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  1. vaaltra

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Thank you for hosting this again ! I want to join the lottery
  2. vaaltra

    Captain Retraining

    Oooops my mistake, i stand corrected. I was expecting commander skills retraining discount, not ship reasigning discount.
  3. vaaltra

    Captain Retraining

    August 24–27. Back to School The summer draws to an end and many players will go back to school. Not everyone wants the summer to end, so to cheer you up we’re offering special discounts! Discounts and bonuses: –80% Doubloons for Commander training. –50% Doubloons for Commander slots. –50% Doubloons for Commander retraining. 1,500 1,650 Credits for 1 Doubloon when exchanging Doubloons for Credits. 25 35 Elite Commander XP for 1 Doubloon, when converting Elite Commander XP to Free XP. Well today is the 25th, but ingame the commander retraining cost is not discounted. Am i missing something ?
  4. History showed that MMOs that focused heavy on clans while ignoring casual PVP and PVE suffered drastic drops in player numbers and some eventually died out, so....
  5. 0 (zero) If I want steel or coal i'll have to start earning it. The coal bonus that clan players received is meaningless compared to prices in the arsenal, but WG' attitude towards non clan members is disappointing, it feels like discrimination, it changed a lot my attitude towards them as a customer. They just rewarded (with coal) people with a tag before their name for opening daily containers, a thing that all players, including non clan members did. This was not a reward for clan activity, clan wars. Some people here said that beeing in a clan should be rewarded, i agree, but isn't that why all the clan base bonuses were for?
  6. vaaltra

    First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    He has "bad" MM ( 1cv, 2bb, 5dd/battle) after buying Asashio and that leads to bad games and losses (#anotherasashiothread).
  7. vaaltra

    First to solve get 2500 doubloon

    Asashio of course
  8. vaaltra

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Got one secondary hit..... Close Quarters Expert in the Katori
  9. vaaltra

    Captain slots in consumables containers.

    They could add the captain slots (amongst other things) to the inventory with the option to sell them for silver , but they don't seem willing to do it.
  10. vaaltra

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hi! I would like to enter the raffle. 1. Scharnhorst 2. Giulio Cesare if available, otherwise De Grasse 3. Doubloons Good luck everybody!
  11. vaaltra

    Questions of the Community

    Do you plan any changes to inventory soon? I mean adding option to buy consumable, signals, camos and allowing the possibility to sell other stuff some people don't use or have more than enough of, including premium camos, event flags, captain reserve slots, port slots. Also do you ever plan for the possibility to sell/exchange/dismiss some of the special ships and respective captains (dragon, arp) that one doesn't want to keep? With the current hide/show option it's all or nothing, if you just want to play one or two of them, they fill up your carroussel.
  12. vaaltra

    Suggetion, make it possible to remove ARP ships and captains?

    +1 from me. I don't want to hide arp or dragon ships content (i really enjoy playing the arp kongo), but one is enough, i am not a collector, i would like to get rid of some of them. Also why would you need all those 0 point captains in reserve? My OCD goes nuts. WG stated they think we should be able to do this (at least get rid of doubles) and they are working on it, but it was over a year ago and no change. I don't think it's because of the Arpeggio contract, the same goes for the dragon ships (can't sell or dismiss captain).