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  1. vaaltra

    T10 Russian CV - Nakhimov

    I had the " pleasure " of faceing the tier IV one while grinding the italian bb line . On the small tier maps they seem to have no weakness . You can bearly damage their planes and they keep throwing wave after wave very fast, the strike wing rotation doesn't seem to be slow.
  2. I guess the "great" commander rework for cruisers was not enough. Let's nerf them more all over the board (it's actually funny that some believe that flint got buffed ). I mean the MM was just infested with cruisers lately.
  3. vaaltra

    Is the login service down?

    I had no problem logging in the game, but it logs me out in the middle of the battle (solo random ). Got some reports (for being afk i guess ) , yey . Server hamsters must be starved.
  4. vaaltra

    Battleships everywhere! Where are others?

    This is nothing compared with what will come after the captain reskill. RIP cruisers
  5. vaaltra

    Worst Team I've ever Met in Narai

    Don't have any replays but i ussually stay with the pack , focus the dds until iron duke is dead, then go for transports. Flint has the DPM to kill them fast, then enter the bay from the south and smoke in the middle where the repair ship will land. That's the spot from where you can make most use of the DPM (focus the dds first of course), reverse for island cover when the smoke is gone, then repeat. Going for the CV is not using it to the max , the Missouri always focuses you and might get a devastating salvo, and entering the bay from the north takes longer and because of the limited range you can't use the dakka to the max.
  6. vaaltra

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    Nice to see this tradition is still going on. I would like to join the lottery. Happy holidays!
  7. vaaltra

    Bonus code received by email. Feel free to try.

    I've got the e-mail , used one of the codes for 2 containers. These are my unused codes , so if you didn't receive any by mail feel free to use one of them: CREF-2G853-YMVPY CREF-2G8MU-P3UD7 CREF-2G8SD-MY3ZY CREF-2G8W5-XMSNP
  8. vaaltra

    Why are the cruisers hiding ?

  9. vaaltra

    Inventory 'problem'

    I agree. I would like to clean up my inventory too.
  10. vaaltra

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate
  11. vaaltra

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Thank you for hosting this again ! I want to join the lottery
  12. vaaltra

    Captain Retraining

    Oooops my mistake, i stand corrected. I was expecting commander skills retraining discount, not ship reasigning discount.
  13. vaaltra

    Captain Retraining

    August 24–27. Back to School The summer draws to an end and many players will go back to school. Not everyone wants the summer to end, so to cheer you up we’re offering special discounts! Discounts and bonuses: –80% Doubloons for Commander training. –50% Doubloons for Commander slots. –50% Doubloons for Commander retraining. 1,500 1,650 Credits for 1 Doubloon when exchanging Doubloons for Credits. 25 35 Elite Commander XP for 1 Doubloon, when converting Elite Commander XP to Free XP. Well today is the 25th, but ingame the commander retraining cost is not discounted. Am i missing something ?
  14. History showed that MMOs that focused heavy on clans while ignoring casual PVP and PVE suffered drastic drops in player numbers and some eventually died out, so....
  15. 0 (zero) If I want steel or coal i'll have to start earning it. The coal bonus that clan players received is meaningless compared to prices in the arsenal, but WG' attitude towards non clan members is disappointing, it feels like discrimination, it changed a lot my attitude towards them as a customer. They just rewarded (with coal) people with a tag before their name for opening daily containers, a thing that all players, including non clan members did. This was not a reward for clan activity, clan wars. Some people here said that beeing in a clan should be rewarded, i agree, but isn't that why all the clan base bonuses were for?