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  1. celephais

    Looking for a Division to Test PTS Scenarios

    Nothing? That's a bit of a bummer. k
  2. Hi. First off, on PTS when i checked there were no channel to ask from there, that would be very simple. Nevertheless, is anyone else looking for a Division to tackle these PvE scenarios and check them out? Do add me if so! Thanks ;)
  3. celephais

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    #MakeWarshipsFunAgain Mark my words my young padawans. WG will nerf the crapout of Fiji, soon, very very soon....No Tech Tree ship will top the Premium ones. the force is weak on this one...
  4. celephais

    MatchMaking System of WoWs

    Blade & Soul has a very unique PvP experience. It was welcomed because of it in Asia and it became huge. While i do not know or researched it's current status, i know it is one of the most fair MM i have ever played. I am talking about the Arena side of PvP in B&S. For people familiar with it, they immediately understand and prolly, as myself, hope for a more balanced experience in WoWs too. Yet, after the game being around for more than a year (including Alpha, Beta, Theta..) i have little hope anymore. The most concerning fact for me is the unwillingness of the Dev team to accept facts, truths, stats and data even. It's kinda like Trump that way and i guess ppl are getting used of that again. dark Ages all over again. Data and stats. Are Premium ships superior according to data? Too obvious. Have they ever balance those ships according to that data? Never. Will they? No because they can do whatever they want since the community just obeys and pays regardless. Money is power you see and ppl can buy their way in to top stats. That's huge for some, they call it...fun. I guess i have different world views. What is a discussion? People communicating with each other, listening to each other and by listening they find what? Some civilized cultures call it "middle ground". In authoritarian cultures, not. The latest example for the use of the term "unwillingness" is RPF/RL obviously. Are there facts we should take into account? Official statement have said that 1 tier difference between 2 ships is (or should be) 100% in favor of the higher tier. This is not the end...There is also the difference of having a 19 point captain, to having a one point captain. There is a difference to be able to afford match in match out all the premium consumables, cammos, etc. there is a difference between a Premium ship and a stock ship. Obviously someone with Credit Card will never in his life play a stock ship, isn't it? Other disturbing phenomena occurring in this game. Is "Seal Clubbing" ethical? Considering were the term comes from i would dare to say NO. Why is it allowed? Why the Devs ignore it. Do they promote it? I have been following this game since CBT, this Developer not from it's early states though. I won't go into depth or elaborate though, i understand why WoT was/is successful and i see the reasoning for their decisions here too. I am not hopeful of anything, same, i wouldn't be or try to convince Trump or a Nazi about facts and what is a good thing for the society or for a community of gamers. Even more since gamers themselves do not seee beyond their noses in many cases. I am not as polite as some Contributors and YouTubers, though what i know is, this game cannot afford to lose quality gamers. Contributors leaving the game is a huge loss for any game. I am full od questions, sometimes. Do i have suggestions? I do, many or sometimes. Do i feel it is worth it? Not in the least when it comes to WG. But, you can look what other games with serious issues are doing. Example, The Division. MarcoStyle provides for them feedback with facts and raw data too. He makes suggestions almost unthinkable for most. "Remove Armor", for example...the real question for the community is, "Do you want a fair and balanced game?". I won't answer for others. This game needs to find solutions, needs to resolve issues before it creates a new one, it needs to listen to Supertester and community feedback and not ignore it. "Ye we heard you" means you found a silver lining, it means you changed something. You didn't. So you hear, only to ignore. Eliminate the grind for acquiring points for Captains. Every Captain should have a flat 19 points and everyone regardless should distribute the points to his/her liking. that;s fair. Not that? Change the MM to take this into account. Anyway, not that anyone is going to read anything but, the last time i appreciated the Devs for constantly being there, being interactive, actively and honestly participating in the development of the game with it's community was in DiRT Rally. My experience with WG is the total opposite. I am 40yo. and i know how i will remember these ppl. Then again, i am not someone special, i am a part of the gaming community, hoping for quality over brainless quantity. Yet, again, quantity and brainless are their main source of income.
  5. celephais

    So RL/RPF/RDF has not broken the game!

