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  1. So here it is: module upgrades will be free to change on 0.9.1 release as they'll change some modules and add others.. here an extract from Dev Blog
  2. But they did not a long time ago, not remembering that well but was it after Halloween?
  3. That's right for the first week of new CB season. But I thought WG would give those chance after all different Tier battles and the monstrous grind for PayRico ;)
  4. Apart from Clan specific free respec as after Clan Battles Seasons, there is any free respec or free retraining after Clan Brawls T6, T8, T10 and Ranks T8 and Sprint T10? Maybe with 9.0? We had to move Captains and respec quite often in the last 40 days...
  5. RedAnark

    How is everyone getting on with Puerto Rico grind?

    At the end 49 euros are not that much to finish PRico, many spend that amount for a lower Tier Premium package. I just regret that could have been enough to buy just First Premium Boost at the very begging, but I might buy with same doubloons a Tirpitz that I'll use more than this one
  6. Please change type color to black or dark one when the Directive/Mission has a light background and vice versa? Like it is now is unreadable. Thank you!
  7. RedAnark

    0.9.0 PTS - Arms Race

    Why we have to wait minutes and more when there are 26 ships to play a Random/Race??
  8. RedAnark

    New Year event (collection, snowflakes, directives)

    Don't want to get into the Puerto discussion, but only notice that you could have made the heavy Directives more rewarding adding some Shipbuilding tokens for every one accomplished, instead of that poor 5 Signals or 100k credit after concluding a 12M one... as an example.
  9. RedAnark

    Co-op Battles Matchmaker

    Again, 9x9 are too many! Look at stats here, just played a couple: It's gettingridiculous to play a battle for less than 4 min, you constantly loose money unless you keep ramming left and right... Bring it back to 6vs6 or max 7vs7 !! Thanks!
  10. RedAnark

    PTS 0.8.11 - Captain's Logbook

    looks nice, but I would call it "Collector's logbook" !! More appropriate for the contents it offers! Also many players are more collectors oriented than competitive
  11. RedAnark

    PTS 0.8.11 - New Year Celebration

    One more thing: LIke the NY Port for new Year 2020 but you should clean a bit the cargo where containers open. Too many objects from my point of view. Maybe Christmas and New year decorations but not every possible symbolic object.
  12. RedAnark

    PTS 0.8.11 - New Year Celebration

    Like most of it, but now in Part 2 it looks the timing of Dockyard is same as in CET so late afternoon, so dark... too dark you don't appreciate building, put some huge flods there!
  13. RedAnark

    0.8.11 - 1vs1 Ranked Sprint

    Like it, but improve Match Making: with a cruiser I found 2 BBs, so I played a BB and got 2 DDs...
  14. RedAnark


    It happens, this game is very sensitive to even short disconnections that could happen if your are on wifi or cell 4G (in this case i suggest you to switch to 3G more stable) Problem is, not disconnections, but the long time it takes to reconnect and enter the battle again. And you'll see how longer is gonna be in 8.11 (at least on PT the logging is much longer than now)
  15. Sorry, we did discuss the matter even with CS, but today that Rank started and Twilight is finished, you keep kidnapped my Port Slots without any decent and good reason. UPDATE: CS wrote me back and told me they are aware of the issue and apologize for it. I'm glad they did and I really appreciate it! Anyone can make an error, but recognize it it's not for all! Thank you!