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  1. RedAnark

    Small bugs I found in 0.8.7

    4th yep 2nd it resets when I go to Combat mission menus as posted The 2nd I wouldn't call a small bug at all, as you have to go back and set again the Carousel all the time
  2. Description: as in the title Reproduction steps: set your Carousel by 4, then only whatever ship type, or nation. Then go to Combat Mission and click on whatever submenu. Result: Right after your Carousel is reset to all ships but still on 4 lines. Expected result: the opposite of the Title... or in other words as it worked in 8.6 Technical details: Huge annoying bug !!
  3. RedAnark

    Clan Patch: can you add a red one!

    Hi, will be nice if you can add a red patch, as the 3 in the Armory are around since a while and should have more color versions. Isn't it? ;-)
  4. RedAnark


    Txs! So we played on 14 but you meant it ended on 13th?
  5. Guys, please give us a slider for the loudest sounds, It can't be everything under SFX! There are nice sfx that require higher volume, and nasty fx like explosions that require very low level if you play with earphones or headphones! Eliminate that 2 Port and Battle music with just one as it was. The other use it for the loudest sfx!! easy! Don't think anyone will complain if missing 1 of 2 music sliders! Thank you!
  6. RedAnark


    Just a simple question: The reset of Captains has been already set for only the first week of CB or not? My clan had problems to play first 12 days but when we played wednsady no free reset right after or next day.
  7. 1500 doublons are way much more than 4M credits... no?! And that one is a Captain with special skills. I'm talking about straight simple easy 10 skills Capt as for US, UK, JP, GER....
  8. Question: - In Space Battles we had a chance to buy French Capt (10sk) with special resource, but then in Savage there was and there's not a chance to buy French Capt. for 4M credits that is a very good offer!! - Now we have French Destroyer event, but no French Capt to buy neither for tokens or credits.... Then there will be French Destroyers Part 2 with 0.8.7 and again NO French Capt to buy a part from a special one with all Directives, that is... only one!!.... Proposal: So why not introduce, with next update 0.8.7, the chance to buy for 4M credits a couple of French Capts? If I look at my Capts line up I have tons of Ger, US, Jap, Uk ones while with French ones I have always to move from a ship to another and retrain that is a quite heavy economic job to do...especially now that you broke the all T10 competitions... Plus with french DDs u get only 3sk capt, btw... Thanks!
  9. RedAnark

    Server stability issues? Disconnected mid battle

    Keep disconnecting...twice a day at least.... today afternoon ping of 2000 m/sec... what's going on?
  10. Sorry, but today was quite a mess about Server times: one timing in the news another one in the in game Schedule. What's going on? People was requested to be available from 3pm to 9 then it changed to usual "old" long schedule Clan Battles... Is that difficult to be precise? Players on Saturday might have different plans, no?
  11. RedAnark

    0.8.5 - Rogue Wave event

    Absolutely UNFAIR base xp results... After playing solo for 75% of the battle and winning killing last 2 enemy DDs of the same team, I get only 947 while a losing enemy with 2 kills as mine got more XP... RIDICULOUS!!
  12. RedAnark

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    That is? I went on the site no news daily or not....
  13. RedAnark

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    Sprint Ranks?
  14. RedAnark

    Can we have 4/5 secs to esc from a Battle queue?

    Interesting... how do you know in queue that is gonna be a T10 battle if you are in a T8 and you have not entered a Battle yet?
  15. RedAnark

    Can we have 4/5 secs to esc from a Battle queue?

    Please you shouldn't. Quite offensive from you. You can tell something like this to that storm of stealers infesting wows lately. Or to that spoiled guys, big wallet, little brain of whom Wows is full of... Sorry But I've to report you. To solve your silly problem is quite simple: they just do not show how many of each type of ships are in queue, honey. Pretty easy for developers.... Just show how many in total out of, as already shown...