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  1. M__C__M

    Safe Passage Through Stormy Seas

    Of course it adds, otherwise they would blatantly discriminate.
  2. M__C__M

    Premium ships you really shouldn't get ?

    You missed his point, Stay away from those because they are dangerous.
  3. M__C__M

    Clan Battles Season 2

    Most likely purple.
  4. M__C__M

    King of the Sea - Prediction Winners

    @MrConwayI have yet to receive a mail....
  5. M__C__M


    I would rather pay 50% more for Kutuzov rather than paying 30% less on Eugen.
  6. M__C__M

    Duca D'Aosta in shop 50% off

    If I buy her for a friend that has her what will he get? Does it follow the same rule as buying the ship for ourselves thus receiving full doubloons?
  7. M__C__M

    Other Changes

    Hey WG Staff. The link in the public Test 0.6.3 redirects to these obsolete part of the forum. Either the 0.6.3 section hasn't been created or it has and is not visible for us commoners.
  8. M__C__M

    Update 0.6.1 - Ranked Season Test feedback

    Wow, t7 the best one for ranked. Get ready for waves and waves of jolly and calm opinions about this. Well, at least my Scharnie is happy.
  9. M__C__M

    Service cost if ship is not damaged?

    Maybe a WG staffer will see this thread. In here we have a t10 player that after many months since the flat fees were introduced still doesn't know about it. That's why we still see some camping at high tiers, not as befor, but still. Wargaming please refresh this info again to all players, I feel there are many others in the game like the OP.