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  1. Hi, just asking if I can connect my YouTube existing account with Wows YouTube channel by subscribing . Or do I need same email on both account and then sub? (that means I need to open a up another account on YouTube with same email as here) Because Twitch was pretty easy and I have feedback on my wows Account or Twitch management that are linked but Youtube doesn't show up. Thank you all for any info!
  2. What happen to base XP? Were they really taken away from logs? If yes it's a big bug from this patch to be fixed!
  3. Got some problems after installing some mods in 0.9.5. It happens after the battle starts: first shot and the screen disappear, pc running, Monitor error "lost signal", if I wait after some min it shutdown, if not I force shutdown. It looks GPU related, but it's a 970, never ever had a problem with any mod Without mods no problems. I'm trying to load just few to see which one is causing the problem, but I use the usual (Crosshair, Navigator, Damage meter, Score timer and few others, no ship special cammo or Port or signal flags)
  4. RedAnark

    Do you have problems on the server?

    Kicked out Yesterday (see Discord "bugs"), kicked out now at the beginning of a battle! Same time, same problem. It can be an every day problem guys!
  5. Great! Txs for the advice! it works fine !
  6. RedAnark

    PT 0.9.5 - Bugs

    Tried the workaround HW acceleration: false, but didn't work. UPDATE: It did wortk instead clearing the Cache! Txs to Discord support!
  7. RedAnark

    PT 0.9.5 - Bugs

    Can't see Armory. tried with Check integrity but it says it's ok...
  8. Any news from modder about Detailed Damage meter that can be freely positioned in the GUI? Txs!
  9. Can a CC or Tester tell me why Lenin, as in 9.4 release notes, is given to CC and Tester as it would be a new ship? Thank you!
  10. RedAnark

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    What happened to 0.9.4 Rewards? If you decided to delay the patch you shouldn't delay the rewards then.
  11. RedAnark

    PT 0.9.4 - General Feedback

    A simple question: One of my Clan mates joined PTS last time 9.3, but he didn't find his ships and xp in the PTS port. How long it takes (or how often you do) to sync PTS accounts with live Accounts ships? Thank you!
  12. RedAnark

    WOW replays

    Couldn't use replay at all. Need to force quit the game. It hanged on Teams list...
  13. RedAnark

    0.9.3 - General Feedback

    Problem with Replays: Today I tried to replay a CB but after loading and entering the countdown to the Battles (with Team displayed) it didn't give me the chance to "Enter Battle" in advance and it hanged with Teams list forever, once countdown finshed. Need to force quit the client.
  14. RedAnark

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    You see? You just contradicting yourself... in the Brawls, CV were NOT an OPTION.... So no need for particular MM.... But I guess it's hard for many to see the whole picture! Sorry!
  15. RedAnark

    Clan Battles: Warrior's Path Season

    The main reason I keep playing WOWS is Clan Battles/Brawls, the only mode that a nice team and a nice team attitude can make the difference. And they are really fun even if you loose some! But with CVs introduced as an option (Strange at King of the Sea they dropped down yrs ago... how come...?), with no clue on MM, with no respec for Capt, it's going to be as annoying as last Ranked, where an average/discrete CV player could make the difference. So we'll back again to a Solo philosophy, a new kind of EGO Battles.... Not team ones. We have already Randoms that due to Directives, or Campaign or Missions they are not anymore team work, but just "I must do 30 fires", "I'm here just for torps, spotting? what's that?" don't give a f... of winning... and so on. Also in Randoms the MM doesn't keep note of players stats at all so, as some nice Twitch contributor showed (even with a bell shape graph!), it depends on which side you are spawned and sometimes, no matter if you're a good player you loose, and other times you can be a noobe but you win.... The bloody RNGesus philosophy! So if this just a fun idea, a test, ok, let's try it, but why not doing for just 2 weeks only then? But do not make it a standard! Or we all, Clans, should do a strike and don't play them at all.