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  1. I've noticed even in 6.10 that after I leave a Battle before it ends and re enter the game 5 min or hour later, I don't get the last Battle Report/Notification anymore. Not the detailed one but the little summary as it was before. Any reason to take it away? txs
  2. 0.6.11

    Description: game just stopped during Battle. Ships movement freeze but controls still working. A couple of seconds later, kicked out by the Server. Couldn't enter anymore. Had to restart e re insert pwd. And of course I was sunk after 2 minutes off against 2 enemy ships still playing... wasted flags and consumable... First time happens with a new pc. New update I think. Never had a problem in the last 2 months.
  3. Launch time here, not working yet But after downloading some updates yesterday evening, few minutes ago it downloaded new one. So it might be that the client is not ready yet.
  4. 0.6.10

    Server crashed? 30 min ago? Just sunk last ship and then kicked out and client hang. Tried to restart game login failed. I'll try one more time. shouldn't end on 27?
  5. 0.6.10

    After last patch, smoke and fire while sinking work nice.
  6. 0.6.10

    LOVE WAR DRUMS!!! Kind of Apocalypse Now theme, great choice. Txs!
  7. 0.6.10

    Yep, fire and smoke on sinking ships disappear before the flames/smoke touch water It works fine in the regular release, I mean better than the new.
  8. AH, ah, ah, you absolutely right Roger! But it's even worst than we thought it was: Cook gave a clear answer after WDC2017 where did put the word "end" to desktop macs with the new Os X. In a lovely article on Forbes, a consultant in multimedia and mobile, analyzed the new High Sierra peculiarities and obviously concluded that Macs are just the Slave or Bridge for mobile iPhone or Pad and that in the new OS X release there is no one innovation for desktops. Just implementation and more integration of IOS into OS X and not vice versa...!! Tuesday I'll receive a new Motherboard, all the rest is here and built. My first Hackintosh.... after more than 25 years. Jobs would never accept this and forget his and our legacy, as he never sold his company and financial decision to Wall Street's bastards as Cook and Maestri did. Amen. Tecno Hippy forever!!
  9. Hi, just a simple question; until a couple of PT ago, there was an email with the Congrats and the deadline before which you should claim. If not, bye, bye... Today just received a generic Claim you Rewards!, with no deadline. I know for sure that 0.6.6 is close, July 31. But not the others 6.7, 6.8 part 1 and 2. Anyone knows it? Thank you for info! P.S. I'm waiting till last minute to have more time during summer holidays to play with rewards... Not going to the sea? yes, I live close to beach in the infamous Adriatic sea...
  10. txs Doc!
  11. That's why I'm building an hackintosh these days... I gave up on wrapper. Before the new one 2.xx everything was fine, the problems came up once WG dropped Vindovs XP support.
  12. Thanks Doc! But I went to Codeweaver site and couldn't find any release notes... And couldn't even login last night to ask in Forum. So could you or some other player registered to Codeweaver, ask for release notes of every new release? It will be useful to know which bug or improvement they put in or fixed in 2.0.7 and 2.0.8 Thank you!
  13. Great and thanks Glig! I finished my air cans a couple of years ago, didn't buy any yet, but I will! So I went online to look how to do it without and saw a video on a 2011 iMac (that's mine... I always thought was a 2010) and he was using a brush and a vacuum cleaner. So I did, as my vacuum is quite powerful and played 5/6 battles with temps never more than 60/62 deg. While before were going easily to 70. But today also, after finally some rain, the air is much fresher than last week. You have same iMac but bigger screen as my wife and sun, we pick up the i7 one, with a nvdia 1GB. No ssd. Refurbished from Apple Store. I had crashes also there, but it's months that my sun don't play it. The thing of the Hack is to play pc wows and wop, all the rest on the mac hack disk. Os X till far superior than any Vindov version!! But if you play with a 2014 and like the latest Os X then you can buy or build a much more powerful Hackintosh than mine! The fact that I don't like other than S.Leopard and M.Lion for game and java stuff is a big limit, but... Take care, have a nice wend! UPDATE! It was an illusion... at night I loaded my usual Mod's set up without compressed textures... 2 battles and crash! Temp was fine max 61/62 Cpu less the Gpu, but the PSU is steady at 55/6 and that's the problem of my restarts... Back to yesterday set up with Compressed text 12% and it works as before. That's means less fan but more battles w/out crash. I also lost the last GPU 960 I was to order for the Hack... bad night... despite the 200% xp... I'll buy the air on monday!
  14. Hi Glig, but where did u blow and which version of iMac u have, because mine has some holes grid under the screen and a long hole on top where the hot air come out when you push fan speed. So while waiting for the hack parts to arrive I can solve some problems...
  15. I don't know where u live, but here in southern EU is a hot July, no rain... I have the 21.5" vers of your iMac same GPU. Mine even restart for itself for protection... so once I'm back in the battle, I'm almost dead and the allies insult me as a AFK... But I understand... That's why I'm done with iMacs (ours have a problem with ventilation system, it seems that the cpu fan is pushing hot air towards the PSU (!) that eventually stop for safety and restart the mac... So, instead of buying an old beloved Mac pro tower second hand, I'm building an Hackintosh. Today it's quite easy to install OS X on a pc if you follow the guides and assemble following Buyer's guide for each version you like. You can even order an Hackintosh ready to go in UK and US. I do not want the modern OS X so I'll build a pc around 10.8.5 ( I love Snow Leopard but...). You can have a perfect working dual boot Hackintosh for half the cost of a recent i Mac, with i7 cpu, Nvidia 1060/80 6/11GB Vram, hdmi, thunderbolt and plenty of SSD and ram. Water cooling and so on. So I'll play Wows on a PC that permit me also to play Public Tests with no hassle. But my last readings on both Us and Eu forums, is that GPU is not the main problem, the problem is CPU. It looks that Wows make an intensive use of CPU resources and because of that, of the system disk used for swapping ram also. So with an Hackintosh with 2 SSD (Pc and Mac) and 16/32 GB of Ram, i7 quad overclocked to 4Ghz, should be fine to play with almost the max setting in Graphics. For the GPU I can't have the new one because of Mountain Lion compatibility, so I'll get a Nvdia 960 4GB. Total cost a bit more than a 1000 euro, with the best ram and ssd. Because I'm not happy to play with low settings and as I posted, with the excellent Mod (that works) of Compressed textures of 12%... This game is nice also on the rendering side so why not enjoying! Here my Bism that almost lost the textures with that Mod... but I can play 5/8 battles at least. I'll post here when I 'll have my first battle on it.