    There are two ships left in a match. One has RD, the other one doesn't....You see were this is going? Why is it an issue? Well, a zombie can win that fight. Intelligence? Out of the window, just like buying a Premium ship as iwonder why a good player would not want a challenge... But, i know ppl hate arguments and reason, they never make a counterargument. They use slang like, "complain" and "cru baby" etc. It's like stone age but with elegance. But, on the topic, the game's meta is already dreadful. At tiers 8-10 the most common theme is passive play, sniping. This is not objective based, even on objective based maps. Even and far worst at standard battles. Perhaps many love this style of play as many use it, apparently, and do not complain or give feedback for the change of this non-tactical approach of the game. Furthermore, do this..Goto to YouTube and watch the pattern unfold. 99% of vids have the title, "This amount of DMG". So basically WG didn't actually changed anything as they claimed. Stats and data prove them wrong, yet once again. Objective is still not ppl pursue and get rewarded from. It's kills and DPS. No counterargument there either. Exceptions may occur, i have found myself -rarely- toping the match with 0 kills. But, this is not the norm here. I hope they do reconsider some things, make the game more appealing, diversify it and not just to those who can afford Premium ships and consumable to show their "superiority". [Any sarcasm was not intended, it was a...natural phenomenon that follow stupidity.] Cheers.
  6. celephais

    Update 0.6.1 - New Upgrades feedback

    This was exactly my thoughts. There was not a single ship and/or occasion were i felt these Upgrades would benefit in sort of form the ship. Not just that, but they feel like downgrades to me, especially considering what they would replace. There's much more thinking that should be go here from the Devs imo. More options, good. How it is implemented? Not efficiently to say the least.
  7. lol you made me laughed, thanks Sapiens, so smart, so smart, bravo. This community, i adore you all. ;) btw, did you know other may have experienced the issue and may read and respond? Players helping players? I guess you are good at not helping? But you and the ppl around you should know better. I tried to cover any angle, the fact that i also put some of my personal thoughts is irrelevant to the fact, except for fanboys i guess. Cheers. [edited]
  8. Alright, thanks for the replies. CS just answered. Though i would like to say, you have to consider some ppl (for whatever reason) they use only PaySafe. So, "Use PayPal" etc. is not an option. This is the answer i got: Unfortunately, due to certain characteristics of these offers, we can not activate the option for payment via Paysafe card in this bundle, or any other offer marked as "Available for you: 1". Still, no explanation as to why PaySafe is not in the options only for this offer. I would like to investigate further, because i honestly do not trust, not just these guys, but the whole industry. On the other hand, i just wait "For Honor" CBT to go live now and i have no intention anymore to keep playing the game at it's current state. It was an inquiry, a pop up message that i thought, "heeey, nice cheap offer from money-hungry ppl, cool". But i guess not for me. Cheers to all and gl!
  9. Hi. I already contacted Support about this and there's no respond since yesterday. The Forum does not have a specific Sub-Forum about these issues and problems (also they don't have a Sub-Forum for "Suggestions & Feedback" but they "hear us") so i'll post it here in case another player perhaps can help me. This is the special offer i got: And when i click on it it does not give me the PaySafe Card option. Why? Everything else on the Shop gives me the option to purchase via PaySafe, except this one. Customer Service, or any player that has gone through it, do you know why and can you explain it to me? Regardless, i am not "in heat" about it, i am one of the disappointed fans of the game with the recent events, so it's ok if no one knows anything or if there's no official respond on the matter. Cheers.
  10. celephais

    Seal clubbing with t4 cv?

    I am so surprised (i shouldn't!) that people consider this ethical and even worst that the game Developers allow it. They should figure out some algorithms, i learned some DOS in the ancient era, it should be easy to make.................yet, i also see after more than a year, they haven't bothered fixing the chat resetting after coming to the port after a match, so ....perhaps it's harder than i thought.
  11. celephais

    I need some consolation

    I would say, it is just randomness, but that would be naive of me. Being close to the game since CBT that is. This is two things imo. The lack of proper Tutorial, and the meta that is shaped by the Devs decisions. The passive play is something you'll see more and more imo. unfortunately. Nothing you can do. Let's hope the creators of this game will try to also focus on the Random battles. Make the game more exciting again! ...
  12. celephais

    You had a chance to try RDF. Will you keep it?

