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  1. planatery_cookie

    The wild Geese is hiring

    Hi, im a fairly experienced player who recently left a clan and am looking for a new start. Please leave a discord link at the end of your post and maybe i will be joining you in the future.
  2. planatery_cookie

    Suggestions thread

    Can we get a bayern buff? It feels so under whelming on your way to the teir 7. The Fuso has 6km+ extra range on its guns (although the bayern does have bigger guns so it needs to be more balanced), all other teir6 have more range and all but the T6 British battleship have more guns. All other T6 battleships have more hp except from the Normandie. Although the Bayern has the second best dispersion of it's class and tier the lag of guns does not make up for this, the new mexico having 50% more fire power is more accurate and the differences aren't that vast. Now complaining without giving a solution would be hypercritical so here are some of my solutions: Faster fire rate (maybe 25 second reload?) Speed increase? (Although this is not factually accurate) Give the bayern a partial turtle back maybe?
  3. planatery_cookie

    Suggestions thread

    Can we get a way to convert Silver to gold? a conversion rate of 1,00 silver to 1 gold seems fair. The fact that i pay you for a premium ship then i have to pay you again to get my xp is very expensive and annoying. I know this may be a concern to you as this is how you make money but you should consider the players as well by including a way to earn gold for free on a consistent basis
  4. planatery_cookie

    Suggestions thread

    Right, don't look at me stats I'm bad so take this with a grain of salt. Currently I'm grinding Japanese and British cruisers. So you can probably guess what i want. I think Japanese cruisers (specifically the myoko -_-) should get buffed turret rotation in exchange for a longer reload time maybe 15 seconds? Not only would this make it more fun for the cruiser player but this would make it more fun for BB and DD players so they aren't getting burned every 12 seconds. My second idea would be replacing British Hydro with increase torpedo range or reduce the smoke time and give British cruisers HE ammo i have no idea if this is historically accurate and feel free to tell me if it isn't. It should be weak HE with only 5% fire and demo expert should only put it up to 6%. This is to help Brit cruisers with DDs and almost all Battleships. Hopefully this wont turn the game into cruisers sitting in smoke with their guns blazing HE like this crazy man