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    Harugumo 315k dmg game

    Dunnyz Gaming on YouTube come and check out this game! Welcome back guys and Marni is back on the channel with a record breaking game out in the Tier X IJN Harugumo. A game I thoroughly enjoyed and I know you will to, big thanks for the replay Marni keep up the great work! As always any help, advice or pointers please feel free to comment and of course like and subscribe if you enjoy the video. If you have a good World of Warships replay and want it to feature on the channel send the replay file to dunnyzgaming@gmail.com Facebook----------@Dunnyzgaming Twitter----------@DunnyzGaming
  2. Just wanted to say if you would like your gameplay to feature on the channel please send your vids to me and i will highlight them. Dont forget to subscribe to the channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7EEqcLhSh5TWRpbYxhBjfg
  3. dunnyz007

    Dunnyz Gaming on Youtube

    Hey guys wanted to post about my channel hopefully i will have content many of you will enjoy. Heres my latest vid please check out my other videos.