    I don't know how many of you respond in the poll have actually played non Gunboat DD's. Because the whole argument from WG that this is "intended" (#sarcasm) for DD hunters mostly. It gives more "options". The counterargument is that this, is a one way street. The prey must also take this skill, not just the predator. So, more options? Not. Further more, why if it is such a weak skill, WG literally fighted to keep it in-game? Any takers? Moving on. The current meta, i hear is pretty brutal at high tiers. I hear, because i do not play them, or ever will, for a number of reasons i won't explain here. It is so brutal that people, Contributors are leaving the game. Brutal as, passive, sniping, boring i would guess. I have constantly these kind of passive matches on a daily basis in mid tiers so i know. The meta is formed by the Devs, in case anyone missed the memo. The overall thought and overhaul for Commander Skill was good indeed. Yet, this skill is unnecessary or should be changed to something that wouldn't require so much skill (#sarcasm). Anyway, i personally find it pointless to argue any longer with these Devs. They are not event elegant at being hypocritical.
  13. celephais

    Supercontainer chance

    I personally i am happy that China (of all countries!) will have a law passing which will force them to show the loot drop rates. Mind you though, in this case this is something we get free, so we shouldn't complain much perhaps. Because this law is targeting the gambling addiction. I mean, Hearthstone for example will have issues. Even someone dump will think twice imo. after that. Nevertheless, i should guess they (Devs & Publishers) should also want to be transparent with their consumers...right? Right?
  14. and hi. So i am the avg. player with around 55% win ratio. I am saying that to point out i'm no special snowflake. I do tend to lose my calm in situations like that. I think we shouldn't though. We should just suggest something and hope. Now, what can be done? From our side, just be as calm as possible. But the biggest load is on the Dev imo. It's the total lack of a proper tutorial. What a proper tutorial would be like? Something like watching Flamu's vids. Explaining ship roles, explaining that some maps and routes have weaknesses and strengths, explaining about angling etc. etc. etc. I see this in almost every game though. The total lack of Tutorials. I do not know why they do it, they just do. It's like some one hires you to a job you have never do without explaining anything to you, so weird and yet no one mentions it in gaming. I have the same issue with other games now, they become so frustrating because some of them have an income of newcomers unwilling to learn (because the 1st time tutorial could and should be mandatory+many practice matches), that the only solutions for me becomes to leave the game or just play more sporadically. At this time, i seriously doubt anything will be considered or made by WG. History has been written. GL
  15. I am only wondering if hard facts concern people. Hard fact is something like statistics, data collected over a year or more from ships performance. Knowing WG is keeping a close eye, i can't help but wonder if the trend of Premium ships (and it is consider Premium even if it was a reward for participation in Alpha or any other case) toping the charts and stats consistently, is something they actually worried about. Since the majority of the playerbase do not, i only hope the Dev team is striving to have a balanced game. In this case, the stats are hard facts, someone cannot simply invent excuses dressed as arguments to sleep well at night. It is what it is. I hope the future, the meta, will be taken as a priority for the game. [i wish for a healthy and balanced game and after 20 years of gaming i would actually prefer if all games would be just plain B2P, so no one could use euphemism and excuses for the unbalanced experience of some games, but that's a personal opinion, nevertheless not so biased or subjective.] Another thing. To me CV's do not seem weak. I do feel biased here as i always hated them in this game. My worst game experiences are attached to them. Stats show them toping the charts at DMG, Survivability and that is enough for me right now. So, what will it be? As usual with WG i am not expecting them to even consider anything the playerbase says. Not even discuss it among them or see reason or even more, do something to balance things out. My experience shows that people love having the upper hand by paying for something, rather than using wits or skill etc. There is a tendency to disregard and ignore, instead of thinking and discussing issues, not just here ofc. "Common sense is not so common" and every day i feel the witness of this. This could not be any different here.