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  1. So they have the data. Question then is: What they're going to do with the data? Why are clanbattles the mess they are now? We used to play ~120 games per season before CVs. From season 1 to season 8. This season we have 4 games. The most common reason when asked why our players don't want to play CBs are "because CVs". The second most commons answer and trailing the first by a long mile is:"Reproductive organs decided to reschedule my schedule 9 months earlier"
  2. Altsak

    Podcast with SubO

    How does the game suck when CVs aren't around? I honestly can't see any benefits of having CVs around.
  3. Altsak

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    After seeing that picture: wantsies!
  4. Altsak

    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    It is what it is. The only logical way is to stop playing. If you keep playing, you'll have a loooong way ahead before you get to the higher tiers where there is a bit less CVs. Unfortunately CVs are here to stay and we'll just have to suffer.
  5. Altsak

    Do we want carriers in the game or not?

    The only major problem with carriers is the spotting. Fix that and CVs are pretty much fixed for competitive. After fixing spotting only minor balance issues remain and we can live with those.
  6. Altsak

    What's wrong with Asashio ?

    That's why you have eyes on the minimap and RPF. Minimap tells you where the radar cruisers are and RPF tells where the screening DD is not. Get your engagement range to 6-8km and you'll have happy times.
  7. Altsak

    Steel grinding. A way out of ranked?

    Do clan battles.
  8. That's the spirit! Now be a man, eat your humble pie and take a note from the old guys. Pink happens, it's not a big deal.
  9. Since the win gives a substantial boost to base xp the rational choice is always go for the win. ... unless you're playing ranked and try to save a star from the start. Oh, so the info is not disclosed because of the ranked star saving system!
  10. Just keep 'em spotted. Unless you're the only surviving ship there will always be non-potato players who know to shoot DDs.
  11. Altsak

    Season 17 the age of BB

    Had a very short run so far, only 6 games from rank 15 to 11. Took Asashio. From those 6 matches, I was top1 4 times and top2 2 times. Carriers 5 out of 6 games with uberpotato class CVs with maximum of 45% WR. The DD experience was tolerable. Just because the CVs were so bad. Had I had above average CVs the games would have been ... well you know.
  12. Altsak

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    I was slightly astonished by this answer they gave considering CVs in CBs. Question:"Why did you insist on including CVs at T10 when the vast majority of people who provided feedback about this were against the idea?" WG answer:"Because our decision is not based only on the vocal minority." The vocal minority is only the tip of the ice berg from the silent majority.
  13. Altsak

    The Kitakami returns!

    I keep throwing virtual coal to the screen and nothing happens.
  14. Force everyone to take a psychology testa and fire everyone with a hint of narcissism, psychopathy and animegirl hatred.
  15. Altsak

    Tier 6 clan battles next

    WG says T6 carriers are more of a support role carriers than their T10 siblings. That can only mean that they make the spotting meta even worse than T10 CV clan wars was.