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  1. StorozhevoiGnevni

    0.8.1 Radar Render Delay

    I think that Spithas put out in this post what every good player thinks about the game and announced changes. Hopefully WG listens to this.
  2. StorozhevoiGnevni

    Stalingrad at KOTS?

    A cruiser that is a mistake punisher is OP and people that claim it is not are smoking something? No one yet brought an argument that it is OP that would counter the arguments it is not, please either bring arguments or don't whine how the ship is broken and bash on other people that say it is not.
  3. StorozhevoiGnevni

    Petit top 5 des familles

  4. StorozhevoiGnevni

    Ranked season10 rant ( rank 1 )

  5. StorozhevoiGnevni

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    The stats that are skewed and meaningless so early with so little games are simply not facts. If you look at some ship stats played by worse players such as Conqueror that is supposed to be OP and was never changed, it has a very average win rate of 50.7%. Probably the most broken ship Midway has 46% win rate. Why? Because it is played by potatoes that don't know how to play it. Mass Stalingrad players know a thing or two of what they are doing and how to win a game and be effective. The top 5% stats is about what, 30 players? You just can't compare what top 30 absolute players score in a Stalingrad compared to what several hundreds score in other T10s. Start using your brain and state actual facts, you still didn't bring a single valid argument to why Stalingrad would be OP,
  6. StorozhevoiGnevni

    My Standpoint on a couple of things.

    You being ignorant to the fact that Stalingrad is owned by players that have a bunch more experience than randoms getting the Harugumo, Worcester and the Yueyang is really amusing. Well put argument that completely ruins all our arguments....not
  7. StorozhevoiGnevni

    z52 rant

    I thought you were gonna say he is a below average DD player
  8. StorozhevoiGnevni

    z52 rant

    Weird because Z-52 is probably one of the best DDs for randoms at the moment. It has amazing hydro, great torps, great guns, really good HP, good stealth (no idea how you managed to conclude it has bad concealment considering its 200/300m more than most of its counterparts, which with rendering delay is little to no difference). How about you just git gud and learn to play it instead of whine? Your threads are always a good laugh so keep it up!
  9. StorozhevoiGnevni

    Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    Nah, they are disagreeing because he is a clown
  10. StorozhevoiGnevni

    Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    Maybe if you were actually good, you wouldn't get all these top CV players to disagree with you @wot_chikor
  11. StorozhevoiGnevni

    Rant / CV / AA / in-game exploits / a request

    This whole topic
  12. StorozhevoiGnevni

    BBABY Is Looking For Competitive Oriented Players

    Bump ^^
  13. StorozhevoiGnevni

    Can someone explain this screenshot to me?

    If you shoot every salvo you can get at least 60k average on a T10 BB...I have no idea how can a PERSON average less than 50k in a T10 BB, it actually must be some kind of retardation....