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  1. Altsak

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    WG has a plan regarding subs if there's too few people playing them. There's also a plan what to change if too many players stop playing the surface classes. But is there a plan what to do if players in every class quits in equal amount?
  2. Altsak

    A Nevsky Cammo

    It's like they have a game within a game. "What will they do next to keep me entertained for the next few days" ps. NoCamoClub. Still waiting mine.
  3. Altsak

    A Nevsky Cammo

    Oh great. I didn't get the camo for Nevsky. Some people in my clan had the camo even if they didn't have one in Moskva. I demand a compensation because my delicate and snowflakey poet soul is scarred for life (again)!
  4. Altsak

    Is homing working as intended?

    No, not like that. The torpedoes do lead pursuit and they seem to stop homing related to the calculated point where the ship velocity vector and torpedo velocity vector intercept each other. This point can reside far ahead of the ships bow making it seem that the torps home right up until it hits the ship. Needs more testing tho. I'm not 100% sure about this, Just something I've grown to suspect when seeing the torpedo behaviour. I can also be very wrong too, so nothing is for sure.
  5. Altsak

    Is homing working as intended?

    They seem to stop homing once they're a certain range to the calculated impact point. There's the difference. This of course seems to be a bug since devblog says:" when a torpedo comes within a certain distance of its pinged target, it will stop homing and continue in a straight line."
  6. Developers invent mechanics they themselves want - Ie. gameplay where the opponents can't do a thing and the player himself can feel the power of omnipotence and dominance over other players.
  7. DDs need targettable ASW with range aswell. Currently DDs have no business going close to the submarine because the red team will kill the DD very fast.
  8. The torpedoes do lead pursuit and the calculated impact point is the distance to where they stop homing. That's why some of you guys see them home right in up to the stern. Easy fix: calculate the homing distance to the target and not to the impact point.
  9. Fjords harbor is pretty.
  10. "Jättekiva! Vi har torpeder nära vårt rumpan!" Not every ship is a swedish ship in that line or in the lines coming to the tree. That's the official reason when last asked.
  11. Come on Crysantos, you're better than this. Don't think we're utter fools. PvP gameplay isn't limited to random battles only. When we're done with all these steps, we'll be able to decide on the final fate of submarines. - this implies that decision to bring subs into random battles as a standard component isn't made yet.
  12. We aren't against subs per se - we just don't know any enjoyable way they'd be implemented in the game. And frankly, you guys haven't educated and communicated us enough to think otherwise.
  13. Now would be a perfect time for WG to put money where their mouth is. You said you aim to better your communication towards us players. Can you clarify what made you think submarines are ready for randoms despite the huge negative feedback that is present in the forums?
  14. Don't worry guys. They're so dull to play that only a few players will play them. And because so few plays subs they're balanced to the roof. Who will become the El2aZeR of the submariners? Place your bets!
  15. Altsak

    Clan Battles Washout..

    Competitive scene is a big marketing opportunity for wows. Why else would they have invest time and money for KotS? Currently CBs are a stepping stone for clans to enter KotS. Take away the CBs and your steady stream of clans entering KotS will diminish.