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  1. RedAnark

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    found on Reddit when the eu server was down... again... again... again...
  2. RedAnark


  3. Thank you! But Haku credits are back as well I hope. No?
  4. I'm just going to sell the jap ones, while growing up the Brits... the problem is they made unplayable especially the Shokaku , there is no chance compared to a Lex. Quite simply, you can put all the efforts you can/want, but right now the japs are inferior. You've got a pretty simple proof: best team on Clan battles use Midway... it's not a coincidence I tell you...
  5. Hi there, just a simple question: I'll sell my japs CV (unplayable now) before the deadline of March 27. But I had to buy the Hakuryu after 0.8.0, so what happen with the XP I reaserched for and Credits I spent for her? It's pretty clear in the Inventory the full refund on the others I had before 0.8.0, but not on the Hakuryo. Thank you?
  6. RedAnark

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    Like the Brits Cv, I'm gonna sell the unplayable japs before the deadline! BTW: I played the Lex today in the PT, she can move the torp planes after aiming without a great dispersion as the japs that are unplayable... great! America, america... Ok we need Jimi then!
  7. RedAnark

    PTS - Improved Port Interface and Service record

    Sorry, but do not like it at all. Especially all the sub-menu on the left and mixing different things together. First of all, if you would like to give something new to test, you shouldn't force test players to accomplish 10 battles to see what's going on, and force them to start from scratch.... You can do an animation to show the progression for new players, but why force old test players to keep playing to just go to next step, signals, next step upgrades, next step Captains (when I first played this PT without a Capt, I said: wtf is going on here, how a ship can play by herself!!.. Am I playing a Bot? :- ) I have a question: Are your Developers annoyed? Yes? So tell them to fix all the Known bugs from 8.0.0 till now, as the very bad one in the Naval Battle: You enable your attempt, you play, you accomplish the XP target with that ships, you go back in Port check for the deserved Stars and... wow, no Star, no attempt counted... you just keep wasting time and effort to accomplish for what? A developer that do not want to sort it out because he/she prefer to change the Port Gui? Do us a big favor: send him/her to a tropical island for a couple of weeks instead! Txs!!
  8. RedAnark

    PTS - Bugs

    Description: You play 3 co ops as required (random queue is forever..) in the final Score of the Battle it recognize exactly how many battles you played and which Missions you accomplished. Instead when you click on Missions in Port, it say you still have to play 1 battle... (Then you have to fight with Customer Support because they say: " no, you wrong, we double checked the system, and you didn't play 3 battles..." and so on.) Repro: Play 3 battles after you played other 8 battles to unlock the Missions.... (no comment). Expected result: You play 3 Battles, the final score tells you played 3 battles and finished the Mission, then you go in Port click on Missions and that Mission it's there not anymore because you finished it. (as it has been for ages, working nicely, instead of this new annoying Port Gui!) Images tell more than words:
  9. RedAnark

    Bye, Bye, Shokaku!

    IT's kind of ridiculous, I just played against a Midway and an Implacable a 98% T10 battle... no chance, at all! Shokaku torp planes as soon as you move your mouse of a 0.001 mm they spread 30/40%... Rockets are ridiculous compared to the US/UK ones, Dive bombers? Yeah, when you lucky to find a player that do not maneuver too much on a low AA ship... In other words, Shokaku is useless, waste of credits every battle, not fun at all... as exactly was a year, 6 month ago before the rework. No problems, I've got still 19 days to buy Implacable and drop the ridiculous jap ones, and get all the money and XP to buy Invincible...! Ah, ah, ah...
  10. If I'm not remembering wrong, when CV rework was introduced, someone from WG wrote that in about a month there will be another free Captain'sklls reset. Also with ranked only T9 many had to retrain or reset Captains moved from T10 or so. And now with inter-servers Clan Battles Test next week they need to move it back to T10. So, any news about that?
  11. RedAnark

    Bug Reports

    What should I say? Sound fix is embarrassing, sorry. Description: No engine sound at all. Can hear interface sound, voices, ambient, guns, no engine at all! Explosion are still too loud!! I'm surprised: with more and more playing with headphones, at 30/40 they'll all be deaf and you'll pay for them. The re works is useless: Who need a separate volume slider for music in Port and Battle? When we need a separate control and independent from SFX slider for the loudest explosion and another hitting ships stuff? Not that many live in luxury villa where you can play games with a 100 w speaker system. May be I'm wrong... those spoiled guys are much more than I think maybe... oh sure, we live in a world of criminals... I forgot! Sorry
  12. RedAnark

    PTS - Space Games (and maps for them)

    How are you supposed to play Space battles, if I start the PT client and I do not have any battle of that kind, any captain, any ugrade?? Do I miss something?
  13. RedAnark

    Bug Reports

    Description: No Hall of Fame listing, just an error page as in the Screen shot
  14. RedAnark

    Loading sound effect

    Guys, this is just the top of iceberg of the problem with high volume SFX that we can't control. But they do not care at all. May be they're all deaf... More than an year ago, I suggested in a Public Test to introduce a slider for the louder sfx like explosions and so on. A year later developers changed the audio settings interface without any care of player's ears, and worst, introduced this bug of loud "clang" fx, planes noise that sometimes get their volume doubled when they're attacking your ships, and so on and on and on. I suggest them to fix, but if they do not change that, they'll gonna have huge problem with EU regulators. They do not understand that they way it is they're damaging people's, kid's ears. Sooner or later someone will denounce them. And they're gonna spend thousands of euros in trials... But one thing they really care of: Destroyer's players complaining about rocket missiles and in few days they've done Hotfix 1, Hotfix 2, Hotfix 3... Damaging player's ears? a secondary problem...
  15. 5 min after the start!