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  1. No probelm, do not worry,.The info panel has been always there, reporting last battle just in case you missed. That's it, simple and not hundreds of Kbytes but no more than few ks, not enough to affect server performance, unless they lately cut the budget on them! That could be, profit first and more than before! That's the way it is now, man! Servants, consumers, not men or citizen.... The middle age is back! Enjoy it!
  2. Che dire? Quoto totalmente... come sempre... Come in Blade Runner: ho visto corazzate Tier IX al largo di Heaven,sparire nel fumo e sparare tranquillamente senza essere viste da qualche km... Ho visto cose, che voi poveri player non potete neanche immaginare..." Ovviamente il nuovo Blade Rummer..!!
  3. El2a, it's not a question of loosing connection... as i wrote. Sometimes you just don't want to look at the rest of the game once you're out, So you leave the battle and the game. But all this words are useless as WG never answer to player requests, so... I asked players, but it looks they don't know or care either. Just look at this update and the promises to stop that bloody fire from smoke... it ended up worst than before. Now even without smoke ships are visible on and off! Tier IX battleships disappear once a while with no reason.. But it's a sign of the times: shut up and play, do not complain... servant consumers.
  4. OK, I'll explain better: Some updates ago, whenever you left a Battle for technical reasons (crash, power supply, hangs..) or just because you decide to left the battle earlier possibly 'cause you were sunk already and exit the client, next time you relaunch the Client it was showing last battle summary in the info panel, the "i" on the right corner. And if you wanted to look it again you could open it again, but clicking on the panel, of course couldn't show you all the info you get if you don't close the client (ribbons and so on..) in the Final Summary, Team results, Detailed, Credits panels. It has been always like that don't know when they changed maybe 6.9, 6.8, ?? . I just was wondering why, because was useful sometimes. I understated that few hours later is wiped out from server, but it has no reason to be wiped off after a bunch of minutes.
  5. Ah, ah, ah... Love it!! P.S. By the way, you should ask the owner of this apartment we rented, why heavy rain created a short circuit in the building basement... Can't afford to buy one, sorry.
  6. Sorry, but I'd like to know when and why. It just happen a short blackout during a storm while I was in a battle. Thankfully at the end of it. Obviously pc went off and I had to go down in the garage to turn it on again. No problem. But then, back to the game in the right Info panel. I had no results, the summary that usually appeared if, for any reason, you were quitting the client before the end of a battle. Why WG did take it off? Which is the reason?
  7. Ah, ah, ah... Mr "Knowledge", of course in your little brain, doesn't fit the word "help a friend" that didn't have a V ships... but if you look carefully at the pict some knowledge can magically appear in your limited mind. At least, I'm glad some others think that those rules are not balanced at all. Enjoy being a servant!
  8. I might have lost some news on updates, but I can't assign a Captain to a ship using the old pop up menu, assign to... (dd, CA, BB..). I was only able to assign with the Recruit method. So send the original to a good retire and then recruit another from another Ship. So at the end 2 acrions instead of 1. Is it like that now? Txs.
  9. Perfect, txs for explanations! But... But then how come you can't set up a Division with more than 1 Tier of difference between them? It has no sense, no logic, that you can't set up a Division of 3 different Tier's step, but then the MM can put together 4 Tier differnce ships... sorry. Last but not least. there were many Division like us, so it means in reality that this rules it ain't no clear, no good at all.
  10. After one year I play, I never saw something like this, as you can see in the pict attached. a random battle with Tier V and Tier VIII ships... If this is the new WG trend to make money, no problem, *Edited Bye, bye.
  11. I've checked almost everywhere but still missing...
  12. Love you man!
  13. I've noticed even in 6.10 that after I leave a Battle before it ends and re enter the game 5 min or hour later, I don't get the last Battle Report/Notification anymore. Not the detailed one but the little summary as it was before. Any reason to take it away? txs
  14. 0.6.11

    Description: game just stopped during Battle. Ships movement freeze but controls still working. A couple of seconds later, kicked out by the Server. Couldn't enter anymore. Had to restart e re insert pwd. And of course I was sunk after 2 minutes off against 2 enemy ships still playing... wasted flags and consumable... First time happens with a new pc. New update I think. Never had a problem in the last 2 months.
  15. Launch time here, not working yet But after downloading some updates yesterday evening, few minutes ago it downloaded new one. So it might be that the client is not ready yet.