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  1. Is the Budyonny worth to if...

    I've another quick question: I already have Tier VI CAs Graf, Aoba, Leander, La Galisson... , I've bought and played few battles with Kirov bulk and not very happy for the frustrating problems of maneuvering it. And the glass structure. Should I take advantage of the promotion for soviet ships for this wend, plus the fact that I already have her 10 sk Captain from the old Mission, and take the Budyonny, spending 37000 gold xp and 2.100.000 credits? Is it worth compared to Kirov? Txs for your povs!
  2. Sure it was! Like neighbours Map, except when I'm on a CV...
  3. I agree about Mogami armor and torp angle. But I can't have an Atago. I'll keep the Myoko and Mogami then. As I've already build the French ones to same Tiers, and I'm moving in with German and Soviet ones.
  4. Love my Bismark secondaries! Great fun!
  5. Happy that my post got all this discussion around it! But as somebody said, a Map like that is for DDs or CAs that like to spam Iron rain on others. No tactics, no team work, just shooting kind of game. And of course if you have 4/7 sec fire, Fog and whatever is fun... for him.... But the problem is, how many times playing Random Tier V it comes up!... too many!!!! Then as it happend yesterday night in 2 Bros Map, the occasional player do not learn a clue of team and tactics , and we lost the Battle because they were just shooting at anything moving in front, especially CVs... no capping, no control of the enemy moves, just everybody following the fleet whatever the first 2 were doing... As I said already in another post, then there are King of Sea, Clan battles, and if you grow up in just shooting game, you and your team are going to be losers most of the time... So I have a proposal!! WG should put a new type of Battle, adding to Co op, Random, Scenario, the type: Shooting or Fire Spam!! I'll do the logo if you need, or make a competition for players!!
  6. It's a ridiculous small map, good only for destroyers fun. I find myself in that map with a Bismark, more than once... no comment. It's not warfare, is toyware. Void that Map for Tiers V to X thanks!
  7. Vive La France #2

    Finished the campaign, but didn't get all the pict, symbol, ye to close the Collection... last 7 Containers just Duplicates... BUG: Few battles earlier, I choose to use duplicates for closing the ship pictures, first collection of the Campaign. Then when I finished the campaign it didn't show that picture as Duplicate opening the Container, but in the Notification Panel on the lower right it did correctly.
  8. General Feedback

    Changes in points for capping to avoid flash battles doesn't work! Just played a Random total duration. 7 minutes....!!!! I was firing to kill a CA and capping a base it was finished... You must maker harder changes!
  9. General Feedback

    From the patch notes for Round 2 : "...The amount of points gained by holding the areas is now 4 points every 9 seconds. These changes are designed to reduce the number of quick battles and further differentiate the gameplay on this map from that of "North". I'm glad you did! The other day a Random finished in 8 minutes--- less than a Co op!! No way!
  10. Bug Reports

    I solved installing the updated Aslain mod as I wrote above!
  11. Bug Reports

    Hi, I then solved the issue installing the proper updated Aslain's mod file, as I was still using the 0.7.1 instead of
  12. Bug Reports

    Description: Can't select Collections anymore since If I go to Profile--> Collection, it opens randomly one of them. First time Bismarck, restarted the Client and then Dunkirk... so I can't exchange duplicates of the HFS at the moment, not even look at it. UPDATE 18/02: No news! Today same story here is the pict:
  13. Bug Reports

    Description Repeating a task in the Gold Campaign do not give the stars again Repro Select a task in the Gold Play the Battle and accomplish the task Go to Campaign Panel and click on Collect Stars, it doesn't! It's hangs on it. Solution I restarted the client so I could get the starts for the task! Fixq. Reatsrt of Client is not required usually!
  14. Bug Reports

    I've played a couple of CA and didn't happen. But it happened last PT 0.7.1 with Minotaur, I wasn't able to select single or multi torps, it stayed in single mode no matter how many time I pressed 3 (or Num 3 as you and I do)
  15. Bug Reports

    Exactly the same trying to select priority target for Manual secondaries... The bad side of it, is that I already post it at PT 0.7.1, so it looks that some nerds have fun to get this game very complicated to play for whom do not camp at the bottom of the Map.... RIDICOLOUS!!!! And keep it secret as u did previously so we could loose some battles for their bloody pleasure! Txs!