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  1. (Previously posted in 0.10.11 Bug reports.) The star symbol for Superships changed to a rectangle (usually indicates an invalid character mapping). This is mod related as I added these yesterday, and if I run w/o mods it's shown correctly: [28/12/2021 12:25:36] Modifications of the combat interface: + Score Timer + Secondary Armament Ship Info Panel: + Info Panel: Enemy Navigator: + Navigator Mini Other Modifications: Post-Processing Modifications: - Remove Blur Effects This occurs if any of the mods are enabled (by three different authors: Man_Leaves_Collection, BADoBEST, W02L0BED).It may be in the common "../res_mods/gui/flash/fonts_EU.swf" file supplied in the mod kit / installed by the Modstation. Removing this file corrects the problem in the Mission list (although it corrupts the display of Info Panel, as expected).
  2. thyns

    Errore nave Gneisnau

    The Gneisenau in WoWS is the 1943 refit with six 380mm guns. It was never finished. The original build (1936) had nine 280mm guns, as used in all her battles.
  3. The icon for the Novorossiysk doesn't match the displayed camo well. The icon looks like it's an Italian tricolor theme (from CG?), unlike the plain grey of the Russian ship.
  4. thyns

    Can someone help me! it

    How soon after launching the install does the message appear?
  5. thyns

    German Battleships Review

    Please check the thumbnail, as the spelling of Battleships is incorrect.
  6. thyns

    Coop -> Random. It's all messed up!!

    Agree. Had a co-op match yesterday where a DD player asked in chat if they could get the cap ribbon. We all ceased fire on the bot CV and waited a few seconds for the cap to be taken (got a few extra XP ourselves for the planes) and then sunk the CV. Very collegiate atmosphere.
  7. thyns

    Coop -> Random. It's all messed up!!

    I agree with the OP that the gap has grown, not necessarily with the AI changes but from the commander skills rework. Where the same skills could be used (with the exception of Superintendent as co-op games seldom last long enough to justify the points) that is more difficult now; for example BB secondary builds are viable in co-op but far less so in randoms. This acts as a paywall barrier to go from PVE to PVP, and the step needs to be timed to one of the rare commander reset opportunities.
  8. There's a poor scaling (vertical stretching) on the 325th Anniversary of the Russian Navy rewards.
  9. thyns

    Serov, daily bonus not shown?

    Didn't get the bonus when playing it, so it's not only a UI feature.
  10. thyns

    Serov, daily bonus not shown?

    Not played the Serov, but the daily bonus isn't shown in port carousel. Any idea why?
  11. thyns

    Update 0.10.8 - Bugs Reports

    There's a difficult hit-box on the Transformers mission 'Choose Reward' screen for Bumblebee/Rumble. After completing the four mission chain, there's a screen to select between the two commanders, but the hit boxes are not the full rectangle of the graphic, but a bar on the top and bottom; clicking the centre of the graphic does not select the commander. It looks like the hit-boxes are based around the text for the ship and commander name. Attached snapshot of selection with approximate hit-boxes marked in green dotted rectangles.
  12. thyns

    Public Test 0.10.9 - Halloween

    I've had some blank 'Event Commander' notifications.
  13. thyns

    Public Test 0.10.8 - Convoy

    Regarding the convoy's route and ship detection, could a cap be added such that the Attackers gain this information (the route, and the Liberty ships' detection range blooms) while they control the cap? This would add tension as there's a familiar gameplay to control the cap in addition to the sinking of the Liberties. Or the Attackers could bypass the cap and go straight for the Convoy (particularly if a fast stealthy DD, or CV, could spot for them). The extra variety in tactics could help increase engagement as players learn how to win using different strategies.
  14. thyns

    A very diligent team

    Amusing outcome in a game where a player asked to get a kill as it was needed to complete a mission. We all complied, even the bots.
  15. thyns

    Public Test 0.10.8 - Convoy

    Is there something the player needs to do to select the attacker/defender role? I've played this probably a dozen times (using Baltimore) and been defence every time.