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  1. Hallo, ich bin ziemlich neu bei WoWs (seit heute) und habe die Ankündigung zu Space Battles gelesen. Nun meine Frage welche Voraussetzungen müssen erfüllt sein diese Raumschiffe zu bekommen und mitspielen zu können?

    Schönen Gruß



  2. happy bday of black horror weekend

  3. Hello i got maybe a nother Screen for the Ap problem Files attached are 2 Screen shots one of the Moment it appeared ( didnt caught the 7000 dmg hit ) and the detailed Report showing the dmg done to the DD . Maybe cause i only saw pics and replays from German BBs Shooting German DDs it affect only them .

    Greetings and i hope it helps to fix this bug .



  4. When you changed the topic tittle you missed a word, should be 'Some interesting info from around the world'. Also, you could consider renaming the discussion thread then as well since there is no RU bias :cap_yes: