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  1. TheVengefulOne12

    Ranked Sprint

    Hello, I have some questions, so in the 10th ranked season I ranked out, i just noticed that i lost the icon of being rank1 next to my name, will i get it back once the sprint season is over? another question , if i did play a couple of games in the sprint season and couldnt rank out, will I be marked the rank i reach in the sprint season once its over or will i get back the icon of rank1 again once its over? thank you
  2. TheVengefulOne12


    I was playing ranked battles today , and i lost more than 3 stars in rank 4 due to being disconnected out of the server for no reason.
  3. TheVengefulOne12

    [TVO] The Vengeful Ones- Recruiting

    TVO- The Vengeful Ones, are recruiting, feel free to apply. Requirements: -at least 1 tier 10 ship -52% win rate and above -45k average damage and above Gathering good players, to play clan wars, random divisions, scenarios and team battles. For any more info, you are free to contact anyone from the clan.