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  1. Altsak

    PSA: Public Test up for gamescom

    So what tier the poor Gamescon sods flock? Went to T10 and all I saw was bots. No, I have no intentions to introduce the new players to the wonders of being on the receiving end of a carrier gameplay, noooo not me.
  2. Altsak

    Rogue Wave: Summing up the Event!

    Played a lot. Never liked it.
  3. Altsak

    This CB season in a nutshell

    We lost 2 ships before they ran out of theirs. The DD armada simply can't push to caps without losing too many ships. Smokes become death traps as even though the radars are short duration it's compensated by the hellfire of multiple CLs.
  4. If you wonder why the chat window is elongated it's not a install issue. I just stretched the window in order to illustrate the issue more: ie. the original ingame text is somehow "leaking" behind the modded text. Anyways, can't be arsed to share the logs. If I'm the only one having the issue then it must be on my end like you said. The easiest solution is just to remove the chat mod and be happy.
  5. Having trouble with Autospy's chat mod. The chat window is all garbled up.
  6. Altsak

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I'm not saying this? As for logging, when you get yourself a family you're sometimes forced out of the game due to unforeseen happenings. After 2 years of running a MM monitor you tend to get enough data to get somewhat reliable results. And the hypothesis is very easily tested if someone is interested.
  7. Altsak

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Why not? Keep the whales happy and their egos stroked by showing them that the money they keep investing isn't wasted. WG is a business afterall?
  8. Altsak

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I've been running statsmod for the past two years and there's no doubt the MM generator does player binning. It's pretty easy to run statistical analysis on the teams that you face and get to play with. Now the bins aren't set to stone. You aren't destined to always have great or bad teams on your side. The MM keeps changing your bins in order not to frustrate a player too much. I'm not entirely sure, but there seems to be a way to force a bad team for yourself and it goes as follows: Log in, stay in the port a few mins and log out. Do this 4 times in a row without entering any games in any game mode in any of the times you log in. Now on the fifth time you log in, you've seem to been tossed to the bin that has been set to have a bad game. Now of course we can't prove anything for sure, but there's a tendency in the data that says there's no such thing as random MM. In order to get a good team just log in once and stay in the port without entering a game for a few hours. The working hypothesis is that the MM monitors and uses your "time to next battle" for the classifier that tosses you around in the MM bins. But still can't verify anything for sure so you can think whatever you want about this.
  9. Altsak

    Tier Ten no skill required (

    Yep, they were all on my team during the weekend. Was shitfaced and still managed to get ~90% WR with abysmal PR. Icing on the cake was winning a gunfight in an Asashio against a Z-52.
  10. The graph you're thinking is this. Taken from Uocat's stream. "Combat effectiveness" is their own metric. No idea what it actually measures.
  11. Altsak

    CV Rework Discussion

    There's a "CV rework" -summary pdf that has been released to CCs. Does anyone have a link to the document? There's plethora of juicy bits around in it which I would definitely want to have a closer look. For example: and: "DD class is influenced by CV most" - no kidding
  12. Altsak

    0.8.5 - General feedback

    Naval battles needing ribbons = no good.
  13. The buffs to YY and Z-52 are WGs way to say that the former got hit by the nerfbat too hard and that the latter needs serious and long love.