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  1. Just few cv players can play cv battles quite well, Nice cv playing require lots of thinking , practice, passion, sense,... not easy and not every cv player can master the advanced technique. Isn't it unfair not to remain the present cv play pattern just caz few selfish non-cv player's complaint?
  2. I think maybe wargaming has fogotten it, otherwise they are selling the container like bismark nearly all the time. Er...
  3. I just have not collected all in the collection of "battle of the north cape ". I have waited the selling of that collection for so long time but none. Wargaming plz sell it .
  4. strategy_admiral

    I want to buy Graf Zeppelin,when will it be sold?

    thx,hope they will sell graf zepplelin later.
  5. I want to buy it very much no matter how much it is, wargaming plz sell it again.
  6. I found HE do less damage on Moscow than other BB, and of course much less than the CAs. Is the Moscow deck made something like super russian spaceship material?
  7. win rate is definetly higher than the average, of course some player can get like 80% and my point is the assginment system ps. your CV play is worse than me.
  8. just becasue my win rate is high, although 15000player, but sitll make my leader assigned to 8th room for 3 times! scurew you waygaming!