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  1. Hi Glig!

    Still on a Mac? How is it going?

  2. RedAnark

    Bug Reports

    Description: Yesterday evening entered a Clan battle, right before entering the Battle I was kicked out by the server, back to login page. Tried to re connect, no results. Restarted the client, login again: no result. After 5 min and more attempts I was able to enter the battle... It use to happen sometimes on a previous version when there were too many test around: PT, TST, Clan Test, Rank sprint and so on Not a great thing when you play real Clan battles thou! Included the crash file: WorldOfWarships-2018-12-02_22-17-55.7z UPDATE Later: Other 2 crashes/hangs, again at the beginning of a battle, I'll include crashes. But I've a doubt in the version I'm using I set DirectX 9 instead of the usual 11. Could be? And also I disabled completely paging (16GB ram, system on Nvme), is it ok? crashes.zip UPDATE Dec 6: After re installing 7.11.1 same problem again: First battle after installing Training Room, fine, first Clan battle at 19 pm crash right before the start! Then it worked fine. Crash and all the stuff included! WorldOfWarships-2018-12-05_19-07-29.zip Any Solution?
  3. RedAnark

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    I quote this two that are same feedback I had playing and: first, if you want to get 60k damage easily on T4 go for Langley, poor Hosho can't stand at all But even on T10 or T8 I found my self getting the most of damage with the US ones. One reason is higher damage with Bombs, the other it might be I couldn't find myself comfortable with torp aiming and launch. Why the aiming and drop of anything is not as easy as the one for missiles? As I said in Stage 2, why dropping a bomb implies you loose for a"long" time the aiming ellipse? why that animation of flying to the clouds and 2 sec after go straight to the sea before reaching the height to drop the dive bombs? And then, when you finally are on the ship ready to, timer kick you off the drop? Yes, after Round 3 I got the habit, but that time is too short, way too short. Unless... unless everything is done to make more difficult to play and hit ships, so the poor ships have more chance to survive... I think it is also the reason you can't control the CV and put on hold your planes flying to the target and come back once fixed a Damage or Repair or change the route... I can understand it. 99% of players do not like to find CV in MM, so at least they know they can destroy them while the CV player is away from home!!! But as an old time CV player I'll tell you: I had fun with Langley and Midway! Cheers! Hope you fix my beloved Jap ones! Got no crash at all, just after 5/8 battles I had my mice LFM blocked, could direct planes but LFM clicking didn't get any drop of any ammo. Lucky was the end of the battle. Now just a note on clarity of the new skills and mechanics: I couldn't find any info in the client about Aiming Time of each Squadrons. So it make quite difficult to decide why to use 4 skill point to make it longer10/15%... Longer than what amount of seconds Sirs? SShot below:
  4. RedAnark

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Txs, for the confirmation!!
  5. RedAnark

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Ok, so I don't play T8/10 then!
  6. RedAnark

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Txs! But the problem is how the planes flight once you click! With the other two ammo, you click to attack, then click again to drop. Easy! You need just to get used to it. Here you click once and the planes do a useless acrobatic flight where you loose the sight of the ship, then they decide to drop with a countdown... Why? Just click first to get the 2/3 planes in the attack formation then I should decide distance, height and time to drop. As for rockets... why make it in that horrible way?
  7. RedAnark

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Done some more tests, but Dive Bombing procedure is too difficult, no way to control easily your planes and drop the bomb where you want to. Rockets and torps, after a while you could get use to, but dive bombers no way josè! Tried a Seattle.... no words.... how I was supposed to defend against squadrons of rockets from an Hakuryu? Used the AA Consumable... uselss. Not even the time to repair or use the Damage party twice. If this are T10 future CVs I think I'll quit playing those high Tiers. Or I play just BBs... at least I can play some minutes more than with a CA!
  8. RedAnark

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Impressions as first time tester (didn't participate to Tier VI): 1) Dive Bombers shouldn't make that acrobatic fly when choosing to attack (first click on LMB). It's useless and it takes ages to get the planes in position. It's not easy to control them and if you add that useless thing is even more difficult. I want to decide how and when. 2) Rocket Squadron works quite nice. It takes a couple of play to understand timing and mechanics but they work. 3) Torpedo squadron aren't easy at all. They're constantly under attack from AA so they launch torps in every direction always. And that double guide, before attack and the corridor at the drop, should be unified. 2 km for Jap ones is ridiculous! But, overall: You should let the CV player fly the planes that attack with every ammo WITHOUT any INTRO flight! Ok to click LMB to get a portion of your squadron to attack, but then I should decode the fly of them: when to fly low and how much, the speed of attack, the direction. In other words I should play the attacking ones as in any plane simulation/arcade game!! Besides from this, is almost impossible to play Yamato or Montana in that bulk conditions, turrets slow, turning slow... how can you dodge torps or squadrons attacking while a sailing sauce is spamming HE on you? Last but not least: on Minimap squadron is a kind of arrow that doesn't show direction and orientation. Make it simple as for ships. See pict below.Txs!! Update after another couple of battles: Jap CV is again inferior as it was, at T8/10 how do you think to drop a torp against a US ship at 2 Km or less? NO planes left to drop after 3 km away... how many at 2?.... no way uncle Sam! This leave me with the same idea of an year ago when I dropped the Shokaku as It was rarely usable for damages, a part from spotting.
  9. RedAnark

    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Txs for explanation! Cheers!
  10. RedAnark

    Halloween - Terror of the Deep

    Terror of the Deep or Halloween scenario don't work after 3:30 am Cet time? Isn't Halloween a night fest? Servers are scared...? Played 3 battles then at that time couldn't play anymore... see screen:
  11. RedAnark

    EU server down?

    Same here in Italy, server down Try later
  12. A simple question after first day of test battles: Which realm counts, the one the Clan choose or the one that randomly matchmaking assign you? Example:Yesterday we decide for Russia realm, but in the list of battles we did in the Clan Battle page, it looks we played some in Eu, some in CIS, some in Asia. So which realm counts? the one you played in or the one the Clan choose for the day to play in? Txs!
  13. Sorry, but there are some opposite statement in the News article that specify Clan test battles. Can WG clarify?: 1) Solved: The timing differences were due to daylight saving time. Ok!. 2) Days to play are different: in the RED paragraph is stated they'll play 25th and 28 - 29. Here in Forum is 23 and 28 -29th. Also, as you didn't held yesterday 22nd, why not add another day? Thank you! UPDATE! More confusion emerge looking at the Schedule inside the game on Clan battles pop up. Which one is right?? Here it is:
  14. RedAnark

    Halloween 2018

    Hi, you mean the Castel? Or the ship's citadel?
  15. RedAnark

    Bug Reports

    Description: Interface/gui reaction slower. Get into a Random Battle, queuing, forget cammo, hit "Leave Queue", wheel starts running for more than 10" than I'm in a Battle anyway. Another situation, same problem: I click on Clan Page, wheel starts running for ages, no reaction. Then I click on any other page, come back to Clan one and it show up quickly... Before it wasn't like that, if I clicked Leave" it left the que instantly... It's not specifically this release, I think it started happening in the last ones. Slow interaction feedback.