, can log into the game, pick my ship, flags, camo etc......but when i get to the loading screen showing the map & teams....nothing, it just doesn't load so was wondering if anyone knew a solution, doesn't happen every battle but its frustrating when it does, teams probably thinking im AFK when im just waiting on the poxy game to load lol so yeah, some help would be appreciated. thanks
  8. gazzbott2point0

    Super container madness!

    Had 1 a couple of weeks ago (1.000 Doubloons) so that will be it for me for the next 3 months or so
  9. gazzbott2point0

    S_S_P Recruiting NOW!!!

    Looking for a new clan? Looking for players who want to join a new clan with the future intention of being semi-competitive in WoWS and also just to have fun in between. Not much is needed all we ask is: Be on discord as that's where the main talk will be although no mic is required. Have a minimum of T8 ships due to future Clan Wars participation. And be active, although we appreciate some people may actually have a life so don't expect you to be on 24/7 Deputy Commander and recruitment officer roles are available Drop me a message on here or in-game if interested Happy sailing
  10. gazzbott2point0

    Server problems?

    same here
  11. gazzbott2point0

    winter mystery all year round.....

    we've had what maybe 2 patches since X-mas. maybe more, and still getting the winter mystery personal mission appear in the missions menu (as well as completed missions suddenly re-appear lol) wouldnt mind so much if you could actually re-complete the personal mission again for extra goodies & just end up with multiple Happy Shipmas flags
  12. gazzbott2point0

    Got chat banned cuz i didn't have smoke!!

    i got told to "Go Die" by a teammate in a ranked battle because i was running smoke on Edinburgh instead of radar rofl
  13. gazzbott2point0

    HE spamming BB's

    this has been happening long before British BB's were out, i guess people just really love their fires
  14. gazzbott2point0

    HE spamming BB's

    i enjoy using battleships and enjoy rushing in to the fight whilst the rest of the team scatter as soon as they see a glimmer of red on the minimap, might be a bit careless but hey, its only a game right..........so normally after my inevitable demise i watch the fight a little and often see other battleship players fighting each other......and what do you know, they're spamming HE at each other, seems to be more common the past couple of months....... so is there something im missing, have they downgraded AP on battleships or what? Seeing 2 battleships broadside on to each other firing HE and doing little damage, is it really worth it for a couple of fires that more often or not get put out instantly? Just my two cents but its been bugging me Happy Hunting
  15. gazzbott2point0

    Teamplay.....it can happen

    we only had to say a few things, reminding players to stick with the convoy at the start of the battle and telling a couple to get in tighter when they started to drift too far wide, its just finding the players that can take on board what your trying to say thats the lottery