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  1. Altsak

    Do XP camo or flags effect Base XP?

    The inner nerd in me quickly noticed that the question actually was ambiguitous. There's a difference between Do XP camo or flags effect Base XP? and Do XP camo or XP flags effect Base XP? All said in jest of course.
  2. Altsak

    Do XP camo or flags effect Base XP?

    Combat flags makes you do more = more base xp.
  3. Altsak

    Please remove the Ocean map

    No effing way. We would end up with North 100% time so that BBs can succumb to their true calling and lemmingtrain the 10 line.
  4. Altsak

    Please remove the Ocean map

    They should give Asashios an increased chance for having Ocean map.
  5. Altsak

    One way to solve CV problem we all have

    I don't think this will be tried by many.
  6. Altsak

    Pan Euro dd builds

    You can always saturate RPF with quickly reloading superfast Swedish fishsoup. There's now even a reason to use the dreaded wide spread!
  7. Altsak

    Twitch drops :-(

    They're a bit wonky. I don't receive any notifications when I get the drops, the containers just magically appear on my port. Also for over a year now I haven't had a drop from watching Flamu. I seem to get the drops from everyone else tho. Try to watch someone else and see if that changes things?
  8. Guys guys guys, no need to panic. These are just PTS WIP numbers. Remember they changed Puerto Rico too for release.
  9. Altsak

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    They were essentially "speedrunning" 12v12 clan brawls. This is a twitch clip of a under 3 minute clan battle with CVs. https://www.twitch.tv/doyl3__/video/540432351 <- a comment someone said in the clip:"Imagine a whole season of clan battles with this kind of r*tard" He has their whole 12v12 clan brawl battles archived and it's littered with those kind of speedy matches.
  10. Altsak

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    9v9 KotS does pretty much tell us what happens when CVs are introduced. KotS with CVs: static as hell KotS without CVs: Dynamic and more position control oriented.
  11. Altsak

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    Remember what happened during 12v12 clan brawls? Fastest time ever (not by us) to win was 3 minutes 30 secs killing broadsides with Stalingrads from CV spotting. AP bombs were a nonissue because CV didn't have any time to do any strikes.
  12. Altsak

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    New CB meta: 1 CV and 6 Stalingrads. Average battle length: 3 minutes
  13. Altsak

    Hard time hitting smolensk ?

    No, not just you. You just need to get better at sniping.
  14. Altsak

    DD rework thread

    But they specifically said that flooding change which came with the reeeeeeeeework shouldn't affect the overall flooding damage! I had faith with the WG design team, they should know their game! .... and then I looked at the date of my last Liquidator achievement.