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  1. FijiVR

    Game is now unplayable

    Guys, check your antivirus. My one was blocking a file in WOWS and now that I've added it to the list of exclusions, it's updating again.
  2. FijiVR

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. Description A. Stuck on glowing roundel when loading into game. B. 'Critical error' Game failed to check and could not connect to the update service. C. 'Critical error' Game could not be reinstalled after a certain amount of time installing. 2. Reproduction steps A. Clicking the 'Battle' button and waiting for a match. B. Attempting to verify the game using the check button in the launcher. C. Attempting to install the game, despite enabling firewall settings. 3. Result The game is unplayable. 4. Expected result A. Should have loaded into a battle. B&C. Should have installed the game completely. 5. Technical details ~9:00 GMT +0. Log reports following when I have access to my PC.
  3. FijiVR

    Launcher not updating

    Same problem. Seems to be the recent update I think. I had problems getting into battle prior to this...
  4. FijiVR

    Game integrity check is impossibly SLOW

    Won't even let me download the game again. It just comes up with this
  5. FijiVR


    Here: This will get rid of the ships from the carousel and not display camos. It also replaces Arp commanders with normal commanders
  6. FijiVR

    Current update is Ridiculous

    Exact same problem, all I hear is a spam of gunshots. I can hear the sound but I am stuck on the logon screen. RIP my karma level.
  7. My story: Playing that special Halloween event. Engaging an enemy BB at close range with HE, but some of my shells overshot the BB. I didn't see but there was actually a friendly behind them with 36HP. Somehow one of my shells find my way on him and despite only doing 36HP damage, I get pinked. I didn't even know until after the game when it came up with the message. Unlike what some people think, even if you do 1HP damage, you still get pinked if you kill a teammate. Luckily the pink name was the only thing there was, but it's still illogical how one little accident can brand you as some evil mastermind for a few games.
  8. FijiVR

    Kamikaze 'green' and Smith in shop

    ​I certainly fell for it. Got the Kamikaze specifically because it was exclusive to those who were offered it (it said 'only talented captain deserve to pilot ships like the kamikaze'), but also because it's a good ship. Then they sold it to everyone else
  9. FijiVR

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    GJ WG. Really appreciate the action decided by you guys as of recent.
  10. FijiVR

    Takao mission - Q&A

    ​Oh, so it's 14 days after the missions end? Gotcha. Cheers!
  11. FijiVR

    Takao mission - Q&A

    I've completed the ARP Nachi and Takao mission and I know we are supposed to be getting 3 new commanders for those who completed either the Takao, Nachi or 'earn a same ship' mission. Just asking if those who have actually completed the missions received their commanders yet (I haven't received mine yet)
  12. FijiVR

    So I just turned pink...

    Was in the same boat once, if you'll pardon the pun. Halloween special, I guess one of my shells overshot an enemy ship (was CQB so I was focusing on the enemy, didn't see any ally) and must have hit an allied ship. 522 damage done, but sank the guy and I got pink. Its not a flawless system.
  13. FijiVR

    Karma #2

    I have 23. I had 24 but someone obviously didn't like me after a game I played with the Fiji (in which we waltzed into the enemy base and won) A reward would be nice. Maybe a monthly prize for everyone above a certain number of points or something.
  14. FijiVR

    Bad bad morning

    It happens. I've had games where I get 6 kills and literally waltzed my way to victory, then suddenly another game where I don't even land a single hit.
  15. FijiVR

    Kamikaze class destroyer

    Incorrect, I was offered the Kamikaze and I didn't have to go through any NDA stuff. I can understand where you come from though